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Artificial discontinuity

Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю
    Reference point, such as a hole, groove, implant or notch, that are introduced into a reference standard to provide accurately reproducible sensitivity levels for nondestructive test equipment. a manufactured material anomaly.1 asnt: the american society for nondestructive testing. asnt recommended practice no. snttc- 1a: set of guidelines for employers to establish and conduct a nondestructive testing personnel qualification and certification program. snt-tc-1a was first issued in 1968 by the society for nondestructive testing (snt, now asnt) and has been revised every few years since.1

Artificial, английский
  1. Искусственный

  2. Made to resemble a natural material or object, for example, faux marbre.

  3. A искусственный intelligence, language

  4. Bait made of some type of metal, plastic or rubber. comes in many colors, may be scented or unscented.

Artificial, испанский

Artificial active immunity, английский
    Immunity acquired through exposure to pathogens and pathogen antigens through a method other than natural infection

Artificial activity, английский
    Фиктивная работа см. dummy activity

Artificial aging, английский

Artificial anchor, английский
    Искусственный якорь (в графических программах)

Artificial aquifer, английский

Artificial arm, английский
    Протез руки

Artificial bait, английский
  1. In fishing terms, a synthetic bait that looks like, feels like and sometimes smells like the real thing - but isn’t.

  2. С точки зрения рыболовства, синтетическая приманка, которая выглядит, ощущается и иногда пахнет как настоящая, но не является таковой.

Artificial base, английский

Artificial base course, английский

Artificial base method, английский
    Метод искусственных баз

Artificial brain, английский
  1. Искусственный мозг робота; сиотема управления (роботом) см. также соntrоllеr, rоbоt brаin, rоbоt соntrоllеr

  2. "искусственный мозг"

Artificial brine, английский

Artificial cementation, английский

Artificial cognition, английский
    Искусственное восприятие

Artificial collapsed depression, английский
    A collapse basin, commonly a closed depression, which is the direct result of surficial subsidence associated with subsurface mining (e.g., long-wall mining). sw.

Artificial consciousness, английский
    Искусственный интеллект

Artificial constraint, английский
    Искусственное ограничение

Artificial contaminant, английский
    Искусственный загрязнитель для проведения лабораторных испытаний фильтров

Artificial currency, английский
    A currency substitute, e.g., special drawing rights (sdrs).

Reproducible, английский
    Said of a drawing, copy, or the like, which is capable of being used as a masterto- be in a reproduction process. reqd on drawings, abbr. for “required.”

Sensitivity, английский
  1. Change in the response of a measuring instrument divided by the corresponding change in the stimulus (1)

  2. The ratio of the output of an instrument to the input (i.e. -gain).

  3. Defines the smallest signal detectable in the presence of systems noise

  4. In television, a factor expressing the incident illumination upon a specified scene required to produce a specified picture signal at the output terminals of a television camera.

  5. For a camera usually specified in lux to provide indication of light level required to gain a full video signal from the camera.

  6. A measure of the amount of light required to provide a standard video signal. sensitivity values are stated in lux (see lux) or foot-candles.

  7. Lens iris aperture required to provide a video output signal of standard level at a specified light input. in general, sensitivity is measured using an 89.9% reflectance grey scale chart illuminated by a 3200? k illuminance at 2000 lux (color camera) or 400 lux (b/w camera), for a video output level of 100%.

  8. 1. the fact of being able to detect and respond to an outside stimulus 2. the rate of positive responses in a test from persons with a specific disease. a high rate of sensitivity means a low rate of people being incorrectly classed as negative. compare specificity

  9. Чувствительность; сенситивность; восприимчивость специфически измененная реактивность. вероятность возникновения реакции на введение антигенов. ср. susceptibility (восприимчивость (к болезни)).

  10. The sensitivity of classification rule is a measure of its ability to correctly classify observations into a particular category. it is defined to be the ratio of the number of true positives to the number of positives in a test set. this value is usually inversely related to the specificity of the test for a given set of data and a particular classification rule. note that this measure is different from the positive predictive value of a rule, which is a measure of the probability that a positive is a true positive. if multiple classification categories exist, each category will have its own sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value. see also: positive predictive value, specificity.

  11. Чувствительность: a) различие в концентрации аналита, соответствующее наименьшему обнару-живаемому различию в реакции метода. представляется наклоном калибровоч-ной кривой. иногда ошибочно используется для обозначения предела обнаружения. b) частота истинно положительных результатов, полученных при испытании проб, в которых, насколько известно, содержится аналит [55]. c) отношение изменения показаний измерительного прибора к соответствую-щему изменению измеряемой величины. измеряемой величиной может быть, например, количество исследуемого вещества, содержащееся в пробе.

  12. Чувствительность. в сенсорном анализе — способность различать, идентифицировать и/или дифференцировать (качественно и/или количественно) один или более раздражителей с помощью органов чувств (предварительный стандарт мос, 12). в аналитической химии — чувствительность метода, которая (для простого-метода)- характеризуется наклоном калибровочной кривой, т. е. является дифференциалом измеряемой величины по отношению к концентрации dx/dc. чувствительность не следует путать с наименьшим количеством или наиболее низкой концентрацией, которые можно обнаружить с помощью данного метода; правильный термин для обозначения этого понятия — предел чувствительности (см. limit of detection).

  13. The output of a microphone in volts for a given input in sound pressure level. sensitivity can also mean the sound pressure level (spl) a loudspeaker produces at one meter when driven with one watt of pink noise.

  14. The degree of confidentiality of an e-mail message or calendar item, ranging from normal to confidential.

  15. The significance level that must be reached before a notification is sent.

  16. Чувствительность:

  17. Measure of a sensor’s ability to detect small signals. see resolution.

  18. Ability of a sensor or system to distinguish a signal or indication from background noise. see also probability of detection.

  19. Ability of a sensor or system to distinguish a signal or indication from background noise. see also probability of detection. si (international system of units): international measurement system in which the following seven

  20. (1) performance characteristic of a penetrant system, of a developer, or of an entire penetrant process that provides a relative measure of the ability to detect discontinuities. (2) enumerated level of performance of a penetrant system determined by applying standardized processing procedures on reference standards with known defects. (3) ability of a sensor or system to distinguish a signal or indication from background noise. compare probability of detection.

  21. Probability of detection.

  22. Ability of signal to change with small changes of measured quantity.

Nondestructive, английский
  1. Неразрушающий

  2. Неразрушающий (об испытаниях и т.п.)

Manufactured, английский

Recommended, английский
  1. Refer to oxbow) an abandoned meander, commonly filled in by deposition and vegetation, but still discernable. gg

  2. The collection title for recommendation items that can be either based on personalization algorithm or not covered by any personalization data.

Guidelines, английский
  1. Рекомендации, указания

  2. Руководство; методология; (методические) рекомендации

Qualification, французский

Certification, английский
  1. Forest certification refers to the assessment of forest management by an independent third party auditor according to performance criteria for sustainable wood production.

  2. Выдача или получение сертификата, сертификация

  3. A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.

  4. Also known as diamond grading reports, these are certificates that accompany lab-grown diamonds or earth-mined diamonds which state the 4cs of the stone. we most often work with the igi, egl usa and the gia. lab-grown diamond certification notes that the diamond is ‘laboratory grown’.

  5. Сертификация; аттестация

  6. The act of issuing a warranty, certificate, or mark or other appropriate evidence that attests that a product or service conforms to specific standards or specifications. ( llac) certification

  7. Сертификация

  8. With respect to nondestructive test personnel, the process of providing written testimony that an individual has met the qualification requirements of a specific practice or standard. see also certified and qualified.

  9. Process of providing written testimony that an individual is qualified. see also certified.1

  10. With respect to nondestructive test personnel, the process of providing written testimony that an individual has met the qualification requirements of a specific practice or standard. see also qualification.

  11. With respect to nondestructive test personnel, the process of providing written testimony that an individual has met the requirements of a specific practice or standard.

  12. Certified and qualified.5

  13. With respect to nondestructive test personnel, the process of providing written testimony that an individual has met the requirements of a specific practice or standard. see also certified and qualified.

  14. A procedure to grant an official designation

  15. A procedure to grant an official designation confirmation of specific achievements or characteristics given by an authority, usually by issuing a certificate or diploma after a test

  16. A formal recognition that validates an individual`s qualifications and professional competence in a specific industry or field, often awarded upon completion of a specific program or meeting certain criteria.

Artificial discontinuity standard, английский
  1. See acceptance standard.

  2. See acceptance standard. 556 ultrasonic testing part 1. terms a-scan: one-dimensional display of ultrasonic signal amplitude as function of time or depth in test object. asnt recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a: see recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a. asnt: american society for nondestructive testing.