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19 февраля, 2019

Лингвистическая помощь: Что общего у слов "улица", "улитка" и "улей"?

19 февраля, 2019

Болгарский язык будут изучать в школах США.

18 февраля, 2019

Цифра дня: Сколько значений имеет английское слово "set"

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Результаты поиска термина [dielectric]

  1. An insulating (non-conductive) material. found between the inner core and outer shield of a co-axial cable.

  2. Материал, не проводящий электрический ток. используется для изготовления оптоволоконных кабелей, не подвергается воздействию электрических и электромагнитных полей (в том числе и полей большой мощности)

  3. A nonconductor of direct electric current.

  4. An insulating (nonconductive) material.

  5. A non-conductive insulator material between the center conductor and shield of coaxial cable. the dielectric constant determines the propagation velocity.
dielectric breakdown
    The voltage at which a dielectric material is punctured; which is divisible by thickness to give dielectric strength.
dielectric coatings
    Thin-film coatings made of transparent dielectric materials, e.g. for laser mirrors or anti-reflection coatings
dielectric connections
    Water connectors that reduce the flow of electricity related to galvanic corrosion, from the house piping to the water heater.
dielectric constant
  1. That property (k) of an insulating material which is the ratio of the parallel capacitance (c) of a given configuration of electrodes with the material as the dielectric, to the capacitance of the same electrode configuration with a vacuum as the dielectr

  2. Диэлектрическая проницаемость; диэлектрическая постоянная
dielectric filter
    An optical fiber that selectively transmits one wavelength and reflects others based on interference effects inside the structure. also called interference filter.
dielectric fitting
    In a water supply system, a special type of adapter (such as a union) used to connect a pipe containing copper with a pipe containing iron; used between dissimilar metals dielectric fitting diffuse reflection
dielectric grating
    dielectric housing
      dielectric isolation
        dielectric loss
          Диэлектрические потери
        dielectric mirrors
        1. Mirrors consisting of multiple thin layers of different transparent optical materials

        2. A mirror coating using between 5 & 11 layers of virtually colorless materials, precisely applied, which results in a brilliant color mirror effect. this mirror does not add density to the lens.
        dielectric permeability
          dielectric reading
            Диэлектрическое считывание
          dielectric resonator filter
            dielectric resonator oscillator
              dielectric rigity
                Диэлектрическая прочность
              dielectric strength
              1. The voltage which an insulating material can withstand before breakdown occurs, usually expressed as a voltage gradient (such as volts per mil).

              2. A measure of the ability of an insulating material to withstand electric stress (voltage) without failure. fluids with high dielectric strength (usually expressed in volts or kilovolts) are good electrical insulators. (astm designation d 877.)
              dielectric susceptibility
                Диэлектрическая восприимчивость