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12 февраля, 2023

Préparation à la publication d`un article scientifique : modifications et suggestions du relecteur

09 декабря, 2020

Relecture par un locuteur natif anglais

11 сентября, 2020

Révision en russe

11 марта, 2019

Souhaiter les fêtes en multilingue

20 декабря, 2017

"traduction professionnelle"

30 октября, 2017

Déchiffrement et transcription des informations audios et vidéos, transformation en forme de texte

20 июля, 2015

La qualité inférieure du texte original est un problème constant pour les agences de traduction

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Condition de rigidite

Глоссарий терминов в деревянном строительстве

    Условие жёсткости, русский
      Соблюдение определённого соотношения между величиной нагрузки и размерами конструкции из определённого материала

    Condit, латинский
      1o sine qua non (лат.) непременное условие, условие, без которого невозможно событие.

    Condita (orum, npl), латинский

    Condita, orum, npl, латинский

    Conditio, латинский

    Conditio sine qua non, латинский
    1. Notwendige bedingung. bedeutung für die kausalitätsprüfung im strafrecht: dem täter ist der erfolg seiner handlung nur zuzurechnen, wenn diese nicht hinweggedacht werden kann, ohne daß der erfolg entfiele.

    2. Непременное условие

    Conditio sine quo, английский

    Conditio [onis, f], латинский

    Conditioi, английский

    Conditiol, английский

    Condition, английский
    1. Условие; состояние; режим

    2. 1. the particular state of someone or something  in poor condition  her condition is getting worse.  the conditions in the hospital are very good. 2. a particular illness, injury or disorder  he is being treated for a heart condition.

    3. N условие alternation ~ условие чередования invariance ~ условие инвариантности

    4. See “material condition” and “readiness condition.”

    5. Собственная устойчивость (без нагрузки); ~ under working

    6. A horse’s overall health and fitness

    7. An illness or other defective state of health.

    8. The state of an expression or a variable (for example, when a result can be either true or false, or equal or not equal).

    9. A criteria that determines if actions are executed for a specific document rule when using the invoicerules plugin. if a condition meets the specified criteria, it returns true; if not, it returns false.

    Condition 1 4 1 ar order, английский

    Condition access module, английский
      Модуль условного доступа

    Condition access table, английский
      Таблица условного доступа

    Condition adjustment, английский

    Condition affecting the network (can), английский
      A situation or condition that affects or has the potential to affect the safety of the network.

    Condition appraisal, английский
      An estimate of the value of an asset based largely on an inspection of its current physical condition. condition-based maintenance the condition monitoring of a building, used to predict failure of an item or element in the building and then take appropriate action to avoid such failure.

    Condition assessment, английский
      Methods for identifying and locating features that may affect the integrity and performance of a utility including defects, obstructions, leaks, infiltration, inflow, etc.

    Condition attribute, английский
      In the theory of rough sets, attributes are broken into condition attributes and decision attributes. a condition attribute is one that is used as a predictor or classification attribute for the decision attribute (i.e., the output of the model). the decision attribute(s) is(are) conditioned on the condition attributes. see also: rough set.

    Condition bit, английский
      Двоичный разряд условия

    Condition box, английский
      Блок ветвления

    Condition code, английский
      One of a set of bits that are set on (1, or true) or off (0, or false) as the result of previous machine instructions. the term is used primarily in assembly or machine language situations. condition codes are hardware-specific but usually include carry, overflow, zero result, and negative result codes.

    Condition d`incompressibilite, французский

    Condition de resistance, французский