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Aroma value

Глоссарий терминов для пищевой промышленности (органолептические свойства продуктов, методы их оценки)

    Ароматическое число, русский

    Aroma, английский
      Aroma is the smell of a young wine before it has had sufficient time to develop nuances of smell that are then called its bouquet. the word aroma is commonly used to mean the smell of a relatively young, unevolved wine.

    Aroma [atis, n], латинский

    Aroma, atis, n, латинский

    Aroma, flavour, fragrance, английский

    Aromachology, английский
      Aromachology is a fairly new science – one of the new alternative therapies. it’s associated with fragrances and their psychological benefits and/or effects. it was developed by annette green, a member of the fragrance foundation, in the late 70s. an exam

    Aromanian, английский

    Aromata, латинский

    Aromata, um, npl (n), латинский

    Aromatherapist, английский
      A person specialising in aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy, английский
    1. Aromatherapy is a term created by r.m. gattefosse, a french chemist. it’s the art and science, although not a medically-approved one, of using aromatic substances, usually essential oils, to cure common ailments. it’s also popular as a stress reliever.

    2. Treatment to relieve tension and promote wellbeing in which fragrant oils and creams containing plant extracts are massaged into the skin

    Aromatic, английский
    1. Aromatic, in perfumery, refers to the rich scents of balsamic notes.

    2. Ароматический (об углеводородах)

    3. Derived from, or characterized by, the presence of the benzene ring.

    Aromatic cedar, английский

    Aromatic oil, английский

    Aromatic series, английский

    Aromatics, английский

    Aromaticus, латинский

    Aromaticus , a, um, латинский

    Aromaticus [a, um], латинский

    Aromaticus, a, um, латинский

    Aromatite, английский

    Вкусовое последействие, русский

    Ароматическое число, русский