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Material capacity

Словарь металлургических терминов

    Материалоемкость, русский
    1. Показатель расхода материальных ресурсов на производство какой-либо продукции. выражается в натуральных единицах расхода сырья, материалов, топлива и энергии, необходимых для изготовления единицы продукции, либо в процентах к стоимости используемых матери

    2. , показатель расхода материальных ресурсов на производство какой-либо продукции. выражается в натуральных единицах расхода сырья, материалов, топлива и энергии, необходимых для изготовления единицы продукции, либо в % к стоимости используемых материальных ресурсов в структуре себестоимости продукции.

    3. Показатель расхода материальных ресурсов на производство какойлибо продукции.

    Capacity, английский
    1. The person with the ability to perform under his or her will

    2. Мощность (добычи, производства).максимально возможный уровень добычи полезного ископаемого, максимально возможная нагрузка электростанции или другой генераторной установки, максимально возможный объем производства или выход продукции на перерабатывающем з

    3. The ability of a heating or cooling system to heat or cool a given amount of space. for heating, this is usually expressed in btus. for cooling, it is usually given in tons.

    4. The ability of a heating or cooling system to function in a given amount of space heating

    5. Usually measured in btus or tons, capacity refers to an air conditioning or heating unit`s ability to cool or heat a space. for instance, a 20-ton air conditioning unit has twice the capacity of a 10-ton unit.

    6. Емкость; объем; производительность

    7. The amount of contaminants a filter will hold before an excessive pressure drop is caused. most filters have bypass valves which open when a filter reaches its rated capacity.

    8. Ёмкость

    9. The total internal volume (of a container).

    10. Maximum number of people allowed in any given area.

    11. N способность generative ~ порождающая способность: strong ~ ~ сильная weak ~ ~ слабая capital (letter)

    12. Burden, tonnage, fitness for the service, rating.

    13. As applied to diamond and rotary drills, the load that the hoisting and braking mechanisms of a drill are capable of handling on a single line, expressed in lineal footage of a specific-diameter drill rod.

    14. As applied to air compressors, the actual amount of air compressed and delivered, expressed in cubic feet per minute (c.f.m.) of free air intake at sea- level pressure.

    15. As applied to pumps, the volume of a liquid the pump will deliver, expressed in gallons per minute (g.p.m.)

    16. A consumable resource which is pooled and reported as an aggregate value via a cloud.- cpu count, memory, and storage are examples of capacity dimensions.

    17. A resource’s time based on their resource base calendar minus certain standard exceptions. capacity is equal to base capacity minus an allowance for planned vacations, holidays, sick time, etc. for example, a part-time resource with a base capacity of .7fte might have a capacity of .65fte after accouting for partial benefits.

    18. The ability of a resource to produce an amount of output in a specified amount of time.

    19. The actual or potential ability of a resource to perform an activity or to produce output in a specified time period.

    20. Емкость

    21. Credit grantors` measurement of a person`s ability to repay loans.

    22. Plant and equipment that determine the potential output of a production facility.

    23. Производственная мощность

    24. A group of terms relating to measurements that include (a) storing or providing a substance or energy or (b) generating, transmitting, and purchasing power.

    25. In general, the facility to produce, perform, deploy or contain. generation capacity of a renewable energy installation is the maximum power, that is, the maximum quantity of energy delivered per unit of time. capacity credit is the share of the capacity of a renewable energy unit counted as guaranteed available during particular time periods and accepted as a ‘fi rm’ contribution to total system generation capacity. capacity factor is the ratio of the actual output of a generating unit over a period of time (typically a year) to the theoretical output that would be produced if the unit were operating uninterruptedly at its nameplate capacity during the same period of time. also known as rated capacity or nominal capacity, nameplate capacity is the facility’s intended output level for a sustained period under normal circumstances.

    26. Пропускная способность клапана или фильтра

    27. Мощность, грузоподъемность

    28. `capacity` means the ability to understand information and make decisions about your life. sometimes it can also mean the ability to communicate decisions about your life. for example, if you do not understand the information and are unable to make a decision about your treatment, you are said to `lack capacity` to make decisions about your treatment. see our pages on the mental capacity act for more information.

    Capacity, английский

    Capacity (c), английский
      See battery capacity.

    Capacity addition, английский
      Расширение мощностей

    Capacity building, английский
    1. Развитие потенциала

    2. Наращивание (укрепление) потенциала

    3. In the context of climate change policies, the development of technical skills and institutional capability (the art of doing) and capacity (suffi cient means) of countries to enable their participation in all aspects of adaptation to, mitigation of and research on climate change. see also mitigation capacity.

    Capacity charge, английский
      (sometimes referred to as the “demand charge” or “system use charge”) based on the maximum amount of electricity used at a given time, the capacity charge is assessed according to the peak demand and can be one factor in a two-part pricing method used for cost recovery. (energy charge is the other factor.) when metering does not identify the time of the system, peak, the customers own peak kw demand is used for billing purposes.

    Capacity design, английский

    Capacity design method, английский

    Capacity design method:, английский
      Design method in which elements of the structural system are chosen and suitably designed and detailed for energy dissipation under severe deformations while all other structural elements are provided with sufficient strength so that the chosen means of energy dissipation can be maintained

    Capacity design:, английский
    1. Design based on the plastic deformation capacity of a member and its connections providing additional strength in its connections and in other parts connected to the member.

    2. Design method for achieving the plastic deformation capacity of a member by providing additional strength in its connections and in other parts connected to it

    3. Design procedure used when designing structures of ductile behaviour to ensure the

    Capacity discharge, английский

    Capacity enhancement program, английский

    Capacity factor, английский
    1. Коэффициент использования мощности. отношение фактической производительности установки, завода, шахты, рудника, промысла к установленной мощности. в атомной и гидроэнергетике - отношение средней выработки энергии (тепловой, электрической) за определенный

    2. Коэффициент нагрузки см. также load factor

    3. Коэффициент нагрузки; коэффициент использования capacity index индекс пропускной способности

    4. The ratio of the average load on (or power output of) an electricity generating unit or system to the capacity rating of the unit or system over a specified period of time.

    5. Коэффициент использования мощности. отношение фактиче- ской производительности установки, завода, промысла к уста- новленной мощности.

    6. Отношение среднего расхода канала к максимальному

    7. Cf

    8. The ratio of actual energy output to possible energy output. among renewable power sources, geothermal energy delivers the highest capacity factor.

    9. The ratio of the average load on (or power output of) an electricity

    Capacity in service, английский
      Действующая производственная мощность

    Capacity insulation, английский
      The ability of masonry to store heat; depends on its mass, density, and specific heat.

    Capacity level, английский
      Уровень производственной мощности

    Capacity limitation, английский

    Capacity load, английский
      The maximum amount of scheduled work that a work center can perform at a required capacity level.

    Capacity load; maximum load, английский

    Capacity of a battery, английский

    Capacity of a field to produce, английский
    1. Добывные возможности месторождения. потенциальный уровень добычи, который можут быть достигнут на месторождении

    2. Добывные возможности месторождения. потенциальный уро- вень добычи, который может быть достигнут на месторождении. capital cost(s) капитальные затраты; капитализированные расходы; стоимость основных средств компании; вложения в основные средства, не- обходимые для осуществления проекта. clean-up costs затраты на ликвидацию последствий разлива нефти. расходы, связанные с осуществлением мероприятий по ликвидации по- следствий загрязнения окружающей среды (как правило, по- верхности акватории и прилегающего побережья) в результате утечки и разлива нефти. coke-oven gas коксовый газ. газообразное топливо средней калорийности (выс- шая теплота сгорания 16.760-20.950 кдж/м3), получаемое в каче- стве побочного продукта при коксовании битуминозного угля.

    Материаловедение, русский

    Баланс материальный, русский