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Intermodal shipping

Англо-русский словарь по таре и упаковке

    Транспортирование, русский

    Intermodal, английский
    1. Carriage of a commodity by different modes of transport, i.e. sea, road, rail and air within a single journey

    2. A single trailer or container that encounters multiple forms of transportation along its route, such as truck/ship/rail.

    3. Descriptive term for freight traffic involving transfer of containers to and from road and rail vehicles. sometimes referred to as container traffic.

    Intermodal container, английский
      Container for intermodal traffic

    Intermodal container transfer facility, английский

    Intermodal control system (ics), английский
      The system that manages the booking of freight, freight entering, leaving and en route between terminals. customers are able to access it directly via the internet.

    Intermodal dispersion, английский
      The phenomenon that the group velocity of light propagating in a waveguide structure depends on the waveguide mode

    Intermodal equipment, английский

    Intermodal traffic, английский
      Freight moving via at least two different modes of transport, eg rail to road, rail to sea etc. used to describe freight in modules which can be transported by more than one mode (rail, road, sea or air). the usual form of intermodal freight is containerised freight, which has proven to be the most convenient to transfer between modes. because of this the terms intermodal and containerised are often interchanged.

    Intermodal transport, английский
      The movement of goods in one and the same loading unit or road vehicle, which uses successively two or more modes of transport without handling the goods themselves when changing modes

    Intermodal transportation, английский
      Occurs when a single carrier coordinates movement by, and documentation of, different modes of transport (air, sea, road, rail) in order to provide door-to-door rather than port-toport service.

    Intermodalism, английский
      The concept of transportation as a door-to-door service rather than port-to-port. thus efficiency is enhanced by having a single carrier coordinating the movement and documentation among different modes of transportation.

    Intermodality, английский
      A system of transport whereby two or more modes of transport are used to transport the same loading unit or truck in an integrated manner, without loading or unloading, in a door-to-door transport chain

    Shipped bill of lading, английский
      Судовой экземпляр коносамента

    Shipped on board, английский

    Shipped weight, английский

    Shipper, английский
    1. A fan of a television series who focuses on the pairing of two individuals. short for relationshipper. term originated from x-files fans. example a i hope mulder and scully fall in love. b oh joy...another shipper.

    2. A hard-burnt brick that is sound but of inferior shape. ship’s bottom roof a pitched gable roof whose slope on each side of a peaked ridge is slightly bowed, rather than constant. shielded metal-arc welding 882

    3. A party that tenders goods for transportation, as opposed to a carrier, who transports shipments

    4. He who embarks goods; also mentioned in some of our statutes as the master of a ship. (see skipper.)

    5. A person or business purchasing transportation for goods or commodities.

    6. Проф. кирпич неправильной формы (брак)

    7. A consignor, exporter, or seller (who may or may not be the same) named in the bill of lading as the party responsible for initiating a shipment.

    8. Грузоотправитель

    Shipper - the party in whose name a contract of carriage of goods has been concluded with at carrier or any party by whom, in whose name or on whose behalf the goods are actually delivered to the carrier in relation to the contract of carriage., английский

    Shipper agree that, английский
      The vessel “being tight, staunch and strong, and in every way fitted for the voyage” shall load specified cargo at a designated port and proceed— with all possible despatch to a designated place and there deliver the cargo to the freighter or his assigns.— the document should include at least: • name and tonnage of the vessel. • name of its master. • name of the freighter. • time and place for loading. • time and place for discharge. • price of the freight. • demurrage or indemnity in case of delay. • any other terms agreed by the parties.

    Shipper and carrier, английский
      Грузоотправитель и перевозчик

    Shipper declaration for the transport of dangerous goods (fiata form), английский
      Декларация отправителя о перевозке опасных грузов (бланк фиата)

    Shipper owned container, английский
      Контейнер, принадлежащий отправителю или получателю

    Master container, английский

    Торцевое сжатие вдоль гофров, русский