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Kraft board

Printing Glossary
    Coated natural kraft (cnk) provides the best combination of product protection and brand impression. carefully engineered from hardworking natural and recyled fibres, kraft board provides high levels of elasticity and high tear resistance and can meet high demands of strength and durability.

Крафт-картон, русский

Board, английский
  1. 1. a piece of sawn, hewn, or dressed timber of greater width than thickness. usually 19 mm to 38 mm thick and 75 mm or more wide.

  2. Панель, пульт; щит; борт; комитет

  3. 1. to step onto, climb onto, or otherwise enter a vessel.

  4. Lumber that is less than 38 mm standard (2 in

  5. A composite ; a core whose core is made up of strips of wood, either laid separately or glued together; veneer is glued to both faces of the core strips with its grain at right angles to that in the strips.

  6. A horizontal on a windowsill, fitted against the bottom rail of the lower sash and between the sash frame stiles; forms a base on which the casing rests; usually of wood, but may be of metal or other facing material.

  7. Rigid or semirigid thermal insulation having a thickness small in comparison to other dimensions; density usually about 4 to 16 lb per cu ft (64 to 256 kg per cu m); low structural strength.

  8. Борт; доска, шверт; садиться в лодку

  9. Certain offices under the control of the executive government, where the business of any particular department is carried on: as the board of admiralty, the navy board, board of ordnance, india board, board of trade, &c. also, timber sawn to a less thickness than plank: all broad stuff of under 1-1/2 inch in thickness. (see plank.) also, the space comprehended between any two places when the ship changes her course by tacking; or, it is the line over which she runs between tack and tack when working to windward, or sailing against the direction of the wind.—to make a good board. to sail in a straight line when close-hauled, without deviating to leeward.—to make short boards, is to tack frequently before the ship has run any great length of way.—to make a stern board, is when by a current, or any other accident, the vessel comes head to wind, the helm is shifted, and she has fallen back on the opposite tack, losing what she had gained, instead of having advanced beyond it. to make a stern board is frequently a very critical as well as seamanlike operation, as in very close channels. the vessel is allowed to run up into the wind until she has shot up to the weather danger; the helm is then shifted, and with all aback forward, she falls short off on the opposite tack. such is also achieved at anchor in club-hauling (which see).—to board a ship, is to enter her in a hostile manner in order to take forcible possession of her, either from the attacking ship or by armed boats. the word board has various other applications among seamen:—to go aboard signifies to go into the ship.—to slip by the board, is to slip down a ship`s side.—to board it up, is to beat up, sometimes on one tack and sometimes

  10. [1] in general, the side of a hull. [2] specifically, the uppermost plank of a bulwark. [3] to enter or go on board a vessel; whether by invitation, by armed force, or for inspection (e.g., by customs).

  11. Канадский правительственный совет по разработке технических условий (на строительство) снам chamfer скос кромки, фаска

  12. Управление профобучения в строительстве

  13. Also known as `mixing console`, a large unit having additional functions such as tone control, equalization, pan pots, channel assigns, monitoring sends, and control of signals sent to external signal processors.

  14. The agile task board in visual studio 2012’s team web access that enables the user to track team’s progress in real-time.

  15. Правление

  16. Slang for a signal.

Board, английский

Board (management), английский
    Совет (директоров, наблюдателей) (руководство)

Board (to), английский

Board a plane (to), английский

Board a vessel, английский

Board and board, английский
    Alongside, as when two ships touch each other.

Board and brace, английский
    A type of carpentry work consisting of boards which are grooved along both edges and have thinner boards fitted between them.

Board approval, английский
    Утверждение (крупной сделки) правлением компании

Board approval fee, английский
    Комиссия за утверждение советом директоров (кредита,

Board approved operation, английский
    Операция, одобренная советом директоров

Board band dialup, английский

Board broker, английский
  1. Брокер, служащий биржи - служащий опционной биржи, выполняющий приказы с ценами, которые далеки от текущего уровня и не могут быть немедленно исполнены;

  2. Employee of the chicago board options exchange who manages away from the market orders, which cannot be executed immediately.

Board butt joint, английский
    In shotcrete construction, a joint which is formed by sloping the gunned surface to meet a board laid flat.

Board coal, английский

Board density, английский
    Плотность компоновки; плотность расположения элементов на плате

Board emulator, английский
    Эмулятор на плате

Board false plate, английский
    A board atop a wall plate that carries and distributes the load imposed on it by structural members supporting the roof.

Board fence, английский
    A fence constructed of boards that are spaced horizontally and fastened to square lumber posts; widely used in the past, but now usually found only in upscale rural communities because of its relatively high cost.

Board fence. plank frame 1. any framework consisting only of nailed planks. 2. a frame construction consisting of girts, plates, posts, and sills as bearing members and heavy planks as nonbearing partitions and walls. plank-frame house a type of 17th-cent, английский

Board foot, английский
  1. Unit of measurement represented by a 12- by 12- by 1-inch board (22).

  2. A unit of measure for lumber equal to 1 inch thick by 12 inches wide by 12 inches long. examples: 1" x 12" x 16' = 16 board feet, 2" x 12" x 16' = 32 board feet

  3. A unit of measurement of lumber represented by a board 12 in

  4. A unit of cubic content used in measuring lumber; equal in volume to an area of 1 square foot having a thickness of 1 inch. board house 1. a house of board-and-batten construction, board-on-board construction, or the like. 2. a timber-framed one-room cottage, sheathed with vertical cypress boards, in florida during the late 16th century when it was a spanish colony; had battened doors, a dirt floor, and a gable roof of thatched palm leaves with a hole board and batten

Combination, английский
  1. Комбинация, сочетание

  2. Комбинация, сочетание сомсм communications counter- measures меры противодействия радиосвязи противника 163

  3. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения).

  4. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения)

  5. Отношение

  6. N сочетание word ~ словосочетание

  7. Комбинация; соединение; сочетание; объединение; набор; система

  8. Сочетание; соединение; комбинация; смешение; состав ~ of errors сумма ошибок load ~ сочетание нафузок

  9. Series of two or more fences within 39 feet 4 inches of each other that must be taken as a pair, an in-and-out.

  10. Applies to derivative products. arrangement of options involving two long or two short positions with different expiration dates or strike (exercise) prices. see: straddle.

  11. Мотоцикл с прицепной коляской

  12. Vehicle consisting or two or more separable units, of which each part need not be independently mobile, for example a motorcycle and side

Protection, английский
  1. Охрана; защита см. coverage

  2. Охрана; защита

  3. 1. the act of keeping a person or thing safe from harm 2. something which protects  children are vaccinated as a protection against disease. protection of children act 1999 protection of children act 1999 /pr? tek??n ?v t??ldr?n kt/

  4. Protección

  5. Предохранение

  6. Formerly, a certificate giving exemption from impressment.

  7. Защита; средства защиты

  8. Защита; защитные меры о ~

  9. Process of setting equipment or anchors for safety.

  10. A tab within the exchange administration center (eac) that contains anti-virus/anti spam, and data loss protection.

  11. The process of protecting data from loss or corruption by centrally creating and maintaining replicas and shadow copies of the data. dpm is designed to provide short-term disk-based backup, to support rapid and reliable recovery of data.

  12. In a specialised sense, used for the rules governing the protection given to a train which stops in an unusual location or becomes derailed, to stop another train hitting it.

Impression, английский
  1. 1. a mould of a person’s jaw made by a dentist before making a denture 2. a depression on an organ or structure into which another organ or structure fits  cardiac impression 1. concave area near the centre of the upper surface of the liver under the heart 2. depression on the mediastinal part of the lungs where they touch the pericardium

  2. The effect produced upon any ship, place, or body of troops, by a hostile attack.

  3. An ad that is served to a user’s screen either as a pushed (sent by e-mail) or pulled ad (requested by a user’s browser). this includes measurement of responses from an ad delivery system to a user’s browser.

  4. An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a web site visitor. requests are generated by events on the site, such as a request for a particular page or the purchase of a specific item. the ad used to fulfill the request is determined by the need of delivery.

Elasticity, английский
  1. Usually used to explain consumer demand in response to changes in prices. demand for basic goods such as bread is thought to be inelastic since the amount of bread bought changes little with price. if the price goes up, people have little choice but to pay it, but if it goes down they are unlikely to eat more bread. by comparison, luxury goods are price elastic. if the price of chauffeur-driven trips to work becomes too expensive, executives may switch to black cabs, or even the train.

  2. Упругость

  3. The property of a body that causes it to tend to return to its original shape after deformation (as stretching, compression, or torsion).

  4. The ability to expand and be compressed and to return to the former shape

  5. Способность к быстрой адаптации

  6. Упругость, эластичность bulk ~ объёмная упругость

  7. The ability of a strained material to recover its original size and shape immediately after removal of the stress that causes deformation.

  8. Responsiveness; the degree to which one variable (e.g., quantity demanded) is responsive to a change in another (e.g., price).

  9. The capability of a material to regain its original shape or

  10. Эластичность (цен, спроса, предложения)

  11. That property of a material by virtue of which it tends to recover its original size and shape after deformation. electrical noise

  12. Ability of a material to resume its former shape after deformation.

  13. Ability of a material to resume its former shape after deformation.1

  14. Ability of a material to regain its former shape after removal of applied stress. see also ductility.

Resistance, английский
  1. Property of a conductor that opposed the current flow produced by a given difference of potential. the ohm is the practical unit of resistance.

  2. Уровень сопротивления - уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению;

  3. Сопротивление (параметр)

  4. Сопротивление

  5. Сопротивление, т. е. уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению.

  6. 1. the ability of a person not to get a disease 2. the ability of bacteria or a virus to remain unaffected by a drug  the bacteria have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics. 3. opposition to a force

  7. Resistencia

  8. Устойчивость; резистентность resource for child health (reach)

  9. Устойчивость; резистентность

  10. The property of opposing movement, for example [1] electrical conductors offer resistance to the flow of electricity and dissipate some of its energy, usually as heat. [2] water resists the movement of vessels or other objects by parasitic drag, consuming some of the power available to drive the vessel forward.

  11. Imperviousness of the coating to mechanical, chemi­cal, physical or weather influences

  12. Capacity of a member or component, or a cross-section of a member or component of a structure, to withstand actions without mechanical failure e.g. bending resistance, buckling resistance, tension resistance

  13. A material’s ability to restrict the flow of electrical current through itself. measured in ohms.

  14. The opposition of a circuit to the flow of current . resistance is measured in ohms, and can be calculated by dividing the voltage by current.

  15. The ability to impede (resist) the flow of electric current. with the exception of superconductors, all substances have a greater or lesser degree of resistance. substances with very low resistance, such as metals, conduct electricity well and are called conductors. substances with very high resistance, such as glass and rubber, conduct electricity poorly and are called nonconductors or insulators.

  16. An effective upper bound on prices achieved because of many willing sellers at that price level.

  17. Capacity of a component, or cross section of a component of a structure to

  18. The opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor or circuit that does not include inductive or capacitive elements. it can be expressed as the ratio of the applied voltage to the current.

  19. Resistance is the opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor. its unit is the ohm.

Durability, английский
  1. 1. the natural resistance of timber to biodeterioration due to fungi, insects and mechanical break down caused by weathering, checking and splitting.

  2. A general term for permanence or resistance to deterioration

  3. Долговечность

  4. Надежность; долговечность; живучесть; жизнестойкость; устойчивость к внешним факторам

  5. A diamond’s ability to resist wear, based on its toughness, stability, and hardness.

  6. Долговечность, стойкость ~ of building materials долговечность строительных материалов

  7. The ability of a transaction to persist, even during system failure.

  8. A relative term for the resistance of a material to loss of physical properties or appearance as a result of wear or dynamic operation.

  9. The resistance of a rock against slaking or disintegration when

Leading edge / copy position, английский
    Copy position of the label text as it is being dispensed on the customer’s line

Gripper bar, английский
  1. A device on a printing or cutting machine for holding and transferring the sheet during the printing or finishing process.

  2. A handle (often, a tall, thin rectangle) that appears on a rebar or command band. by touching and dragging a gripper bar with a stylus or mouse, a user can reposition or resize a rebar or command band. groom (v)