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Material certificate

Глоссарий по нефти и газу (англо-русский)

    Сертификат на материалы, русский

    Certificate, английский
    1. Сертификат (напр, летной годности)

    2. Сертификат

    3. Справка; свидетельство

    4. An official paper which states something

    5. A voucher or written testimony to the truth of any statement. an attestation of servitude, signed by the captain, is given with all discharges of men in the navy.

    6. Аттестат; паспорт; сертификат

    7. Сертификат (документ, удостоверяющий качество изделия, элемента конструкции), удостоверение, свидетельство; акт; аттестат; диплом о - for payment акт приёмки выполненных работ, дающий право на их оплату (представляется архитектором заказчику) "~ of approval свидетельство о качестве, сертификат качества (удостоверяющий соответствие материала или конструкции установленным требованиям) ~ of compliance сертификат соответствия поставщика, аттестат поставщика ~ of conformance [of conformity] сертификат соответствия (продукции требованиям, напр, стандартов) ~ of occupancy акт приёмки здания в эксплуатацию

    8. A digital document that is commonly used for authentication and to help secure information on a network. a certificate binds a public key to an entity that holds the corresponding private key. certificates are digitally signed by the certification authority that issues them, and they can be issued for a user, a computer, or a service.

    9. Digital representation of user or device attributes, including a public key, that is signed with an authoritative private key.

    Certificate, английский

    Certificate authentication, английский
      A form of iis authentication in which iis accepts clientcertificates used to prove the client’s identity. using this form of authentication, iis can optionally map a client certificate to a windows user account by using an internal mapping table or active directory.

    Certificate authority, английский

    Certificate authority certification authority, английский

    Certificate chain, английский
      A sequence of certificates, where each certificate in the sequence is signed by the subsequent certificate. the last certificate in the chain is normally a selfsigned certificate.

    Certificate chaining, английский
      A process that builds one or more certificate paths. the certificate paths may or may not trace up to a self-signed or root certificate.

    Certificate dispute form, английский
      This is the form you use if you are unhappy about the content of a dbs certificate.

    Certificate enrollment, английский
      The process of requesting, receiving, and installing a certificate.

    Certificate enrollment policy, английский
      A set of rules governing certificate enrollment.

    Certificate enrollment policy web service, английский
      A role service within the ad cs server role that enables users and computers to obtain certificate enrollment policy information even when the computer is not a member of a domain or if a domain-joined computer is temporarily outside the security boundary of the corporate network.

    Certificate enrollment request, английский
      The initial phase of the certificate enrollment process, in which the client submits his request for a certificate to the certification authority (ca) in a special format that includes the identity of the user requesting the certificate and all the necessary information needed by the ca to approve or reject the request.

    Certificate enrollment web service, английский
      A role service within the ad cs server role that enables users and computers to enroll for and renew certificates even when the computer is not a member of a domain or if a domain-joined computer is temporarily outside the security boundary of the computer network.

    Certificate for payment, английский
      A statement from the architect to the owner confirming the amount of money due the contractor for work accomplished or materials and equipment suitably stored, or both.

    Certificate issuance, английский
      The process of generating, issuing and publishing certificates, typically in accordance with the applicable certificate issuance policy.

    Certificate issuance policy, английский
      A set of rules that defines all the security-relevant requirements (such as key management and authentication levels) that must be met when certificates are issued to users.

    Certificate issuer, английский
      The certification authority which issued the certificate to the subject.

    Certificate issuing, английский
      Выдача сертификата

    Certificate lifecycle manager client, английский
      A suite of certificate lifecycle manager (clm) client tools that assist end users with managing their smart cards. the tools include the smart card self service control, the smart card personalization control, and the certificate profile update control. see smart card self-service control, smart card personalization control, certificate profile update control.

    Certificate manager, английский
      A certificate lifecycle manager (clm) user that has the appropriate clm permissions to either administer other clm users or to administer the clm application itself.

    Certificate manager web portal, английский
      A web application running on the certificate lifecycle manager (clm) server. this portal allows certificate administrators to administer other users’ certificates and smart cards. the certificate subscriber and certificate manager web portals are both accessed through the same universal resource locator (url); however, the content displayed is based on a user’s roles and permissions.

    Сертификат на материалы, русский

    Сертификат на источник питания, русский