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Patent agent

Англо-русские патентные термины
  1. (брит.) патентный поверенный

  2. (брит.) патентный поверенный |5. patent application заявка на патент

  3. Ackermann. it was originally introduced to prevent capsizing of horse drawn vehicles when turning sharply. see also jeantaud steering,

Agent, английский
  1. The decision-maker in a principal-agent relationship.

  2. Someone who has authority to act for another

  3. Агент

  4. Агент; реагент; компонент

  5. Хозяйственная единица; агент (в снс), см. transactor; economic unit; activity unit

  6. See knowbot.

  7. 1. a chemical substance which makes another substance react 2. a substance or organism which causes a disease or condition 3. a person who acts as a representative of another person or carries out some kinds of work on his or her behalf

  8. One who is empowered to enter into binding transactions on behalf of another (usually called the principal).

  9. N агенс4 (см. тж. patient) noun, suffix

  10. In physics, expresses that by which a thing is done or effected.—navy agent is a deputy employed to pass accounts, transact business, and receive pay or other monies, in behoof of the officers and crew, and to apply the proceeds as directed by them.— agent victuallers, officers appointed to the charge of provisions at our foreign ports and stations, to contract for, buy, and regulate, under the authority of the commissioners of the navy. (see negligence.)—prize agent, one appointed for the sale of prizes, and nominated in equal numbers by the commander, the officers, and the ship`s company.

  11. The mom/sce component installed on computers to perform management tasks on those computers. the agent communicates with the sce management server, sending data from the managed computers to the management server and downloading data from the management server to the managed computer. agent (n)

  12. Independent acting sections of code and data that represent active interacting pieces of a model or system.

  13. Сущность, которая воспринимает свое окружение и предпринимает действия, увеличивающие его шансы на успешное достижение своих целей.

  14. A party appointed to act on behalf of a principal entity or person. in context of project financing, refers to the bank in charge of administering the project financing.

  15. One who is not an attorney but may act for or in place of a patent applicant(s) before the u.s. patent and trademark office (uspto).

  16. A person authorized to act for and under the direction of another person when dealing with third parties. the person who appoints an agent is called the principal. an agent can enter into binding agreements on the principal’s behalf and may even create liability for the principal if the agent causes harm while carrying out his or her duties. see also attorney-in-fact.

  17. Агент, представитель, посредник

Agent, английский

Agent, английский

Agent, английский

Agent (causative), английский
    Возбудитель болезни этиологический агент (патоген), вызывающий инфекционный процесс (заболевание или носительство).

Agent (insurance), английский
    An employee who sells the products owned by the company, in contrast to a broker, who sells the insurance products of several companies. see broker.

Agent (of disease), английский

Agent (агент), русский
    Любое физическое или юридическое лицо, которое наделено правом выступать представителем другого лица.

Agent aerateur, французский

Agent bank, английский

Agent based modeling, английский
    A method of simulating the real world in which individual agents interact with their environment and each other to simulate real world behaviors and conditions. netlogo is good at agent based modeling.

Agent character, английский
    An interactive animated character who guides users through windows welcome. the character interacts with the user in ways similar to the natural aspects of human social communication. characters can respond by using synthesized speech, recorded audio, or text in a cartoon word balloon.

Agent commissionnaire en douane, французский

Agent coordinator, английский
    The service that manages installation and uninstallation of the dpm protection agent.

Agent de liaison, французский
    "1 - membre du commandement des services de secours responsable de la coordination avec les représentants de l’exploitant d`un tunnel et les autres services ou organismes de secours.

Agent de liaison, голландский
    "1 - membre du commandement des services de secours responsable de la coordination avec les représentants de l’exploitant d`un tunnel et les autres services ou organismes de secours.

Agent de maintenance, французский
    Agent d`un exploitant de tunnel chargé de tâches et de travaux spécifiques au sein de l’équipe de maintenance du tunnel.

Agent desktop, английский
    The compiled version of the unified service desk that represents the agent’s workspace from which they perform their job functions.

Agent d`echanges thermiques, французский

Agent fee, английский
    Плата за агентские услуги

Agent for service of process, английский
    Агент для получения процессуальных документов

Поверенный, русский
  1. Поверенный , агент, доверенное лицо, посредник , присяжный поверенный, частный поверенный

  2. Сторона в договоре поручения. в обязанности поверенного

  3. , сторона договора поручения. полномочия поверенного удостоверяются доверенностью.

Application, английский
  1. Оределенный метод передачи данных или протокол, обеспечивающий взаимодействие терминалов в сети.

  2. Приложение. прикладная программа или команда.

  3. Применение, использование; подача (напряжения); приложение (усилия); введение в действие; отклонение (рулей)

  4. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца) 10

  5. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, свидетельства о регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца)

  6. The use of a technology to achieve a specific objective.

  7. Заявление

  8. 1. the process of putting a medication or bandage on a body part  two applications of the lotion should be made each day. 2. the process of asking officially for something, usually in writing  if you are applying for the job, you must fill in an application form.

  9. A word of extensive use, for the principles of adjusting, augmenting, and perfecting the relations between sciences.

  10. И infrastructure service provision аренда программных продуктов и инфраструктуры (на основе ежемесячных платежей) с доступом к приложениям через интернет или vpn

  11. Process ofapplyinga powder coat ing to the workpiece by means of coat ing equipment; can be automated or manual

  12. A collection of web-based lists, libraries, calendars, and other pages you use to share information and manage an area of your business, such as your projects, documents, and company information.

  13. A commerce server application is a logical representation of an application in microsoft internet information services (iis); it appears in both commerce server manager and the iis console trees. in the iis console tree an application is either at the root directory level of the web site or at a subdirectory level of the web site.

  14. A document that records the profile of the applicant.

  15. A set of instructions that a computer or device uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management.

  16. A web application that consists of a group of tightly related components such as asp.net web pages, wcf web services, and workflows that run in a .net application domain. an application is a unit of deployment, configuration, and management.

  17. The container for your company’s performancepoint planning business model definitions, predefined and user-defined dimensions, the mappings that connect these business model definitions with your company’s data source, and other performancepoint planning metadata like views, permissions, and process scheduling information.

  18. A runnable program that provides some service.

  19. Request for patent protection for an invention filed with the epo or other patent office.

  20. An initial statement of personal and financial information, which is required to approve your loan.

Originally, английский

Patent solicitor, английский
  1. (брит.) патентный поверенный

  2. (брит.) патентный поверенный {5. patent specification описание изобретения (к патенту) 6fi. patent statistics патентная статистика

Record branch, английский
    (брит.) отдел регистрации заявок на патенты