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Commodity risk

Глоссарий по риск-менеджменту
    Risk of loss resulting from adverse effects of movements in commodity prices including:

Commodity, английский
  1. A commodity is any homogenous item which may be freely bought and sold. the term typically refers to products such as coffee, cocoa and soyabeans (soft commodities) or gold, aluminium and platinum (hard commodities). pork belly and frozen orange concentrate were featured in the 1980s film, trading places. commodities typically are bought and sold in futures markets where producers combine with manufacturers and speculators to create a smoothly functioning market.

  2. (продукция, товар) материальные ценности; например: продовольствие, зерно или металлы, которые являются взаимозаменяемыми другими ценностями того же типа, и которые инвесторы покупают или продают, обычно, через фьючерсные контракты; в общем виде, это то ч

  3. General commercial term for any product or raw material available for trade.

  4. Предмет широкого потребления; продукт массового спроса; изделие массового спроса

Commodity, английский

Commodity, испанский

Commodity accounts, английский
    Товарные счета (в снс; счета, относящиеся к ресурсам товаров за счет отечественного производства и за счет импорта, а также их использования для промежуточного и конечного потребления)

Commodity backed bond, английский

Commodity cards, английский
    Карты товаров

Commodity classification, английский
    Товарная классификация; номенклатура товаров; товарная номенклатура 108 commodity coding — шифровка товаров; шифровка грузов

Commodity contract, английский

Commodity costs, английский
    Издержки коммунальных служб (на распределение и подачу электроэнергии, газа и воды)

Commodity exchange; stock exchange, английский

Commodity flow method, английский
    Метод расчета с помощью данных о товарных потоках; метод товарных потоков по. commodity taxes, net — товарные налоги; сальдо; чистые товарные налоги (в снс), (в основном, косвенные налоги за вычетом субсидий), см. indirect taxes

Commodity futures trading commission, английский
    (cftc) -комиссия по торговле товарными фьючерсами - в сша - федеральное регулирующее агентство, созданное с целью контроля за исполнением закона о товарных биржах;

Commodity policy, английский
    Товарная политика часть торговой политики, связанная с действиями правительств, влияющими на международную торговлю сырьевыми товарами ее главная цель – обеспечить справедливые и выгодные поступления для производителей вместе с надежными и конкурентными поставками для потребителей

Commodity rate, английский

Commodity turnover, английский

Risk, английский
  1. The combination of the frequency or probability of occurrence and the consequences of a specified hazardous event.

  2. In general terms risk can be defined as the potential for unwanted, adverse consequences to human life, property, health, environment or society. the calculation (or estimation) of risk is usually based on the probability of the event occurring multiplied

  3. Exposure to uncertainty

  4. The probability that something will cause injury or harm.

  5. The possibility of something harmful happening  there is a risk of a cholera epidemic.  there is no risk of the disease spreading to other members of the family.  at risk in danger of being harmed  businessmen are particularly at risk of having a heart attack.  children at risk children who are more likely to be harmed or to catch a disease  verb to do something which may possibly cause harm or have bad results  if the patient is not moved to an isolation ward, all the patients and staff in the hospital risk catching the disease. ‘…adenomatous polyps are a risk factor for carcinoma of the stomach’ [nursing times] ‘…three quarters of patients aged 35–64 on gps’ lists have at least one major risk factor: high cholesterol, high blood pressure or addiction to tobacco’ [health services journal]

  6. Риск возможность возникновения нежелательного явления или состояния. см. также probability (вероятность).

  7. A marine insurance term referring to losses against which the insurer agrees to indemnify the insured. these involve peril of the sea or fortuitous events incident to the voyage. they may be occasioned by storm, shipwreck, jetsom, prize, pillage, fire, war, reprisals, detention by foreign government, losses experienced for the common benefit, or expenses which would not have taken place absent such events. cargo insurance covers most perils except strikes, riots, civil unrest, capture, war, seizure, civil war, piracy, loss of market, and inherent vice. coverage may be comprehensive, or limited to enumerated perils, or for the benefit of particular persons, or for a right 262 specific time period. it may be restricted to voyage out, or voyage in, or part of the route, or from port to port. terrorism may be excluded or subject to supplementary coverage.

Risk, английский

Risk, шведский

Risk a run, to, английский
    To take chance without convoy.

Risk acceptance, английский
    An informed decision to accept the consequences and the likelihood of a particular risk.

Currency risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from adverse effects of movements in currency exchange rates including:

Credit spread risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from adverse effects of changes in the spread between securities of differing credit quality (eg corporate and government bonds)