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Allergy bracelet

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Medical alert bracelet

Allergy, английский
  1. Alergia

  2. An unusual sensitivity to some substances such as pollen or dust, which cause a physical reaction such as sneezing or a rash in someone who comes into contact with them  she has an allergy to household dust.  he has a penicillin allergy. (note: you have an allergy or you are allergic to something.)

Allergy clinic, английский
    Specialist clinic to assess and carry out diagnostic allergy tests on gp referral.

Allergy relief medicine, английский
    Противоаллергическое лекарство

Allergy shots, английский
    Inyecciones contra las alergias

Bracelet, английский
    Identity bracelet, medical alert bracelet

Meninx, английский

Hunchback, английский