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Calculated control

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
  1. Вычисляемый элемент управления; элемент управления, отображающий вычисляемое значение

  2. A control used on a form, report, or data access page to display the result of an expression. the result is recalculated each time there is a change in any of the values that the expression is based on.

Calculate, английский

Calculate, to, английский
    This word, though disrated from respectability by american misuse, signified to foretell or prophesy; it is thus used by shakspeare in the first act of “julius c?sar.” to calculate the ship`s position, either from astronomical observations or rate of the log.

Calculated address, английский
    Вычисляемый адрес

Calculated average life, английский
    Средний расчетный срок службы

Calculated column, английский
    A type of column that displays the results of mathematical or logical operations or expressions instead of stored data.

Calculated course, английский

Calculated cv, английский

Calculated eac, английский
    Вычисленная стоимость выполнения

Calculated expression, английский
    An expression that is not constant, but whose value depends upon other values. to be evaluated, a calculated expression must obtain and compute values from other sources, typically in other fields or rows.

Calculated field, английский
  1. Вычисляемое поле calculated valueрасчетное значение

  2. A field defined in a query that displays the result of an expression rather than displaying stored data. the value is recalculated each time a value in the expression changes.

Calculated interval, английский
    The interval containing possible values for a suppressed cell in a table, given the table structure and the values published.

Calculated landing time, английский

Calculated measure, английский
    A measure whose value is calculated at run time by using an expression.

Calculated member, английский
    A member of a dimension whose value is calculated at run time by using an expression. calculated member values can be derived from the values of other members.

Calculated metric, английский
    A metric that is based on the result of an expression, rather than originating from a data source.

Calculated metrics, английский
    A feature that enables users to create simple calculations using one or more kpi values. this reduces the amount of mdx that is required to create complex scorecards.

Calculated orifice area, английский

Calculated pressure drop at full flow, английский

Calculated settlement, английский

Calculated time over fix, английский
    Расчетное время пролета над контрольным пунктом маршрута

Управления, русский

Expression, французский

Account for, английский

Computed branch, английский
    Вычисляемый переход