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Artificial discontinuity standard

Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю
  1. See acceptance standard.

  2. See acceptance standard. 556 ultrasonic testing part 1. terms a-scan: one-dimensional display of ultrasonic signal amplitude as function of time or depth in test object. asnt recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a: see recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a. asnt: american society for nondestructive testing.

Acceptance, английский
  1. Акцепт:

  2. Приёмка (работ, материалов) ~ of work приёмка (выполненных) работ

  3. Contractual agreement instigated when the drawee of a time draft "accepts" the draft by writing the word "accepted" thereon. the drawee assumes responsibility as the acceptor and for payment at maturity. see: letter of credit and banker`s acceptance.

  4. Акцепт

  5. An offeree’s consent to enter into a contract and be bound by the terms of the offer.

  6. In uk railway signalling terms, `acceptance` means the permission given by a signalman for a train to enter the section of line he controls.

Ultrasonic, английский
  1. Manufacturers` association ассоциация фирм — изготовителей изделий с использованием ультразвука

  2. Of or relating to acoustic vibration frequencies greater than about 20 khz.

  3. Pertaining to acoustic vibration frequencies greater than about 20 khz.

  4. Of or relating to acoustic vibration frequencies greater than about 20 khz.7,22

Dimensional, английский
    Размерный; пространственный; имеющий измерение 3-dimensional configuration трехмерная организация 2.5-dimensional configuration 2,5-мерная организация 2-dimensional configuration двухмерная организация

Recommended, английский
  1. Refer to oxbow) an abandoned meander, commonly filled in by deposition and vegetation, but still discernable. gg

  2. The collection title for recommendation items that can be either based on personalization algorithm or not covered by any personalization data.

Nondestructive, английский
  1. Неразрушающий

  2. Неразрушающий (об испытаниях и т.п.)

Background signal, английский
    Steady or fluctuating output signal of a test instrument caused by the presence of acoustic, chemical, electrical or radiation conditions to which the sensing element responds.1 background temperature, instrument: apparent ambient temperature of the scene behind and surrounding the instrument, as viewed from the target. the reflection of this background may appear in the image and affect the temperature measurement. most quantitative thermal sensing and imaging instruments provide a means for correcting measurements for this reflection.3 background temperature, target: apparent ambient temperature of the scene behind and surrounding the instrument, as viewed from the instrument. when the fov of a point sensing instrument is larger than the target, the target background temperature will affect the instrument reading.3 backscattering, infrared: reflection of thermal energy — e.g., generated by the ground and reflecting off the underside of clouds or inversion layers, or unwanted front surface reflections from a transparent optical element.

Artificial discontinuity, английский
    Reference point, such as a hole, groove, implant or notch, that are introduced into a reference standard to provide accurately reproducible sensitivity levels for nondestructive test equipment. a manufactured material anomaly.1 asnt: the american society for nondestructive testing. asnt recommended practice no. snttc- 1a: set of guidelines for employers to establish and conduct a nondestructive testing personnel qualification and certification program. snt-tc-1a was first issued in 1968 by the society for nondestructive testing (snt, now asnt) and has been revised every few years since.1