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Liquified natural gas

Глоссарий сокращений технических терминов

    Lng, английский
    1. Liquefied natural gas

    2. Length

    3. Lining

    4. Long

    5. Longitude

    6. Liquefied natural gas, or a carrier of lng.

    7. Liquefied natural gas, or a carrier of .

    8. Liquefied natural gas.

    Сжиженный, русский

    Liquified petroleum gas., английский

    Natural, английский
    1. A shot easy to execute with a normal stroke, requiring no english

    2. A естественный, натураль- ный, природный language, metalanguage, morphology, phonologist, phonology, processing

    3. Естественный; настоящий; натуральный

    4. Portion of the original surface or skin, of a rough diamond which is sometimes left on a fashioned stone, usually on the girdle, to indicate that maximum yield has been obtained.

    5. Setting. условия природной окружающей среды (состояние воды, воздуха, земли)

    6. Used shorthand for any perfume ingredient derived from natural, non-synthetic sources.

    Natural, английский

    Natural -, английский
      Природное волокно

    Natural account code segment, английский
      A segment of a general ledger account code that corresponds to the type of account (for example, cash, sales, or travel expense).

    Natural air crossing, английский

    Natural angle, английский
      The cue ball direction predicted by the 30º rule; also, bank shot requiring no cut angle (i.e., it is "lined up" perfectly)

    Natural angle of slope, английский

    Natural asphalt, английский
      Asphalt occurring in nature, produced from petroleum by natural evaporation or distillation; usually not suitable for paving purposes until refined and softened to proper consistency by combining with flux oil.

    Natural asphalt., английский

    Natural assimilation capability, английский
      Естественная ассимилирующая способность (способность водного объекта переработать определенное количество различных загрязняющих веществ)

    Natural background radiation, английский

    Natural bed, английский
      Of a stone, a plane parallel to its natural strata.

    Natural binary code, английский
      Обычный двоичный код; натуральный двоичный код natural binary-coded decimal двоично-десятичное число natural-function generator генератор аналитической функции; аналитический функциональный преобразователь

    Natural capital, английский
      Природные богатства; денежная оценка природных богатств

    Natural carbon, английский
      Carbon the natural "as found" shape of which has not been artificially modified. also called natural stone.

    Natural cement, английский
      A product obtained by finely pulverizing calcined argillaceous limestone which has been burnt at a temperature no higher than necessary to drive off carbon dioxide.

    Natural childbirth, английский

    Natural circulation, английский
      The circulation of air or water due to differences in density rather than to the actions of a pump or blower.

    Natural clay tile, английский
      A ceramic tile made from clays that produce a dense body, having a distinctive, slightly textured appearance. natural-cleft describing stone that has been split (cleaved) parallel to its stratification, yielding an irregular but nearly flat surface.

    Logarithm, английский
    1. Логарифм

    2. A function ex~ressing any number by the exponent of a chosen base. e.g., with 512=2 , the dual logarithm (to the base 2) of 512, written log 512 equals 9. logarithms are used in the quantitative definiiion of information and are fundamental to the algebraic properties which information theory codifies. its base of 2 assures that function`s interpretation in terms of the number of binary decisions (->bits). decimal logarithms have a base of 10 and natural logarithms a base of 2.71828. logical ii?es

    3. In mathematics, the power to which a base must be raised to equal a given number. for example, for the base 10, the logarithm of 16 is (approximately) 1.2041 because 101.2041 equals (approximately) 16. both natural logarithms (to the base e, which is approximately 2.71828) and common logarithms (to the base 10) are used in programming. languages such as c and basic include functions for calculating natural logarithms.

    Liquid nitrogen freezing, английский