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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Глоссарий по визуальному контролю и осмотру

В глоссарии собраны термины испытаний, проводимых в соответствии со стандартами или спецификациями. Переводчикам, работающим с письменными переводами в сфере неразрушающего контроля будет полезен данный глоссарий. Некоторые термины глоссария применимы в целом к неразрушающему контролю и не являются специфическими для визуального контроля — металлургия, контроль качества и квалификация персонала.

acceptance level
  1. Measured value or values above or below which test objects are acceptable, in contrast to rejection level.4

  2. In contrast to rejection level, test level above or below which, dependin... уровень приемлемости;
blue light hazard
  1. Danger posed to the eye by long term exposure to high frequency visible light at intensities and durations that may damage the retina.

  2. Danger of long term retinal damage posed to th... опасность синего света;
  1. Viewing or inspection with a borescope.

  2. Technology of the borescope and its application to nondestructive testing.
cavitation fatigue
    Form of pitting, caused by erosion from vibration and movement in liquid environments. ccd: see charge coupled device.
кавитационная усталость;
check cracking
  1. Surface crack caused by overheating and having cross hatched pattern. see grinding crack.

  2. Clustered small surface cracks often caused by overheating or thermal cycling. see also gri... проверка на растрескивание;
coefficients of the filter
  1. Values in a mask that serves as a filter in image processing.

  2. Values in a mask that serves as a filter in image processing.1

  3. Values in a mask that serves as a filter in i... коэффициенты фильтра;
cold light
  1. Disused word for fluorescence.

  2. See fluorescence.
холодный свет;
color discrimination
  1. Perception of differences between two or more hues.

  2. Perception of differences between two or more hues. see also pseudoisochromatic plate. compare general examination; practical exa... цветовая дискриминация;
delta ferrite
    Solid solution with body centered cubic structure and iron as solvent. also called delta iron.
delta iron; дельта-феррит;
  1. In soldering, the flow and retraction of solder, caused by contaminated surfaces, dissolved surface coatings or overheating before soldering.

  2. Flow and retraction of liquid on a surf... обезвоживание;
direct photometry
    Simultaneous comparison of a standard lamp and an unknown light source.2,6
прямая фотометрия;
direct substitution alloy
    Alloy in which the atoms of the alloying element can occupy the crystal lattice spaces normally occupied by the atoms of the parent metal.
сплав прямого замещения;
direct vision instrument
    Device offering a view directly forward. a typical scene is about 20 mm (0.75 in.) wide at 25 mm (1 in.) from the objective lens. 307
прибор прямого видения;
electric arc welding
  1. Joining of metals by heating with electric arc. also called arc welding.

  2. Joining of metals by heating with electric arc. also called arc welding.1

  3. Joining of metals by he... электродуговая сварка;
equivalent sphere illumination
  1. Level of perfectly diffuse (spherical) illuminance that makes the visual task as photometrically visible within a comparison test sphere as it is in the real lighting environment.

  2. L... эквивалентное сферическое освещение;
etch crack
    Shallow crack in hardened steel containing high residual surface stresses, produced in an embrittling acid environment.2,5
травить трещину;
eutectic liquid
  1. Liquid metal having a proportion of metals such that two or more solid phases form at the same temperature during cooling.

  2. Liquid having a proportion of metals such that two or more... эвтектическая жидкость;
eye sensitivity curve
  1. Graphic expression of vision sensitivity characteristics of the human eye. in the case of a physical photometer, the curve should be equivalent to the standard observer. the required match is ... standard observer response curve; кривая чувствительности глаз;
far vision
    Vision of objects at a distance, generally beyond arm’s length. compare near vision.
дальнее видение;
field angle
    Included angle between those points on opposite sides of a beam axis at which the luminous intensity is 10 percent of the maximum value. this angle may be determined from an illuminance curve or m... angle; угол поля зрения;
fit up
  1. To secure one or more joint members with special external fixturing in order to prevent movement during welding.2,5

  2. In manufacturing, to secure one or more joint members into proper... снаряжать;
following seven units are basic
  1. Meter, mole, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin and candela.

  2. Meter, mole, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin and candela.5,6 siemens per meter (s·m–1): si unit of conductivity.
следующие семь единиц являются базовыми;
forging crack
  1. Stress induced discontinuity formed during mechanical shaping of metal; see crack.

  2. Discontinuity formed during mechanical shaping of metal.1
ковка трещина;
fovea centralis
  1. Region of sharpest vision in the retina, where the layer of blood vessels, nerve fibers and cells above the rods and cones is far thinner than in peripheral regions.

  2. A small pit in ... центральная ямка;
gasket seal
    Resilient ring, usually virgin polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe), in a piping or tubing connection. compare interference sealing thread.
прокладка уплотнение;
geometrical optics
    Mathematical study of how light rays are reflected and refracted and practical techniques based on such understanding, including the transmission of images by lenses and mirrors. also called lens ... lens optics; геометрическая оптика;
gloss meter
    Reflectometer used to measure specular reflectance.2,6
gray body
  1. Radiator whose spectral emissivity is uniform for all wavelengths.

  2. See graybody.
серое тело;
grinding crack
  1. Shallow crack formed in the surface of relatively hard materials because of excessive grinding heat or the brittleness of the material. grinding cracks typically are oriented 90 degrees to the... шлифовальная трещина;
    Rings of light visible around a spot on a video screen where an electron scanning beam is held.
image guide
    Fiber bundle that carries the picture formed by the objective lens at the distal end of a fiber optic borescope back to the eyepiece.
руководство по изображениям;
in control
  1. Within prescribed limits of process control.

  2. Of a measureable feature of interest, stable between the upper and lower bounds as plotted on a control chart. see also statistical proc... control; под контролем;
interference objective
    In a microscope, a small, metallized glass mounted in contact with the test object and adjustable for tilt to control fringe spacing.
цель помех;
interference sealing thread
    Piping seal using a tapered connection made up under great pressure, forcing the mating surfaces together more tightly than is possible with a spiral thread. compare gasket seal.
interference fitted thread; интерференционная уплотнительная резьба;
interstitial alloy
    Alloy in which the atoms of the alloying element fit into the spaces between the atoms of the parent metal.
межузельный сплав;
isomorphous binary system
    Two element alloy system in which both elements are completely soluble in each other in the liquid and the solid states, in all proportions at all temperatures. j
изоморфная бинарная система;
jaeger eye chart
  1. Eye chart used for near vision acuity examination. k

  2. Eye chart used for near vision acuity examination.

  3. Eye chart used for near vision acuity examinations.3 k
таблица глаз егеря;
kinetic vision acuity
  1. Vision acuity with a moving target. studies indicate that 10 to 20 percent of visual efficiency can be lost by target movement. l

  2. Vision acuity with a moving target. studies indicat... кинетическая острота зрения;
laboratory microscope
    Conventional compound microscope. see microscope.
лабораторный микроскоп;
  1. Having a surface that reflects light diffusely and uniformly rather than specularly. see matte. most objects have a lambertian surface. compare specular.

  2. Having a surface that refle... ламбертиан;
leaked visible light
  1. Unwanted electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength between 400 and 800 nm that is generated by a uv-a source but not filtered out of the emission spectrum. leaked visible light is genera... утечка видимого света;
light guide bundle
    Bundle of filaments, usually glass, that carries noncoherent light from a high intensity source through a fiber optic borescope to illuminate an object.
пучок световодов;
limited certification
  1. Of a person, certified only for specific operations; usually called limited level (i or ii) or designated as having limited certification because they are not qualified to perform the full ran... ограниченная сертификация;
lot tolerance percent defective
    In quality control, the percent defective at which there is a 10 percent probability of acceptance in a production run.
допуск партии на процент брака;
lumen method
    Lighting design procedure used for predetermining the relation between the number and types of lamps or luminaires, the room characteristics and the average illuminance on the work plane. it takes... люменовый метод;
match bend effect
    Optical illusion whereby an area of uniform brightness appears to be nonuniform because of contrast with the brightness of an adjacent area.
эффект изгиба спички;
mathematical morphology
    Image processing technique of expanding and shrinking. the basic operators in mathematical morphology are dilation (expanding), erosion (shrinking), opening and closing.
morphology; математическая морфология;
mesopic vision
  1. Vision adapted to a level of light between photopic at 3.4 ? 10–2 cd·m–2 (3.2 ? 10–3 cd·ft–2) and scotopic at 3 ? 10–5 cd·m–2 (2.7 ? 10–6 cd·ft–2).

  2. Vision adapted to a level of ligh... мезопическое зрение;
    Jargon for miniature borescope.
minimum line pair
    Closest distance that a specific imaging system can resolve between a pair of adjacent, parallel lines (line pair) used to evaluate system resolution.
минимальная пара линий;
multipass weld
    Weld made by many passes, one pass at a time.
многопроходная сварка;
multiphase alloy
    Alloy in which several phases are present. n nde: (1) nondestructive evaluation. (2) nondestructive examination. see nondestructive testing. ndi: nondestructive inspection. see nondestructive test... многофазный сплав;
near vision
  1. Vision of objects nearby, generally within arm’s length. compare far vision.

  2. Vision of objects nearby, generally within arm’s length. compare far vision. see also jaeger eye chart; ... зрение вблизи;
negative sliding
  1. Rolling and sliding of meshing gears or rollers when the rolling and sliding are in opposite directions.

  2. Rolling and sliding of meshing gears or rollers when the rolling and sliding... отрицательное скольжение;
noble metals
    Cathodic metals (such as gold, platinum and silver), which strongly resist corrosion. 314 visual testing nondestructive evaluation (nde): another term for nondestructive testing. in research and a... благородные металлы;
of the following
  1. Recognition of the presence of something (object, aperture or medium); identifying it; locating it in space; noting its relation to other things; identifying its movement, color, brightness or... из следующих;
oil country tubular goods
    Hollow cylindrical components, such as pipes, used in petroleum wells to case the hole and to convey petroleum and related products.4
нефтяная страна, трубная продукция;
optic disk
  1. Area in the retina through which the fibers from the various receptors cross the inner (vitreous humor) side of the retina and pass through it together in the optic nerve bundle. this transiti... оптический диск;
    Method by which a vidicon television camera tube produces an electrical image, in which the conductivity of the photosensitive surface changes in relation to the intensity of the light reflected f... фотопроводимость;
photometric brightness
  1. Luminance of a light source.

  2. See luminance.
фотометрическая яркость;
positive sliding
  1. Rolling and sliding of meshing gears or rollers when the directions of rolling and sliding are the same.

  2. Rolling and sliding of meshing gears or rollers when the directions of rolli... положительное скольжение;
practical examination
  1. In certification of nondestructive testing personnel, a hands-on examination using test equipment and sample test objects. compare general examination; specific examination.

  2. In cert... практический экзамен;
pseudoisochromatic plate
  1. Image used for color vision examinations. each plate bears an image which may be difficult for the examinee to see if his or her color vision is impaired. see also ishihara™ plates.

    псевдоизохроматическая пластинка;
  1. Interaction between vision performance and physical or psychological factors. one example is the so-called vigilance decrement, the degradation of reliability based on performing visual activi... психофизика;
quality of lighting
    Level of luminance in a visual task or environment. r
качество освещения;
recommended practice
  1. Set of guidelines or recommendations.4-6

  2. Set of guidelines or recommendations. compare code; standard. recommended practice snt-tc-1a: personnel qualification and certification in n... рекомендуемая практика;
relative photometry
  1. Evaluation of a desired photometric characteristic based on an assumed lumen output of a test lamp.

  2. Measurement of an uncalibrated light source relative to another uncalibrated ligh... относительная фотометрия;
resolution test
    Procedure wherein a line is detected to verify a system’s sensitivity.
тест разрешения;
resolution threshold
    Minimum distance between a pair of points or parallel lines when they can be distinguished as two, not one, expressed in minutes of arc. vision acuity, in such a case, is the reciprocal of one-hal... порог разрешения;
robotic system
    Automated system programmed to perform purposeful actions in variable sequences.
роботизированная система;
second stage replica
    Positive replica made from the first cast to produce a duplicate of the original surface.
реплика второго этапа;
shadow casting
    Nondestructive technique of vapor depositing a thin metal film onto a replica at an oblique angle in order to obtain a micrograph of a test surface of an opaque test object.
отбрасывание теней;
shear break
    Open break in metal at the periphery of a bolt, nut, rod or member at approximately a 45 degree angle to the applied stress. shear breaks occur most often with flanged products. also called shear ... shear crack; разрыв при сдвиге;
shielded arc welding
    Joining of metals by heating them with an electric arc between electrode(s) and the work piece, using an inert gas to shield the electrode(s). see also gas tungsten arc welding.
сварка защитной дугой;
signal electrode
    Transparent conducting film on the inner surface of a vidicon’s faceplate and a thin photoconductive layer deposited on the film.
сигнальный электрод;
simple magnifier
    Microscope having a single converging lens.
простая лупа;
specific examination
  1. In certification of nondestructive testing personnel, a written examination that addresses the specifications and products pertinent to the application. compare general examination and practic... специальное обследование;

Глоссарий по визуальному контролю и осмотру

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