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Object adapter

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Объектный адаптер

Adapt, английский
  1. Adaptability

  2. Adaptable

  3. Adaptation

  4. Adaptor

  5. To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.

Adaptaatio, финский

Adaptability, английский
  1. `приспособляемость, адаптация

  2. The capacity of building spaces and elements for being altered or being added to for specific needs, as, for example, to accommodate the needs of persons with and without disabilities.

  3. Адаптивность

  4. Адаптируемость; способность к адаптации; приспосабливаемость

Adaptable, английский
  1. Легко приспособ- ляющийся; поддающийся адаптации

  2. According to the ada, a restroom or bathroom to which grab bars can be added or which can be otherwise altered to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities.

  3. Адаптивный, очувствленный

Adaptable dwelling unit, английский
    One of a number of dwelling units that is on an accessible route and equipped so it may be converted to be used, with a minimum of structural change, by all categories of physically disabled persons.

Adaptable hydraulic actuator, английский
    Адаптивный грп, грп с процессорным управлением

Adaptable hydrologic data acquisition system/td>, английский

Adaptable system, английский

Adaptación, испанский

Adaptado o especializado para trepar, испанский

Adaptador, испанский

Adaptador para cojinete a rodillos, испанский

Adaptar, испанский

Adaptare [1], латинский

Adaptari, латинский

Adaptatio, английский

Adaptatio [onis, f], латинский

Adaptatio, onis, f, латинский

Adaptation, английский
  1. Адаптация; самонастройка; самоприспосабливание

  2. Адаптация (приспособление организма к изменившимся условиям среды, питательным и токсичным веществам)

  3. 1. a change which has been or can be made to something 2. the act of changing something so that it fits a new situation 3. the process by which sensory receptors become accustomed to a sensation which is repeated add add abbr attention deficit disorder

  4. Адаптация

  5. N адаптация14 (тж. adaption, см. тж. adoption) theory

  6. Адаптация; приспособление

  7. 1) characteristics of organisms evolved as a consequence of natural selection; 2) changes in the form or behavior of an organism during life as a response to environmental stimuli; 3) changes in the excitability of a sense organ as a result of continuos stimulation.

  8. Stability of success in the face of a changing environment. two kinds of adaptation are distinguished. (a) darwinian adaptation after darwin who observed how organisms change their internal structure when their environment makes existing forms no longer viable. e.g., ashby`s homeostat searches for a new pattern of behavior as soon as disturbances in its surroundings drive or threaten to drive its essential variables outside specified limits. (b) singerian adaptation after singer who described how organisms, particularly man, change the nature of their environment so as to eliminate threats to or prevent the destruction of their own internal organization. e.g., agriculture, architecture and technology adapt the physical environment to human-social needs. the difference between "adaptive" and "adapting" behavior (steg) also reflects this distinction. adaptation can occur in several levels of an organiz~tional hierarchy and may even apply to itself as in "amplifying adaptation" (ashby) which is "adaptation to adapt" and has the properties of self-organization.

  9. Initiatives and measures to reduce the vulnerability or increase the resilience of natural and human systems to actual or expected climate change impacts. various types of adaptation exist, for example, anticipatory and reactive, private and public, and autonomous and planned. examples are raising river or coastal dikes, retreating from coastal areas subject to fl ooding from sea level rise or introducing alternative temperature-appropriate or drought-adapted crops for conventional ones.

Adaptation à la lumière, французский
    Phénomène rétinien qui fait en sorte que la sensibilité des photorécepteurs (cônes et bâtonnets) change en fonction de la luminosité dans l'environnement. quand il y a beaucoup de lum

Adaptation du projet (aux conditions locales), французский

Entity key, английский
  1. Объектный ключ; ключ сущности

  2. A reference to an entity of a specific entity type.

Ordbms, английский
    Объектно-реляционная субд; система управления объектно-ориентированной реляционной базой данных; орсубд