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Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю

Многие термины и определения в этом глоссарии взяты из «Справочника по неразрушающему контролю»

artificial discontinuity
    Reference point, such as a hole, groove, implant or notch, that are introduced into a reference standard to provide accurately reproducible sensitivity levels for nondestructive test equipment. a ...
artificial discontinuity standard
  1. See acceptance standard.

  2. See acceptance standard. 556 ultrasonic testing part 1. terms a-scan: one-dimensional display of ultrasonic signal amplitude as function of time or depth in...
background signal
    Steady or fluctuating output signal of a test instrument caused by the presence of acoustic, chemical, electrical or radiation conditions to which the sensing element responds.1 background tempera...
calibration accuracy
    Accuracy to which a calibration is performed, usually based on the accuracy and sensitivity of the instruments and references used in the calibration.3
calibration reflector
  1. Reflector with a known dimensioned surface established to provide an accurately reproducible reference level.1 calibration source, infrared: blackbody or other target of known temperature and ...
colored body
    See nongraybody.
continuous annealing furnace
    Furnace in which castings are heat treated, by being passed through different heat zones kept at constant temperatures.1
diffuse reflector
    Surface that reflects a portion of the incident radiation in such a manner that the reflected radiation is equal in all directions. a mirror is not a diffuse reflector.3 diffusion, heat: see therm...
discernible image
    Image capable of being recognized by sight without the aid of magnification.1
environmental rating
    Rating given an operating unit (typically an electrical or mechanical enclosure) to indicate the limits of the environmental conditions under which the unit will function reliably and within publi...
finite element analysis
    Numerical technique for the analysis of a system whereby that system is decomposed into a collection of finite sized elements.1 focal plane array (fpa): linear or twodimensional matrix of detector...
focal zone
  1. Distance before and after the focal point in which the intensity differs a specified amount (usually 6 db) from the focal intensity. also called depth of field or depth of focus.1

  2. D...
frame repetition rate
    Time it takes an infrared imager to scan (update) every thermogram picture element (pixel); in frames per second.3

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