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Indoor coils

Глоссарий по газовому и отопительному оборудованию
    Split-system home comfort systems use two main components to deliver air for a comfortable living environment. the indoor coil is the device responsible for transferring heat from indoors to the outdoors (or the reverse in the case of a heat pump in heati

Coil, английский
  1. To lay a line down in circular turns.

  2. A heat exchanger in the form of pipe or tubing in any of various configurations; fins may

  3. A device fitted into a woman’s uterus as a contraceptive

  4. To loop a line neatly so it can be stored, or a reel of line. come about. see tack. com pan ion way. the steps leading from the cockpit or deck to the cabin below.

  5. Бухта троса

  6. A certain quantity of rope laid up in ring fashion. the manner in which all ropes are disposed of on board ship for convenience of stowage. they are laid up round, one fake over another, or by concentric turns, termed flemish coil, forming but one tier, and lying flat on the deck, the end being in the middle of it, as a snake or worm coils itself.

  7. [1] to lay down a line in fakes. [2] to loop a line for storage. [3] anything arranged in concentric circles. [4] a standard 120-fathom length of line as purchased.

  8. One or more loops of a conducting material; a single coil may be an exciter and induce currents in the material, or it may be a detector or both simultaneously. 19.6 aerospace nondestructive testing

  9. Одна или несколько петель из проводящего материала; одна катушка может быть возбудителем и индуцировать токи в материале, или она может быть детектором, или и тем, и другим одновременно. 19.6 авиационный неразрушающий контроль

  10. One or more loops of a conducting material. a single coil may be an exciter and induce currents in the material, or a detector, or both simultaneously. coil, absolute: in electromagnetic testing, a coil that responds to the electromagnetic properties of that region of the test object within the magnetic field of the coil, without comparison to the response of a second coil at a different location on the same or similar material. compare coil, comparator; coil, differential. coil, bobbin: in electromagnetic testing, cylindrically wound absolute or differential probe useful for inspecting the inside diameter of tubular products. coil clearance, annular: in electromagnetic testing, mean radial distance between the inner diameter of an encircling coil assembly and test object surface. see also fill factor. coil clearance, probe: in electromagnetic testing, perpendicular distance between adjacent surfaces of the probe and test part. see liftoff.23 coil, comparator: in electromagnetic testing, two or more coils electrically connected in series opposition and arranged so that there is no mutual induction (coupling) between them. any electromagnetic condition that is not common to the test specimen and the standard will produce an imbalance in the system and thereby yield an indication. see also coil, differential.23 524 nondestructive testing overview coil, demagnetizing: in magnetic particle testing, solenoid or coil carrying the current for demagnetization. current waveform may be alternating for pass-through solenoids or a rectified current for a multiple-step downcycle demagnetization. some residual magnetization may remain in large parts magnetized with direct current or rectified current, but subsequently demagnetized with alternating current. see also direct current downcycle demagnetization. coil, differential: in electromagnetic testing, two or more physically adjacent and mutually coupled coils connected in series opposition such that an imbalance between them, causing a signal, will be produced only when the electromagnetic conditions are different in the regions beneath two of the coils. in contrast, comparator coils are not adjacent or mutually coupled. coil, encircling: in electromagnetic testing, a solenoid or coil assembly that surrounds the test object. such a coil is also called an annular coil, circumferential coil or feed-through coil.23 see also coil technique. coil, excitation: in electromagnetic testing, coil that carries the excitation current. also called primary coil or winding. compare coil, sensing. coil, horseshoe: in electromagnetic testing, probe coil in which the ferrite core of the coil is horseshoe shaped. also called a u shaped coil. coil, inside diameter: in electromagnetic testing, coil or coil assembly used for electromagnetic testing by insertion into the test piece, as with an inside probe for tubing. see also coil, bobbin.23 coil, pancake: in electromagnetic testing, probe coil whose axis is normal to the surface of the test material and whose length is not larger than the radius. coil, reference: in electromagnetic testing, the section of the coil assembly that excites or detects the electromagnetic field in the reference standard of a comparative system.23 coil, search: in electromagnetic testing, detection coil, usually smaller than the excitation coil. coil, sensing: in electromagnetic testing, coil that detects changes in the flow of eddy currents induced by an excitation coil; sensing and excitation coils can be one and the same. also called detector coil. compare coil, excitation.

Coil, английский

Coil (et, mt), английский
    One or more turns of conductor wound to produce a magnetic field when current passes through the conductor.

Coil antenna, английский
    Рамочная антенна coin-box telephone таксофон

Coil bank, английский

Coil breaks, английский

Coil down, английский
    Укладывать в бухту трос

Coil drag, английский
    A fishing tool designed to pick up pebbles, bits of iron, etc., from the bottom of a drill hole.

Coil fill factor, английский

Coil impedance (et), английский
    The total opposition to current flow through a coil and is represented by the ratio of the coil voltage to the coil current. this impedance is affected by the material within the magnetic field generated by the coil and is sometimes used to measure eddy current response.

Coil length, английский

Coil line, английский

Coil load, английский

Coil of cable, английский

Coil of rope, английский
    Бухта тросa

Coil of wire, английский

Coil separation, английский

Coil set, английский
    Curvature of rolled metal along its length caused by coiling under too much

Coil shot, английский
  1. In magnetic particle testing, one instance of the coil technique, or one pulse of current in the coil technique. see also shot.

  2. Coil technique. one instance of the coil technique; one pulse of current in the coil technique.

Coil shot (mt), английский
    A term used colloquially to indicate a shot of magnetizing current passed through a solenoid or coil surrounding a part, for the purpose of establishing a longitudinal field.

Coil size (et, mt), английский
    The geometry or dimension of a coil; for example, length or diameter.

Components, английский

Comfortable, английский

Environment, английский
  1. Surrounding in which operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interaction.

  2. Окружающая среда. совокупность всех материальных тел, сил и явлений природы, ее вещество и пространство, любая деятельность человека, находящегося в непосредственном контакте с живыми организмами; совокупность абиотической, биотической и социальной сред,

  3. Окружающие условия [среда]; внешние факторы или воздействия; условия эксплуатации ` (лл)

  4. The conditions and influences under which an organism lives

  5. N 1 лнгв. окружение; 2 псхл. окружающая обстановка5 consonantal ~ консонантное окружение epanalepsis n эпаналепсис, удвоение6 epenthesis n 1 эпентеза, вставка звуков1; 2 добавление гласного звука для того, чтобы 3 английский как язык международного общения. 4 несовпадение стиховых и фразовых границ. 5 внешний контекст, в котором происходит наше поведение. 6 фигура речи, состоящая в повторе слова, словосочетания или пред- ложения. epenthetic 41 evaluation разбить труднопроизносимую группу (кла- стер) согласных

  6. Окружающая среда

  7. Окружающая среда; при- родно-ландшафтная среда

  8. The place in which an organism lives, and the circumstances under which it lives. environment includes measures like moisture and temperature, as much as it refers to the actual physical place where an organism is found.

  9. The combination of all the external conditions and the potential effect of the inner environment (heteromosaic of abiotic conditions). e. change: survival depends on the life span of the organisms involved, and has to adapt to a new situation via genetic change, evolution, etc. • cyclic change: rhythmically repetitive, like cycles of a season, day / night, movement of tides etc. • directional change: change is maintained over a long period in relation to the life span of organisms - erosion, siltation, cycles of glaciation, etc. • erratic change: these have no rhythm and no consistent direction e.g., hurricanes, cyclones, flash storms, fires, vulcanos, earthquake, etc.

  10. Окружающая среда. существующая в данный момент совокупность всех внешних условий и воздействий, которым подвержена данная система (или организм) (мос, 14). `36

  11. (1) the system of surrounding things, conditions or influences, especially affecting the existence or development of someone, something or another system (->habitat), (2) the art of environing, (3) the state of being environed.

  12. A global context in which to access data.

  13. A set of roles that are required to run a specific application and the machines to be used for each role.

  14. One of two deployment destinations within a microsoft azure cloud service: staging or production.

  15. The totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development. often the term is applied to the natural features of a geographic area: water, air, and land — including ecological relationships.

  16. The sum of the physical, chemical, and biological factors that surround an organism.

Responsible, английский

Transferring, английский
  1. Lifting an entire load of logs from one mode of transportation and placing the logs on another carrier (22).

  2. Нанесение информации на технический носитель

Modulating furnaces, английский
    Furnaces are designed to deliver maximum heat for comfort on the coldest of days. in most cases, those days account for fewer than three percent of winter days. the rest of the time, your furnace is providing more heat than necessary. because conventional

Horizontal flow, английский
    A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. a horizontal flow furnace takes return air from one side, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the other side.