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Flammable vapors

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
    Gasoline and other common household products (like paint thinner) give off invisible flammable vapors that travel in the air and can be ignited in a number of ways…by an electrical spark, a lighted match, or the pilot flame or burner of a gas appliance.

Flammé, немецкий
    Stoff aus effektzwirnen, die langgezogene verdickungen aufweisen

Flamma, шведский

Flamma, латинский

Flamma (v.), шведский

Flamma [ae, f], латинский

Flammability, английский
    A material’s ability to burn or support combustion.

Flammable, английский
  1. Capable of being ignited and of burning.

  2. Воспламеняемый

  3. Воспламеняющийся

  4. Subject to easy ignition and rapid flaming combustion.

  5. Easily or spontaneously set on fire. this variant came into widespread use because the original term “inflammable” was all too frequently mistaken for non-flammable or fire-resistant.

Flammable liquid, английский
    Any liquid having a flash point below 140°f (60°c) and having an absolute vapor pressure not exceeding 40 lb per sq in. (2.8 kg per sq cm) absolute at 100°f (37.8°c). flanch, flaunch to widen and slant the top of a chimney stack so that water is directed away from the flue. flange 1. a projecting collar, edge, rib, rim, or ring on a pipe, shaft, or the like. 2. one of the principal longitudinal components of a beam or girder which resists tension or compression. flame resistant 412

Flammable substances, английский

Flammable vapor ignition resistant (fvir) gas water heaters, английский
    All 30, 40 and 50-gallon state standard-vent gas water heaters are now fvir design gas water heaters. they are equipped with an advanced system designed to help prevent the accidental ignition of flammable vapors from gasoline and other sources outside th

Flammable., английский

Flammae, латинский

Flammam concipere [io, cepi, ceptum], латинский

Flammare, латинский

Flammare [1], латинский

Flammarion, английский

Flammas concipere [io, cepi, ceptum], латинский

Flammas ore), латинский

Flamme olympique, французский

Flammeum, i, n, латинский

Electrical, английский

Gallon capacity, английский
    How much water does the tank store? enough storage is vital to provide abundant hot water during the first hour of peak demand. state gallon capacities range from 30 to 100 gallons on gas models, and from 2 to 119 gallons on electric models.

Utility water heaters, английский
    Gas or electric water heaters with high energy factors, which may qualify for special energy-efficiency rebates offered by gas and electric utilities. state utility water heaters meet energy star home program recommendations and california title 24 requir