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Глоссарий терминологии регистрации патента

Терминология, используемая при подаче заявки на патент и регистрации права на изобретение. Техническое описание с формулой изобретения, рефератом и чертежами.

aau (patent)
    Application assistance unit - the call center that serves the office of patent application processing (opap) and office of data management (odm) providing assistance with questions relating to: fi...
aba #
    American bankers association number - often referred to as the "transit routing number," is the nine digit electronic address of a financial institution. the aba number is encoded in the micr (mag...
abandoned application (trademarks)
    An application that is no longer active or pending, so the trademark being applied for can`t mature into a registration unless the application is revived or reinstated.
abandonment (patent)
    Abandonment may be either of the invention or of a patent application. an abandoned patent application, in accordance with 37 cfr 1.135 and 1.138, is one which is removed from the office docket of...
    Automated biotechnology sequence search - system designed to search electronic sequence listing data submitted by applicants and molecular sequences using applicant submissions and commercial data...
acceptable identification of goods and services manual
    A uspto manual that lists acceptable identifications of goods and services. applicants can use an id manual listing in their trademark application if the listing accurately reflects their goods or...
administrative instructions
    Refers to the administrative instructions established by the director general of wipo under the patent cooperation treaty (pct) or under the hague agreement concerning the international registrati...
    American inventors protection act of 1999.
    American intellectual property law association
alc #
    Agency location code - an eight digit code assigned to u.s. government agencies by the department of treasury.
allegation of use (aou)
    An applicant’s written submission that they`re using their trademark in commerce with specified goods or services, which is required for intent-to-use applications. among other requirements, it mu...
amendment to allege use (aau)
    An applicant’s written submission that they`re using their trademark in commerce with specified goods or services, submitted before approval for publication. this is a form of allegation of use, w...
appeal (patent)
    An applicant for a patent application, reissue application, or reexamination proceeding dissatisfied with the primary examiner’s second adverse decision or final rejection may appeal to the patent...
appeal (trademarks)
    An applicant’s request made to the trademark trial and appeal board (ttab) to review a trademark examining attorney`s final decision regarding an application for registration.
applicant (patent)
    Inventor or all of the joint inventors, or the persons who are applying for a patent as provided for in 37 cfr 1.43, 1.45 or 1.46 .
applicant (trademarks)
    An individual person or juristic entity (such as a corporation, partnership, joint venture, or association) who owns or has a bona fide intent to use a trademark with specific goods or services an...
applicant’s contracting party
    The contracting party or one of the contracting parties from which the applicant derives its entitlement to file an international design application under the hague agreement by virtue of satisfyi...
application (trademarks)
    A written request to the uspto for federal registration of a trademark for specified goods or services
application (us) (patent)
    A u.s. application for patent filed under 35 usc 111(a) includes original nonprovisional utility, design, plant, divisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part applications filed under 37 cfr ...
application data sheet (ads)
    A sheet or set of sheets containing bibliographic data, which is arranged in a format specified by the office. an ads must comply with the requirements of 37 cfr 1.76.
application filing date (trademarks)
    The date when an application meets these minimum requirements: it must be written in english and contain the applicant’s name and their contact information (including email address), a clear drawi...
application number (us) (patent)
    The unique number assigned to a patent application when it is filed. the application number includes a two digit series code and a six digit serial number.
arbitrary trademarks
    A trademark that consists of one or more words with a common meaning completely unrelated to the goods or services with which the trademark is used
assignment (patent)
    In general, the act of transferring to another the ownership of one’s property, i.e., the interest and rights to the property. in 37 cfr 3.1, assignment of patent rights is defined as “a transfer ...
assignment (trademarks)
    A transfer of ownership of a trademark in an application or registration
assignment recordation branch (arb)
    Provides help with issues or concerns relating to new assignments or obtaining information relating to a pending assignment, as well as questions about assignments, liens on patents, filing assign...
authorized attorney or practitioner (trademarks)
    An attorney who is an active member in good standing of the bar of the highest court of any u.s. state who represents an applicant, registrant, or party in a trademark matter before the uspto
bio-sequence listings
    The sequence rules (37 cfr 1.821 -1.825) set forth the requirements pertaining to patent applications containing nucleotide sequence and/or amino acid sequence disclosures.
    Board of patent appeals and interferences (since 2012 patent trial and appeal board).
  1. Board of patent appeals and interferences information system (replaced by ptab e2e).

  2. This stands for the board of patent appeals and interferences information system. the bpaiis is ...
bypass continuing application
    A continuing application filed under 35 usc 111(a) claiming domestic benefit to an international application under the patent cooperation treaty. such an application “bypasses” the national stage ...
    Certification and accreditation.
canceled claim (patent)
    A claim that is canceled or deleted. "canceled" is the status identifier that should be used when a claim is canceled in an application.
canceled registration
    Trademark registration that`s no longer active, so the owner no longer benefits from the rights that come with a federal registration. common causes include failing to file a required maintenance ...
cancellation proceeding
    Legal proceeding before the trademark trial and appeal board where a third party presents evidence and argues that an existing trademark registration should be canceled.
    Certificate of excellence in accountability reporting.
cease and desist letter or email
    Letter or email a trademark owner sends to another party alleging that the recipient is infringing on the owner`s trademark rights and demanding that they stop
certificate of mailing or transmission
    A certificate for each piece of correspondence mailed used to determine whether the correspondence was deposited within the filing period, on or prior to the expiration of the set period of time f...
chapter i
    The first phase under the patent cooperation treaty that includes performance of an international-type search and issuance of an international search report and written opinion by the internationa...
chapter ii
    The second, optional, phase under the patent cooperation treaty that is initiated with the timely filing of a demand for international preliminary examination. chapter ii culminates in the issuanc...
classification of goods and services
    Categorization of your goods and services in the correct international class number. international classes are established by an international system that classifies goods and services in numbered...
clearance search
  1. A search you complete before applying for a trademark registration to make sure your trademark is available to register for your particular goods or services, and to make sure that no other tr...
common inventor
  1. An inventor whose name is listed on multiple patent applications or granted patents, making the inventions at least partially the work of the same person.

  2. An inventor whose name is ...
common law rights
    Trademark rights established when you start using a trademark in commerce with particular goods or services. common law rights are limited to the specific geographic area where you use your tradem...
complete trademark application
    A trademark application that includes all required information. for example, it must be in english, clearly identify the trademark, identify the name, address, and email of each applicant, list th...
confirmation number
    A four-digit number that is assigned to each newly filed patent application. the confirmation number, in combination with the application number, is used to verify the accuracy of the application ...
conflicting trademark
    A trademark that’s similar to yours, and that is used with goods or services that are related to your goods or services. when two or more trademarks that conflict with each other are in use in com...
    Conference on fair use.
consisting essentially of
    A transitional phrase that limits the scope of a claim to the specified materials or steps and those that do not materially affect the basic and novel characteristics of the claimed invention.
  1. An application containing a domestic benefit claim to an earlier filed nonprovisional application, international (pct) application designating the united states, or international design applic...
continued use
    Continuous use of a trademark in commerce with the goods or services in the registration, which is required to maintain the registration.
contracting state
    A state that is party to the patent cooperation treaty.
control no.
    A unique number assigned to a patent reexamination request when it is filed, having a 2-digit series code (90 for ex parte reexamination requests; 95 for inter partes reexamination requests; 96 fo...
  1. Protect works of authorship, such as writings, music, and works of art that have been tangibly expressed. copyrights may be federally registered with the library of congress through the u.s. c...
country of origin (trademarks)
    Foreign country where you are domiciled, are a national, or have a bona fide and effective industrial or commercial establishment.
    Capital planning and investment control - envisioned in the clinger-cohen act of 1996, omb circular a-130 (management of federal information resources) and other related guidance, this is a manage...
dead application or registration
    A trademark application or registration that is no longer active, so it can’t be used to bar another pending trademark application from federal registration. the trademarks in dead applications or...
deceased inventor
    A named inventor who has died prior to the filing of a patent application or during the prosecution of a patent application.
declaration (trademarks)
    Statement verifying that the information in a submission to the uspto is true, and that the person submitting it is aware of the legal penalties for knowingly submitting false information. declara...
    An oath or declaration under 35 usc 115. an oath or declaration must be filed in each application for patent (other than a provisional application).
default judgment
    Decision in a trademark trial and appeal board proceeding when a defendant doesn`t respond on time to a complaint. default judgments often grant the plaintiff the relief they requested in their co...
descriptive trademark
    Trademark that merely describes some aspect of the goods or services without identifying or distinguishing the source of those goods or services. descriptive trademarks are registrable only in cer...
design patent application
  1. An application for a patent for an ornamental design for an article of manufacture.

  2. An application for a patent to protect against the unauthorized use of new, original, and ornamen...
design search code
    Numerical code assigned to a specific type of design or image, used to search our database for trademarks that include that type of design.
design search code manual
    Manual listing numerical codes, called “design search codes,” for various types of designs and images. design search codes are used to search our trademark database.
disclaimer (patent)
    A patentee, whether of the whole or any sectional interest therein, may, on payment of the fee required by law, make disclaimer (giving up all or part of the owner`s rights to enforce claims) of a...
disclaimer (trademarks)
    Statement in an application that the applicant does not claim exclusive rights to an unregistrable portion of the trademark, such as a generic word.
    An official form established by the international bureau to be used for presenting an application for international registration of an industrial design under the hague agreement.
domestic benefit claim
    A claim for the benefit of the filing date of a prior-filed provisional application, nonprovisional application, international (pct) application designating the united states, or international des...
domestic representative
    A person residing within the united states who is appointed by a patentee or assignee of a trademark application or registration that does not reside in or is not domiciled within the united state...
domicile address (trademarks)
    The place where an individual applicant resides and intends to be their principal home. or, for an applicant that is a juristic entity, the principal place of business (i.e., headquarters) where t...
drawing (patent)
    Patent drawings must show every feature of the invention as specified in the claims. omission of drawings may cause an application to be considered incomplete but are only required if drawings are...
drawing (trademarks)
    A depiction of the trademark you want to register, which must be included in an application.
  1. Electronic business center – assists customers with filing their electronic application submissions.

  2. Equivalent boron content
; equivalent boron content;
    Electronic desktop application navigator.
efs-web electronic acknowledgement receipt
    The acknowledgment receipt contains the "receipt date," the time the correspondence was received at the office (not the local time at the submitter`s location), and a full listing of the correspon...
    Electronic government.

Глоссарий терминологии регистрации патента

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