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Purge valve

Глоссарий по нефти и газу (англо-русский)

    Продувочный клапан, русский

    Air . purging 1. the process of voiding a pipe of fuel gas and replacing it with air. 2. the process of replacing the air in a gas pipeline with fuel gas. purlin, purline a piece of timber laid horizontally on the principal rafters of a roof to support th, английский

    Purge, французский

    Purge, английский
    1. To clean or clear, such as eliminating inactive records from court files; with r

    2. Продувка

    3. To evacuate air or gas from a duct line, pipeline, container, space, or furnace; e.g., to blow out gas from a refrigerant-containing vessel.

    4. Продувка; выпуск воздуха, деаэрация; дегазация; очистка

    5. In exhaust emissions testing, to remove residual gases from test equipment, purge cock (uk

    Purge acide, французский

    Purge air, английский
      Airusedtocleanthe electrode in flat spray nozzles and the baffle plate in baffle-plate nozzles

    Purge device, английский
    1. A device which removes air and water vapor from the refrigerant inside a chiller.

    2. A device, which removes air and water vapor from the refrigerant inside a chiller.

    Purge panel, английский
      Щиток продувки

    Purged gas, английский
      Гаэ продувки

    Purged/pressurized, английский

    Purger, французский

    Purger/ executer, французский

    Purgeur automatique du condensat, французский

    Valve, английский
    1. Vanne /soupape

    2. A device that regulates the flow of water.

    3. A device which controls fluid flow direction, pressure, or flow rate.

    4. Клапан

    5. Válvula

    6. A device which regulates or closes off the flow of a fluid.

    7. An automatic which permits liquid to flow in only one direction. also

    8. A flap which opens and closes to allow liquid to pass in one direction only, e.g. in the heart, blood vessels or lymphatic vessels

    9. Вентиль

    10. A tap-like device for controlling the passage of gas or fluid through a pipe.

    11. Any contrivance inserted in a pipe or tube containing a lid, cover, ball, or slide that can be opened or closed to control the flow or supply of liquids, gases, or other shifting material through a passage.

    12. Клапан; вентиль, задвижка, шибер

    13. Гидроагрегат распределитель, клапан и т.п.

    14. Used as a safety device to control flow within a line by opening or shutting a line completely.

    Valve, английский

    Valve, английский

    Valve, английский

    Valve, английский

    Valve, английский

    Valve amplifier, английский

    Valve bag, английский
      A paper bag for cement, or the like, which is completely closed except for a self-sealing paper valve through which the contents are introduced.

    Valve bag, русский

    Sakhalin ii project, английский

    Продувка оборудования платформы, русский