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Глоссарий по ядерной энергетике
  1. An element represents the simplest form of a chemical where all the atoms share the same atomic number . this will include, for example, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

  2. Элемент; компонент

  3. Элемент; компонент; деталь

  4. A basic simple chemical substance which cannot be broken down into simpler substances.  trace element

  5. N элемент phonetic ~ фонетический элемент unique ~ единичный элемент voided ~ опустошённый элемент zero ~ нулевой элемент -phonetic ~ -фонетический, альфа- фонетический элемент

Elem, английский
  1. Element

  2. Elementary

Стихия; непогода, русский

Building . elementary school, grade school an educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling., английский

Элемент, русский
  1. Составная часть чего-либо.

  2. (от лат . elementum - стихия, первоначальное вещество), составная часть сложного целого. см. также элемент химический.

Фонетический, русский

Enriched uranium, английский
    Uranium where the content u-235 is increased above its natural value of around 0.7% by weight. the enrichment process will also yield depleted uranium . enriched uranium is fissile and can undergo nuclear fission under certain conditions, its therefore us

Electron, английский
  1. The electron is a low mass particle ( 1/1836 that of a proton ) with a unit negative electric charge. in simple terms the electrons are said to orbit around the nucleus of atoms . positively charged electrons can also exist, these being known as positrons

  2. Negatively charged particle of an atom.