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Colored body

Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю
    See nongraybody.

Body, английский
  1. Body is the weight and fullness of a wine that can be sensed as it crosses the palate. full-bodied wines tend to have a lot of alcohol, concentration, and glycerin.

  2. The physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead

  3. Body is a term used to refer to the main theme or heart of a perfume. it can also be used to refer to a perfume that’s well-rounded or full.

  4. Temperature, ambient pressure, dry температура тела при давлении окружающей среды в сухом воздухе

  5. The principal volume of a building, such as the nave of a church.

  6. 1. the physical structure of a person, as opposed to the mind 2. the main part of a person’s body, not including the head or arms and legs 3. a dead person  an amount of something 

  7. One of the coarse granules surrounding the nucleus in the cytoplasm of nerve cells. see illustration at neurone in supplement [described 1894. after franz nissl (1860–1919), german psychiatrist.]

  8. N тело language

  9. Спинка и перед

  10. The principal corps of an army, or the main strength of a fleet.

  11. Bit blank,

  12. The fluidity of a drilling mud expressed in the number of seconds in which a given quantity of mud flows through a given aperture, such as the aperture in a marsh funnel.

  13. Clinometer case, 4. a term used to indicate the viscosity or fluidity of a lubricating oil. for example, a heavy-body oil is thick and viscous and a light-body oil is thin and fluid. 5. an ore body or a pocket of mineral.

  14. The heart or main part of the fragrance. the characteristic note when the most volatile components have lost their dominance and all of the

Body, английский

Body, немецкий
    Schlangenförmiger schal aus federn oder pelz

Body (plate,valve,tuyere), английский

Body (plate,valve,tuyere), английский

Body (pt), английский
    The term used to describe the ability of a penetrant vehicle to maintain an adequate suspension of visible or fluorescent dye material.

Body -, английский
    Объёмная [массовая] сила

Body / sensing element, английский

Body alarm, английский
    A wireless device issued to staff and individuals prior to entering the secure perimeter of an adult doc facility that clips to the belt or pants and emits a loud alarm when activated by a pull chain.

Body also called fuselage, английский

Body and leg capillaries, английский

Body art, английский

Body attachment, английский
    A written order issued by a court directing a peace officer to take custody of someone and bring them before the court: 1) a witness who fails to comply with a subpoena, 2) a party who fails to comply with a court order in a civil action, or 3) a material

Body bag, английский
    Мешок из черного пластика на застежке-молнии, в который укладывается труп, увозимый в морг с места происшествия или выносимый с поля боя

Body bolster, английский
    See bolster

Body bolster center filler, английский

Body bolster cover plate, английский

Body bolster diaphragm, английский

Body bolster stiffener, английский

Body burden, английский
  1. The total amount of a substance in the body. some substances build up in the body because they are stored in fat or bone or because they leave the body very slowly.

  2. The amount of radioactive material present in the body of man or animals.

Body cavity, английский
    An opening in the body, e.g. the mouth, oesophagus, vagina, rectum or ear

Continuous annealing furnace, английский
    Furnace in which castings are heat treated, by being passed through different heat zones kept at constant temperatures.1

Calibration reflector, английский
  1. Reflector with a known dimensioned surface established to provide an accurately reproducible reference level.1 calibration source, infrared: blackbody or other target of known temperature and effective emissivity used as a calibration reference.3

  2. In ultrasonic testing, reflector with a known dimensioned surface in a specified material, established to provide an accurately reproducible reference level in ultrasonic testing,. see also flat bottom hole; reference standard; working standard. candela (cd): base si unit of luminous intensity, in a given direction, of a monochromatic radiation source that has a frequency of 5.4 ? 1014 hz and that has a radiant intensity in that direction of 1.464 mw·sr–1. capacitance, thermal: amount of heat that an object can store. the term thermal capacitance describes heat capacity in an electrical analogy, where loss of heat is analogous to loss of charge on a capacitor. structures with high thermal capacitance change temperature more slowly than those with low thermal capacitance. compare capacity, heat.

  3. Reflector with a known dimensioned surface in a specified material, established to provide an accurately reproducible reference level.7 see also reference standard.