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Capillary action

Wire and Cable Glossary
    The phenomenon of liquid rising in a small interstice due to surface tension.

Act, английский
  1. Activated clotting time

  2. Action

  3. Activated

  4. Activation

  5. Active

  6. Active control technology

  7. Actual

  8. Actuate

  9. Actuating

  10. Actuator

  11. Advanced computer technology

  12. Air control team

  13. Area communication terminal

  14. Area correlation tracker

  15. Automatic code translation

  16. Aviation classification test

  17. Automatic custody transfer

  18. Administration du cadastre et de la topographie (luxembourg); australian capital territory

  19. Акт, закон

  20. N акт, действие illocutionary ~ тра иллокутивный акт locutionary ~ тра локутивный акт perlocutionary ~ тра перлокутивный акт11 speech ~ тра речевой акт indirect ~ ~ тра косвенный речевой акт s~ a~ theory теория речевых актов actant n актант

  21. Действовать; влиять

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, английский
    Activated clotting time

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, немецкий

Act, русский
    (ast) фридрих (род. 29 дек. 1778, гота – ум. 31 окт. 1841, мюнхен) – нем. философ, последователь шеллинга. в своей работе 4grundriя einer geschichte der philosophie» (1807) сделал попытку показать развитие философских систем, которое он понимал как связь разума. в 4grundriя der philologie» (1808) и в соч. 4gnmdlinien der grammatik, hermeneutik und kritik» (1808), исходя из античной философии и ориентируясь на нее, дает свою теорию герменевтики, в основу которой кладет учение о духе: дух есть источник, принцип формирования и фокус всей жизни. ясность духа – это высшее единство исторического и грамматического.

Act and intention, английский
    Must be united in admiralty law.

Act curtain., английский

Act drop, английский

Act of court, английский
    The decision of the court or judge on the verdict, or the overruling of the court on a point of law.

Act of god, английский
  1. An accident due exclusively to natural causes which may not be provided against by human foresight.

  2. Форс-мажорные обстоятельства, действие непреодолимых обстоятельств

  3. This comprehends all sudden accidents arising from physical causes, as distinguished from human agency, such as from lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, and epidemic contagion amongst the crew. for none of these are ship-owners responsible.

  4. Marine insurance term meaning any natural event which could not have been reasonably foreseen.

Act of grace, английский
    An act of parliament for a general and free pardon to deserters from the service and others.

Act of pardon or act of grace, английский
    A letter from a state or power authorising action by a privateer. see also letter of marque.

Act of state doctrine, английский
    This doctrine says that a nation is sovereign within its own borders, and its domestic actions may not be questioned in the courts of another nation.

Act with recklessness that makes disaster pr, английский

Acta, латинский

Acta anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, английский
    Международное торговое соглашение о борьбе с контрафактной продукцией подписано в октябре 2011 г австралией, канадой, японией, марокко, новой зеландией, сингапуром, южной кореей и сша в 2012 г его подписали также мексика, ес и 22 страны- члена ес цель соглашения – создание международных правовых рамок для борьбы с контрафактом товаров, лекарств (дженериков) и нарушением авторского права в интернете

Acta [orum, npl] diurna, латинский

Phenomenon, английский
  1. 1. a fact or situation which can be observed 2. someone or something that is considered to be extraordinary and marvellous

  2. A condition with various possible causes in which the blood supply to the fingers and toes is restricted and they become cold, white and numb. also called dead man’s fingers, vasospasm [described 1862. after maurice raynaud (1834–81), french physician.] rbc rbc abbr red blood cell rcgp rcgp abbr royal college of general practitioners rcn rcn abbr royal college of nursing rcog rcog abbr royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists rcp rcp abbr royal college of physicians

  3. In diabetes mellitus, a swing to a high level of glucose in the blood from an extremely low level, usually occurring after an untreated insulin reaction during the night. it is caused by the release of stress hormones to counter low glucose levels.

  4. Явление; эффект

Interstice, английский
  1. A small space between body parts or within a tissue

  2. Ячема

  3. Промежуток между элементами отображения

Charging current, английский
  1. The current produced when a dc voltage is first applied to conductors of an unterminated cable. it is caused by the capacitive reactance of the cable, and decreases exponentially with time.

  2. Зарядный ток

Capacitive coupling, английский
    Electrical interaction between two conductors caused by the capacitance between them.