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Aquifer, perched

Earth Science
    An aquifer containing unconfined groundwater separated from an underlying body of groundwater by an unsaturated zone.

Perch, английский
  1. A unit of cubic measure used by stone masons; usually 161?2 ft by 11?2 ft by 1 ft (5.03 m by 0.46 m by 0.30 m).

  2. A pole stuck up on a shoal as a beacon; or a spar erected on or projected from a cliff whence to watch fish.

Percha de despliegue, испанский

Perchance, английский

Perchaps, английский
    A variation of perhaps, a synonym for maybe. example perchaps tina will rule the world.

Perche, итальянский

Perched ground water, английский

Perched water, английский
    An accumulation of groundwater that is above the regional groundwater table in an unsaturated zone.

Perched water table, английский
    A water table (usually of limited area) maintained above the normal free water elevation by the presence of an intervening relatively impervious confining strata.

Percher, английский
    Птица, садящаяся на насест

Perching, английский
    Inspection of cloth for defects while it is run over a roller.

Perchlorate based miqroknit explosive, английский
    Микрогетерогенное взрывчатые вещества на основе перхлората

Perchloryl fluoride, английский
    Фтористый перхлорил, фторид хлорноватой кислоты

Containing, английский

Unconfined, английский

Groundwater, английский
  1. Water within the earth that supplies wells and springs.

  2. Water from an aquifer or subsurface water source.

  3. Water stored beneath the surface in open pore spaces and fractures in rock.

  4. Water beneath the earth`s surface in the spaces between soil particles and between rock surfaces [compare with surface water].

  5. Water, near the surface of the ground, which passes through the subsoil.

  6. Грунтовые воды; подземные воды

  7. Water found underground as a result of rainfall, ice and snow melt, submerged rivers, lakes, and springs. this water often carries minerals. these minerals can accumulate in the remains of buried organisms and eventually cause fossilization.

  8. All subsurface water, as distinct from water on the surface.

  9. Water that seeps through soil and fills pores of underground rock formations; the source of water in springs and wells.

Underlying, английский
  1. A исходный, лежащий в основе; глубинный form, structure, word underspecification n грамматическая неправиль- ность; несоответствие грамматическим пра- вилам (ант. licensing)

  2. What supports the security or instrument that parties agree to exchange in a derivative contract.

Unsaturated, английский

Aquifer, unconfined (or water table), английский
    An aquifer in which the upper surface is the water table.

Extinct volcano, английский
    A volcano that is not presently erupting and is not likely to do so for a very long time in the future.