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24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Server (computer)

Глоссарий по правам человека (словарь иммигранта)
    Сервер (компьютер)

Сервер (компьютер), русский
    Server (computer)

Сервер, русский
  1. Высокопроизводительный компьютер, на котором установлены сетевая операционная система (novell netware, windows nt, ос семейства unix: solaris, linux и т.д.), а также программное обеспечение и/или базы данных общего пользования.

  2. Программный продукт metatrader server 4xx посредством которого осуществляется обработка клиентских распоряжений и запросов предоставление клиенту информации о торгах на финансовых рынках в режиме реального времени в объеме определенном straighthold invest

Serv, английский

Serva, итальянский

Serva [ae, f], латинский

Servae, латинский

Servais, английский

Servant, английский

Servant distance, английский

Servare, латинский

Servare effugium in futurum, латинский

Servare effugium in futurum), латинский

Servare [1], латинский

Servare [1] (ordinem, латинский

Servare [1] (reos custodia, латинский

Servare [1] (sidera, латинский

Servare, 1 (aliquem ex periculo), латинский

Servator [oris, m] salutis, латинский

Servclg, английский
    Service ceiling

Serve, английский
  1. Any helical wrapping applied over a wire or cable core. it may consist of wires, fibers, yarns or tapes.

  2. [1] to provide artillery with ammunition. [2] to tightly bind with continuous rounds of small stuff to protect a cable or standing rigging from chafing. the final step in the sequence “worm, parcel, and serve” (see also serving). [3] to carry out duties (especially in a nation’s armed services). serve one’s time: refers to undergoing a period of probation or apprenticeship, including the slow path to commissioned rank in the sailing ship navy. typically a youth would embark as a captain’s servant, supernumerary to the ship’s complement. after about three years, he would be rated midshipman and taken on the books, but it required another three years of sea service to be eligible to sit for the lieutenant’s examination. even if this were passed at the first attempt, he would have to continue serving his time until a vacancy appeared.

Serve (v), английский

Serve a sentence, испанский
    The act of spending an allotted amount of time in a designated location such as a prison as punishment for the crime committed

Serve the sentence, английский

Сервер (компьютер), русский
    Server (computer)

Семилетнее ограничение, русский
    Seven-year limit