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Boiler book

Глоссарий синонимов в техническом переводе

    Формуляр котла, русский

    Boil, английский
    1. Furúnculo

    2. A wet run of material at the bottom of an excavation or under the sheeting of an excavation. boiled oil, pale-bodied oil any oil, but esp. linseed oil, which has been partially polymerized by heating at about 500°f (260°c) together with driers to promote rapid drying.

    3. A tender raised mass of infected tissue and skin, usually caused by infection of a hair follicle by the bacterium staphylococcus aureus. also called furuncle

    Boil dry, английский

    Boil-ball, английский
      Шлем перегонного куба в виде луковицы — сферический дефлегматор воздушного охлаждения

    Boiled, английский

    Boiled buckwheat, английский

    Boiled new potatoes with dairy butter and dill, английский

    Boiled oil, английский

    Boiled oil., английский

    Boiled rice, английский

    Boiled salted pork, английский

    Boiled udder with sour-cream horseradish sauce, английский

    Boiler, английский
    1. Chaudière

    2. A sealed tank where water is turned to steam for heating or power.

    3. A closed vessel in which a liquid is heated or vaporized by the direct application of heat to the outside of the vessel.

    4. Of a steam-engine, made of wrought iron, or copper-plates, which being partly filled with water, and having fire applied to the outside, generates steam to supply the engine.

    5. The pressure vessel in which water is converted into steam for propulsion, heating, and auxiliary purposes. common forms are “fire tube” and “water tube.” the term is used to loosely to include the firebox and ancillary equipment.

    6. A skid- or wheel-mounted closed vessel, usually cylindrical, used to generate steam for operating steampowered machines, such as pumps and drills.

    Boiler, английский

    Boiler, английский

    Boiler composition, английский

    Boiler compound, английский
      A chemical added to water in a boiler to prevent corrosion, foaming, or the formation of boiler scale.

    Boiler department, английский
      Котельный цех электростанции

    Boiler feed, английский
      A check valve controlling inlet water flow to a boiler.

    Boiler feed valve, английский
      An automatically-controlled valve for maintaining a desired amount of water in a boiler.

    Boiler feed water, английский

    Котельная, русский
      Здание или помещение, в котором располагаются котельная установка и вспомогательное оборудование, а также служебные помещения при отдельно стоящих котельных

    Формуляр котла, русский