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Acetylsalicylic acid

Глоссарий медицинских терминов

Asa, английский
  1. Aspirin

  2. Acoustical society of america

  3. American standards association

  4. Abort sensor assembly

  5. Advanced strike aircraft

  6. Air

  7. Army satcom agency

  8. American standards assn.

  9. The american standards association (now called the american national standards institute, ansi) defined the asa system for rating the speed sensitivity of photographic emulsions; now superseded by the iso system.

  10. Automatic spectral analyzer

  11. An abbreviation of the american standards association, asa is the term used to describe the light-sensitivity levels of film and camera imaging sensors. also see iso.

  12. Acetylsalicylic acid

Acid, английский
  1. Acide

  2. Кислота

  3. In a restricted sense, any substance containing hydrogen in combination with a nonmetal or nonmetallic radical and capable of producing hydrogen ions in solution.

  4. A substance which, when dissolved in water, forms a solution, with a ph of less than

  5. Acido

  6. A chemical compound containing hydrogen, which reacts with an alkali to form a salt and water

Acid, английский

Acid, английский

Acid attack, английский

Acid coagulation, английский

Acid coating, английский

Acid copper, английский

Acid core solder, английский

Acid dew point, английский

Acid diethylamide lyse, английский
    A powerful hallucinogenic drug which can cause psychosis. abbr lsd

Acid drift, английский

Acid dye, английский

Acid extruder, английский

Acid fermentation of sludge, английский

Acid fus, английский
    An antibiotic used to prevent protein synthesis

Acid gas enrichment, английский

Acid gas incineration, английский

Acid gas removal, английский

Acid lead, английский
    Fully refined lead to which a small amount of copper has been added; 99.9% pure.

Acid lino, английский
  1. One of the essential fatty acids, found in grains and seeds

  2. One of the essential fatty acids, found in linseed and other natural oils

Ear ossicle, английский
    Auditory ossicles

Disease hook, английский