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Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
  1. A watermark is a pattern embossed in a piece of paper for identifying paper and papermaker.

  2. Traditionally, a watermark is an image or icon that is embedded into paper for security purposes (american paper currency has a watermark). in digital photography, a watermark refers to information that is embedded in the image data to protect the copyrights of the image.

  3. A distinctive logo or design created in paper at the time of manufacture that can be seen by holding the paper up to light.

  4. A threshold used to manage the memory consumption on each cache host. the high watermark and low watermark specify when objects are evicted out of memory. wau (n)

  5. An image that appears as the background to a document. generally faded and transparent, so that text can be clearly read over it.

Identifying, английский

Photography, английский
  1. Technique of producing permanent images on sensitized surfaces by means of the photochemical action of light or other forms of radiant energy.

  2. Writing with light.

  3. The word photography comes from two old greek words “phos” meaning light and “graph” meaning to draw. so photograph literally means to draw with light, or a drawing made with light. so photography is the art of drawing with light.

  4. The act of taking pictures with a camera  the development of x-ray photography has meant that internal disorders can be more easily diagnosed.

  5. Фотосъёмка, фотография

Information, английский
  1. Knowledge of a particular event or situation, or knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.

  2. Информация

  3. Facts about something  have you any information about the treatment of sunburn?  the police won’t give us any information about how the accident happened.  you haven’t given me enough information about when your symptoms started.  that’s a very useful piece or bit of information. (note: no plural: some information; a piece of information.)

  4. N информация | attr. информационный flow, structure source of ~ источник информации 1 ранее использовался в более широком значении как ‘умозаключе- ние’. 2 получение выводных данных в процессе обработки информации и/или языка и само выводное знание, умозаключение; мыслительная операция, в ходе которой человек выходит за пределы данных в тек- сте сведений и получает новую информацию. 3 аффикс, вставляемый внутрь корня слова при словообразовании или словоизменении.

  5. In admiralty courts, implies a clause introduced into a citation, intimating that in the event of a party cited not appearing, the court will proceed in his absence.

  6. Информация; данные; сведения

  7. Координационный комитет ин4юрмации о проектируемых и возводимых объектах строительства

  8. Literally that which forms within, but more adequately

  9. Data that has been recorded, classified, organized, related or interpreted so that meaning is apparent.

  10. Contextualised data providing answer to a certain question decreasing uncertainty.

  11. Информация, сведения

Copyrights, английский
  1. Protect works of authorship, such as writings, music, and works of art that have been tangibly expressed. copyrights may be federally registered with the library of congress through the u.s. copyright office.

  2. Copyrights are a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work, usually for a limited time. the creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form. copyright is intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of a creative work, but not the idea itself. copyrights tend to be "territorial," and so do not extend beyond the territory of that specific jurisdiction and vary by country. owners of copyrights can authorise or prohibit: reproduction, distribution, public performance, broadcasting, translation, adaptation, and display of the work.

Distinctive, английский
  1. A различительный, диф- ференциальный (ант. non-distinctive) feature, sound distinctiveness n различительная ценность (сила) common semantic ~ общая семантическая различительная ценность

  2. Отличительный; характерный

  3. Able to identify and distinguish a single source of goods or services. suggestive, arbitrary, and fanciful trademarks are inherently distinctive and immediately serve as trademarks.

Manufacture, английский
  1. (брит.) производство (в патентном законодательстве великобритании это понятие включает не только изготовление изделия, но и любой способ его сохранения, улучшения или восстановления)

  2. Изделие

Consumption, английский
  1. Потребление (в смп; различают производственное и непроизводственное потребление; последнее подразделяется на фонд личного потребления и материальные затраты в непроизводственных учреждениях; в снс выделяют промежуточное потребление, частное потребление — расходы домашних хозяйств и частных некоммерческих организаций на потребление, и государственное текущее потребление)

  2. 1. the act of taking food or liquid into the body  the patient’s increased consumption of alcohol 2. a former name for pulmonary tuberculosis

  3. Потребление

  4. Потребление; расход

  5. Потребление, расход; затрата

  6. The items used, time spent and costs incurred during servicing that are not included in the invoice to the customer.

Background, английский
  1. Фон

  2. The surface area against which the pattern is contrasted. the surface area of

  3. The portion of a scene that sits behind the main, foreground subject. the background can be made sharp or unsharp through the use of selective focusing techniques and depth of field manipulation.

  4. A фоновый; внеязыко- вой knowledge

  5. Sound or noise that interferes with radio or sonar reception.

  6. Фон, задний план о ~ for

  7. A page that you can assign to another page to create multiple layers in a drawing.

  8. In a graphical user interface such as windows, a pattern or picture in the screen background that can be chosen by the user.

  9. The area on a card that allows a user to make the card’s image a background when clicked on.

  10. The area that appears behind the tiles on the start screen.

  11. The color or image that appears behind the content of a visual element, for example, behind the text that is displayed in a textbox control or on your graphical user interface.

  12. The image that appears in the conversation window.

  13. The picture that appears in the photos hub.

  14. Formations on or signals from a test object that constitute the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. background signals may arise from visual, acoustic, chemical, electrical, or radiation sources that the sensor responds to. see also sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio.

  15. Formations on or signals from a test object that constitutes the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. background signals may arise from visual, acoustic, chemical, electrical or radiation sources that the sensor responds to. see also neural acuity; sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio.

  16. Formations on, or signals from, a test object that constitute the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. see also background fluorescence; neural acuity; sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio. glossary b 491

  17. In magnetic particle testing, the appearance or brightness of the surrounding area acting to reduce the contrast of an indication. (2) nonrelevant signal that tends to interfere with the normal reception or interpretation of the target being sought.

Transparent, английский
  1. An object or material that transmits both light and undiffused images. tip: try lighting a plain back-ground directly behind the object, not the object.

  2. Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material.

  3. Общедоступная информация в вто присутствует принцип открытого обмена информацией, осуществляемый с целью осведомить всех членов о принимаемых решениях и вопросах, обсуждаемых на совещаниях и встречах маленьких групп

Zincograph, английский
    This is a lithograph made on a zinc plate. the term is also used to define a photo etched print.

Verso, английский
  1. The term refers to the left-hand page in a book. in prints, it refers to the backside of the print.

  2. The left hand page on a spread. the right page is called recto.

  3. Обратная сторона от ректо.