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Cooking oil

Словарь медицинских терминов (англо-испанский)

    Aceite de cocinar, испанский

    Cook, английский
    1. A man of each mess who is caterer for the day, and answerable too, wherefore he is allowed the surplus grog, termed plush (which see). the cook, par excellence, in the navy, was a man of importance, responsible for the proper cooking of the food, yet not overboiling the meat to extract the fat—his perquisite. the coppers were closely inspected daily by the captain, and if they soiled a cambric handkerchief the cook`s allowance was stopped. now, the ship`s cook is a first-class petty officer, and cannot be punished as heretofore. in a merchantman the cook is, ex officio, the hero of the fore-sheet, as the steward is of the main one.

    2. This is one of the oldest naval rates, having been created in the 11th century as one of four nonmilitary standing warrant officers appointed to serve in warships provided and crewed by the cinque ports. originally an appointee required previous experience in food preparation ashore, but the post gradually diminished in importance until, by the eighteenth century, it had become a sinecure for superannuated, wounded, or disabled seamen, appointed as a reward for faithful service without regard for culinary ability. for a while, the crews suffered accordingly but, during the napoleonic wars, it became obvious that a warship’s combat capability depended on the proper nutrition of its ship’s company, so cooks gradually became professionals again. in modern navies, senior cook-stewards at the chief petty or warrant officer level are culinary specialists, expected to meet the highest of hotel and restaurant standards in supervising all aspects of onboard food service. cook-off: usn term for the unwanted explosion of a projectile due to excessive heat build-up in a gun barrel.

    Cook and baker (chief cook), английский
      Cooks and bakes.

    Cook house, английский

    Cook inlet, английский

    Cook islands, английский
      English (official), maori

    Cook islands dept. of survey, английский

    Cooköarna, шведский

    Cook-in-pouch, английский

    Cook-norteman process, английский
      Процесс кука-нортемана (процесс непрерывного электролитического цинкования стальной полосы)

    Cooked, английский

    Cooked glue, английский
      Glue requiring heating before use.

    Cooked mode, английский
      Режим с обработкой

    Cooked sausage, английский

    Cookeit, английский

    Cooker, английский
      Кухонная плита gas ~ газовая плита

    Cookery, английский

    Cookhouse, английский
      Летняя кухня

    Cookie, английский
      Небольшой объём информации, которую на вашем компьютере хранит интернет-страница, которую вы посетили. данная информация «напомнит» интернет-странице о вас, когда вы посетите её в следующий раз.

    Cookie, английский

    Cookie, cucoloris, cucaloris, английский
      A device almost as strange as its names. placed in front of a hard light, it throws realistic or abstract shadows, or dappled light, on bland walls or areas of the scene.

    Cookies, английский
      Идентификационные файлы, сохраняемые на клиентской системе; cookie-файлы; специальные маркеры интернета

    Aceite de cocinar, испанский

    Galleta fdulce), испанский