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Bevel edger

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A machine by which an uncut lens is given a bevel on its edge by a special lens grinding wheel. bi-centric grinding (slab off) – the process of grinding base up prism to correct vertical imbalance.

Bevel, английский
  1. Any angle not at 90 degrees. also, a tool for marking such an angle.

  2. Скос, фаска

  3. The shaping of the edge around the periphery of a lens necessary to hold the lens within the groove of a specific frame.

  4. An instrument by which bevelling angles are taken. also a sloped surface.

Bevel angle, английский
    In welding, the angle which is formed between the prepared edge of a member and a plane perpendicular to the surface of the member.

Bevel board, английский
  1. Наклонный стол управления

  2. A board cut to any required bevel; used in framing a roof, stairway, or other angular wood construction.

Bevel chisel, английский
    A chisel for cutting wood, having its cutting edge at an angle to the sides.

Bevel collar, английский

Bevel cut, английский
    Any cut not at right angles.

Bevel gear, английский
    A straight-toothed gear with the teeth cut on sloping faces and the gear shafts at an angle (normally a right angle)

Bevel group, английский
    Группа со скосом

Bevel jack, английский
    A device for holding wood moldings in cutting a miter.

Bevel joint, английский
    In carpentry, a joint in which two pieces meet at other than a right angle.

Bevel protractor, английский
    A graduated semicircular protractor having a pivoted arm; used for measuring or marking off angles.

Bevel router bits, английский
    See chamfer router bits.

Bevel siding, английский

Bevel square, английский
    A carpenter’s tool, similar to a square but having a blade that can be adjusted to any angle. bezant bibcock bevel protractor setting a bevel square bezel, basil the bevel or sloping edge of a cutting tool, as an ax or chisel. bfp abbr. for backflow preventer. bh abbr. for brinell hardness. bhn abbr. for brinell hardness number.

Bevel square., английский

Bevel square. tc on drawings, abbr. for terra-cotta., английский

Bevel-free weld, английский

Bevel., английский

Beveled, английский

Beveled closer, английский

Biconcave, английский
    A lens style where both front and back surfaces are minus (concave).

Baume gauge, английский
    Used to check the specific gravity of a polishing solution.