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Toe rail

International Bareboat Skipper (IYT)
  1. A low rail around the outer edge of the deck.

  2. Ножной леер, фальшборт

  3. A small rail around the deck. the toe rail may have holes in it for attaching lines or blocks. a larger rail is known as a gunwale.

Ножной леер, фальшборт, русский

Rail, английский
  1. Cross members of panel doors or of a sash. also, a wall or open balustrade placed at the edge of a staircase, walkway bridge, or elevated surface to prevent people from falling off. any relatively lightweight horizontal element, especially those found in

  2. Дословно - рельса. попросту - борт. довольно странное название для кромки доски - плавать на рельсах! форма борта является очень важным фактором эффективности доски. hard rails - доска с резкими углами, soft rails - более закругленная форма, tucked-under

  3. Runway alignment indicator lights

  4. Рельс; рельсовый

  5. The horizontal piece of the bed structure that attaches the headboard to the footboard.

  6. Low drape divider between exhibit booths. (also side rail)

  7. Рельс, погон

  8. [1] the rounded cap of a bulwark. [2] a rigid fence-like structure on a weather deck or in a machinery space. [3] a track that provides initial support and guidance to a missile being launched in a nonvertical position.

Rail, английский

Rail (bulwark, gunwale), английский
    The top outside deck edge.

Rail and ocean, английский

Rail bead, английский
    A cock bead when on a uniform continuous surface, and not at an angle, reveal, or the like.

Rail bolt, английский
    A hand.

Rail bridge, английский
    A hand bridge where the cue slides on the top of the rail, with fingers used to support the stick sideways

Rail car ( rc), английский
    Железнодорожный вагон

Rail consignment note index of russian terms, английский

Rail cup, английский

Rail cut shot, английский
    A cut shot where the object ball is frozen or close to the rail cushion along which the ball is cut

Rail fastening, английский

Rail fence, английский
  1. A fence in which the rails are set into the posts; adjoining rails either butt against each other or overlap. also called a zigzag fence. railing 1. rails, collectively, or a combination of rails. 2. any openwork construction or rail used as a barrier or the like.

  2. Редкая изгородь из жердей

Rail gage, английский

Rail grinding, английский

Rail groove, английский
    An imaginary line that is parallel to a rail half a ball diameter away from the rail. it is sometimes visible on a worn table

Rail guard, английский

Rail haulage system, английский

Rail impact height, английский
    The height at which the rail cushion makes contact with a rebounding ball. this height is usually slightly lower than the "normal roll impact height"

Rail joint expanding, английский

Rail linesman, английский

Tumbuckle, английский
    A mechanical fitting (a bottiescrew) attached to the lower ends of stays allowing the standing rig ging to be adjusted. u

Dockline, английский
    A line used to secure a boat to the dock,