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Глоссарий терминов в дизайне и цветоделении

Глоссарий ключевых терминов из теории цвета, который помогает графическим дизайнерам и переводчикам пользовательского интерфейса работать с цветами.

muted color
    A color created by adding black, white, gray or a complement of a hue taking it outside of the prismatic (as pure a hue as possible with pigments, paint, inks, dyes, etc.) range.
приглушенный цвет;
intermediate colors
    A color that is made by mixing one primary color and an adjacent secondary color; ex. red (primary) and orange(secondary) blended together produce the intermediate color, red-orange; also called t... промежуточные цвета;
discordant colors
    A combination of colors that are almost but not quite opposites on the color wheel. ex. red and green are directly opposite, high contrast colors that equally balance each other. by replacing one ... дискордантные цвета;
triad or triadic colors
    A combination of three hues that are equally spaced from one another around the color wheel. ex. red, yellow, blue or green, purple, orange.
триада или триадные цвета;
tetrad colors
    A combinations of two complementary pairs of colors with none of the colors being adjacent on the color wheel. ex. yellow, purple, green, and blue.
тетрады цвета;
harmony, subjective
    A group or arrangement of colors that does not necessarily follow established color principles but is pleasing to the viewer.
harmony, objective
    A group or arrangement of colors that works according to established color principles.
color forecasting
    A process to determine upcoming consumer interest in certain colors and color palettes with the goal of predicting color trends and providing guidance that manufacturers and vendors can use in pro... цветовое прогнозирование;
color harmony
    A satisfying balance or unity of colors.
цветовая гармония;
    A set of colors or neutrals that include only the middle values in between high and low key are called mid-key colors. a composition created using colors with predominately middle values – not too...
    A set of colors or neutrals that range from mid-value colors to black are called low-key colors. a composition created using colors with predominately dark values is referred to as low-key.
    A set of colors or neutrals that range from mid-value colors to white are called high-key colors. a composition created using colors with predominately light values is referred to as high-key.
film color
    A vague soft smooth expanse of color (as seen when the eyes are closed or when looking at certain kinds of sky) that appears as nontransparent, not on the surface of an object, and at no definite ... цвет пленки;
bulky color
    Any partly or wholly transparent color perceived as filling a space in three dimensions. [source]
cool colors
    Are colors that convey coolness to a viewer; in reference to the traditional color wheel, cool colors are green, blue, and purple/violet; and warm colors are red, orange, and yellow.
warm colors
    Are colors that convey warmth to a viewer; in reference to the traditional color wheel, warm colors are red, orange, and yellow; and cool colors are green, blue, and purple/violet.
теплые цвета;
prismatic color
    As pure a hue as possible with pigments, paint, inks, dyes, etc.
призматический цвет;
afterimage, positive
    By contrast to negative afterimage, appear the same color as the original image. they are often very brief, lasting less than half a second. an example is the white spot you continue to see after ... остаточное изображение, позитивное;
tritan color vision deficiency
    Color blindness due to the loss or limited function of blue-cones (tritan) photopigments; blue-yellow color blindness is rarer than red-green color blindness, known as deutan or protan color visio...
deutan or protan color vision deficiency
    Color blindness due to the loss or limited function of red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. this kind of color blindness is commonly referred to as red-green color bli...
protan or deutan color vision deficiency
    Color blindness due to the loss or limited function of red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. this kind of color blindness is commonly referred to as red-green color bli...
    Complete color blindness where a person doesn’t experience color at all and the clearness of their vision (visual acuity) may also be affected. there are two types
chromatic gray
    Grays that exhibit a subtle, but discernible hue.
хроматический серый;
    Having a uniform color.
contrast of extension
    Involves the relative areas of two or more color patches. it is the contrast between much and little, or great and small..
color combination
    Is a general term used to describe two or more colors or color families that are used together.
цветовое сочетание;
afterimage, negative
    Is an optical illusion that refers to an image continuing to appear after exposure to the original image has ceased. for example, prolonged viewing of a yellow square on a white background can ind...
contrast of value
    Is the contrast between the lightness or darkness of a color. white and black have the greatest contrast of value. of the colors on a standard color wheel, yellow has the lightest value of the pur...
contrast of hue
    Is the contrast between two or more colors. the idea is best illustrated by pure hues in their most intense luminosity. these hues would red/yellow/blue or cyan/magenta/yellow in the subtractive c...
contrast of temperature
    Is the contrast created between how cool or how warm a color appears.
pure color
    Maximum saturation or intensity of color; not mixed with any other color.
чистый цвет;
color vision deficiency
    Often referred to as color blindness, describes a number of different problems people have with their color vision. which means their perception of colors is different from what most of us see. co...
split complement
    One color paired with the two colors on either side of the original color’s direct complement, also known as divided complement.
secondary hues
    Orange, green, purple; the second set of colors made by combining two primary colors but the color’s complement. for example red-blue and red-yellow but not red-green.
    Photoreceptor cells in the retina that are sensitive to bright light and color. cones give us our color vision. they are concentrated in the center of our retina in an area called the macula. ther...
color spaces
    Refer to the type and number of colors that originate from the combinations of color components of a color model. examples include
цветовые пространства;
contrast of saturation
    Saturation, or quality, relates to the degree of purity of a color. contrast of saturation is the contrast between pure, intense colors and dull, diluted colors
chromatic simultaneous contrast
    Simultaneous contrast concerning color changes that occur due to the influence of the surrounding colors
achromatic simultaneous contrast
    Simultaneous contrast occurring between white, black, and gray. see simultaneous contrast
relative temperature
    Subtle relationships of the warmth or coolness of a color.
proportion temperature
    The amount of warmth or coolness of a color.
objective color
    The chemistry, physics, and physiology of color; colorimetry is the science of objective color measurement.
subtractive color, traditional
    The color system most people learned about in school. it is the system of mediums such as pigments, dyes, inks, and paints. the primary colors are yellow, blue, and red, and when you mix these col...
subtractive color, modern
    The color system uses pigments, dyes, inks, and paints but the primary colors are cyan (process blue), magenta (process red), and yellow. this cmy system is widely used in the printing. however, i...
light, natural
    The combination of light from the sun, moon, sky, and atmosphere
aging eye
    The eye`s clear lens can darken and yellow over time, which can cause older adults to have problems seeing dark colors. [source]
complementary contrast
  1. The interaction of one set of complement colors.

  2. Two colors are complementary if their pigments, mixed together produce a neutral gray-black. for example, red and green, blue and or...
subjective color
    The psychological, cultural, symbolic meanings of color.
color proportion
    The relationship between colors in an image or design.
partitive color
    The result of two or more adjacent colors mixed optically (in your eye and mind) rather than physically mixing the colors. a good example of this is how colors are viewed on a television screen. i...
color theory
    The study of color, types of order, observations, scientific facts, and psychology to explain color and the interactions of colors.
теория цвета;
    The use of color for well-being or healing purposes; a lighting system that uses the soothing qualities of color to relax the mind and body.
spatial effect
    The way to describe how colors are perceived in a space as advancing or receding.
earth tones
    This is a phrase that has come to have several meanings. in the broadest sense it includes any color found naturally on earth and includes an entire array of colors. it can also mean any color tha...
clashing colors
    Two or more colors that feel jarring, disturbing or unpleasant because they have a garish, off-beat, energetic quality; this is subjective since colors that one person finds appealing might be con...
optical mixing
    When a field of color is composed of small, disparate points of color, the mind fuses the colors into a comprehensible whole.
аналогичные цвета
    analogous colors;
    двойное дополнение
      double complement;
      дискордантные цвета
        discordant colors;
          остаточное изображение, позитивное
            afterimage, positive;
            оттенки серого
              приглушенный цвет
                muted color;
                призматический цвет
                  prismatic color;
                  промежуточные цвета
                    intermediate colors;
                    теория цвета
                      color theory;
                      теплые цвета
                        warm colors;
                        тетрады цвета
                          tetrad colors;
                          третичные цвета
                            tertiary colors;
                            триада или триадные цвета
                              triad or triadic colors;
                              хроматический серый
                                chromatic gray;
                                цвет пленки
                                  film color;
                                  цветовая гармония
                                    color harmony;
                                    цветовая модель cmyk
                                      cmyk color model;
                                      цветовая модель rgb
                                        rgb color model;
                                        цветовая палитра
                                          color palette;
                                          цветовая схема
                                            color scheme;

                                            Глоссарий терминов в дизайне и цветоделении

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