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Solid sender

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    1) блестящий исполнитель свинга или блюза; 2) приятный и общительный человек.

Send, английский

Send, английский

Send (sent, sent), английский

Send and receive, английский
    Приемно-nepe- дающий

Send it around, английский

Send patch, английский

Send reference station, английский

Send, to, английский
    To rise after pitching heavily and suddenly between two waves, or out of the trough of the sea.

Send-special-information tone signal, английский

Sendai, английский

Sender, английский

Sender authentication, английский

Sender id, русский
    Комбинация sender policy framework (spf) и caller id — технологии, которая препятствует распространению спама. читайте по ссылке подробное определение,

Sender index of russian terms, английский

Sending, английский

Sending school, английский

Sending spm, английский

Sending ss-user, английский

Sending time of a cc message by the sccp, английский

Sending time of a cr message by the sccp, английский

Sending time of a dt message by the sccp, английский

Исполнитель, русский
    Исполнитель , деятель

Общительный, русский

Son of a gun, английский
  1. Эвфемизм для son of a bitch (muddy waters, hoochie coochie man).

  2. An epithet conveying contempt in a slight degree, and originally applied to boys born afloat, when women were permitted to accompany their husbands to sea; one admiral declared he literally was thus cradled, under the breast of a gun-carriage.

  3. Not infrequently one of the women visitors to a warship would find herself pregnant, with no idea which of the crew was the father. birth normally took place between two cannon, one of which might be fired to encourage a difficult delivery. since the child would certainly have been conceived on the gundeck, and because seamen often referred to genitals as their armament, it was natural to call it the “son of a gun” as a synonym for “son of a whore.”

Slam, slammer, английский