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Blind stamp:

Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    A blind stamp also known as chop mark, is a brocaded seal on a print for the purpose of differentiating by the publisher, the artist, a collector, or an institution.

Blind, немецкий

Blind, английский
  1. При отсутствии видимости; (в полете) по приборам

  2. The blind people who are blind.  visually impaired  verb to make someone blind  he was blinded in the accident.

  3. A слепой

  4. A name on the west coast of scotland for the pogge, or miller`s thumb (cottus cataphractus).

  5. Everything that covers besiegers from the enemy. (see orillon.)

  6. To drill with the circulation medium (water or drill mud) escaping into the sidewalls of the borehole and not overflowing the collar of the drill hole.

  7. A vein that does not outcrop. 12 a glossary of the diamond-drilling industry

  8. An underground opening not connected with other workings nearby and at about the same elevation.

Blind, английский

Blind, шведский

Blind (blank) flange, английский

Blind (blank) rams, английский

Blind (ed) study, английский

Blind (flange), английский

Blind acquisition, английский
    Захват вслепую

Blind alley, английский
  1. A road, alley, or passageway open at one end only. also

  2. Тупик

Blind apex, английский

Blind approach beacon system, английский
    Система посадки «бабе» с использованием импульсных радиомаяков вас bacteriological бактериологический вас barometric altitude control управление от датчика барометрической высоты вас beech aircraft corporation фирма «бич эркрафт корпорейшн» вас bell aerospace corporation фирма «белл аэроспейс корпорейшн» вас below all clouds ниже облаков, под облаками вас binary-analog conversion циф- роаналоговое преобразование вас boeing aerospace company фирма «боинг аэроспейс компани» вас british aerospace corporation фирма «бритиш аэроспейс корпорейшн» вас bureau of air comerce бюро авиационной коммерции вас burma airways corporation бирманская авиатранспортная компания «бирма эруэйз корпорейшн» васа british advisory committee for aeronautics британский консультативный комитет по авиации васа british air charterers` association британская ассоциация фрахтовщиков транспортных самолетов

Blind approach instrument system, английский
    Система захода на посадку по приборам

Blind approach landing system, английский
    Система захода на посадку по приборам

Blind approach system, английский
    Система захода на `посадку по приборам

Blind arcade, английский
    A decorative row of arches applied to a wall as a decorative element, esp. in romanesque buildings.

Blind arcade., английский

Blind arcade. blank door 1. a recess in a wall, having the appearance of a door; usually used for symmetry of design. 2. a door which has been sealed off but is still visible., английский

Blind arch, английский
    An arch in which the opening is permanently closed by wall construction.

Blind area, английский
    An area built around the outside of a basement wall to prohibit penetration of moisture.

Blind area -29-, английский

Institution, английский
  1. A place where people are cared for, e.g. a hospital or clinic, especially a psychiatric hospital or children’s home

  2. An establishment founded partly with a view to instruction; as the royal united service institution in london.

  3. The term can take on a number of meanings. it can be an organization which is in the business of holding assets (such as banks, insurance companies, and investment companies). it can also apply to traditions or procedures, as in those associated with a regulatory commission. also, see institutional factors.

  4. A structure, a mechanism of social order or cooperation, which governs the behaviour of a group of individuals within a human annex i glossary, acronyms, chemical symbols and prefi xes community. institutions are intended to be functionally relevant for an extended period, able to help transcend individual interests and help govern cooperative human behaviour. the term can be extended to also cover regulations, technology standards, certifi cation and the like.

Brayer, английский
    A roller used to apply ink on a block or plate. this is made up of gelatin compound or a hard rubber.

Antique print:, английский
    Any print that is published or printed before 1900 is considered as antique print. the cut-off date is not fixed, so many original prints created before world war ii is considered as antique.