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Material alteration

Глоссарий терминологии регистрации патента
    Amending the drawing of a trademark to the point that it no longer creates the impression of being essentially the same as the trademark in your initial application or registration. amendments that materially alter the trademark aren`t allowed at any point after the application is submitted.

Alteratio, английский

Alteration, шведский

Alteration, английский
  1. Изменение; перестройка

  2. См. alternative embodiment

  3. Construction in a building which may change the structural parts, mechanical equipment, or location of openings, but does not increase the overall area of dimensions of the building. alterations 1. a construction project (or portion of a project) comprising revisions within or to prescribed elements of an existing structure, as distinct from additions to an existing structure. 2. remodeling.

  4. Change of the mineralogical composition of a rock, typically brought

  5. A coping strategy in whereby speakers will simply alter the message if their language resources do not allow them to express the original idea.

Alteration, французский

Alteration dispute resolution (adr), английский
    Methods of resolving disputes without official court proceedings. these methods include mediation and arbitration

Alteration of a bill, английский
    Изменение векселя - изменение определенных реквизитов векселя, включая дату, сумму, срок платежа;

Alteration of program, английский
    Преобразование программы; изменение программы

Alteration of program segments, английский
    Преобразование сегментов программы

Alteration program, английский
    Программа преобразования

Alteration, forgery by, английский
    Adding, erasing, or changing a document with the specific intent to cause it to appear different from what it originally was intended to be to cheat another person

Alteration, unlawful~, английский

Alteration., английский

Alterations., английский

Material, английский
  1. Materiau;matière

  2. Mat.

  3. Mtl

  4. Материал

  5. Military equipages of all descriptions for the naval services. the bombs, blankets, beans and bulletins of the navy and marine corps. taken from nelson`s british navy as the u.s. services became professional. related: materiel – the military equipages of the army and air force, taken from napoleon`s french army as the u.s. services became professional.

  6. 1. matter which can be used to make something 2. cloth  the wound should be covered with gauze or other light material. 3. all that is necessary in surgery

  7. N материал | a материаль- ный analogy writing ~ материал для письма (кожа, перга- мент и проч. )

  8. A part’ of 3d content that provides texture to 3d geometries. combined with light

  9. Вещество, материал

Material, английский

Material, английский

Material, шведский

Material (adj), английский

Material adverse change, английский
    Существенное неблагоприятное изменение

Material adverse change (mac), английский

Material adverse effect, английский
    This is used as a qualifier to certain representations and undertakings as well as triggering the material adverse change event of default. this definition should be considered on a case by case basis and is frequently the subject of negotiation.

Impression, английский
  1. 1. a mould of a person’s jaw made by a dentist before making a denture 2. a depression on an organ or structure into which another organ or structure fits  cardiac impression 1. concave area near the centre of the upper surface of the liver under the heart 2. depression on the mediastinal part of the lungs where they touch the pericardium

  2. The effect produced upon any ship, place, or body of troops, by a hostile attack.

  3. An ad that is served to a user’s screen either as a pushed (sent by e-mail) or pulled ad (requested by a user’s browser). this includes measurement of responses from an ad delivery system to a user’s browser.

  4. An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a web site visitor. requests are generated by events on the site, such as a request for a particular page or the purchase of a specific item. the ad used to fulfill the request is determined by the need of delivery.

Essentially, английский
  1. По существу; главным образом см. substantially

  2. No существу; главным образом

Application, английский
  1. Оределенный метод передачи данных или протокол, обеспечивающий взаимодействие терминалов в сети.

  2. Приложение. прикладная программа или команда.

  3. Применение, использование; подача (напряжения); приложение (усилия); введение в действие; отклонение (рулей)

  4. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца) 10

  5. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, свидетельства о регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца)

  6. The use of a technology to achieve a specific objective.

  7. Заявление

  8. 1. the process of putting a medication or bandage on a body part  two applications of the lotion should be made each day. 2. the process of asking officially for something, usually in writing  if you are applying for the job, you must fill in an application form.

  9. A word of extensive use, for the principles of adjusting, augmenting, and perfecting the relations between sciences.

  10. И infrastructure service provision аренда программных продуктов и инфраструктуры (на основе ежемесячных платежей) с доступом к приложениям через интернет или vpn

  11. Process ofapplyinga powder coat ing to the workpiece by means of coat ing equipment; can be automated or manual

  12. A collection of web-based lists, libraries, calendars, and other pages you use to share information and manage an area of your business, such as your projects, documents, and company information.

  13. A commerce server application is a logical representation of an application in microsoft internet information services (iis); it appears in both commerce server manager and the iis console trees. in the iis console tree an application is either at the root directory level of the web site or at a subdirectory level of the web site.

  14. A document that records the profile of the applicant.

  15. A set of instructions that a computer or device uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management.

  16. A web application that consists of a group of tightly related components such as asp.net web pages, wcf web services, and workflows that run in a .net application domain. an application is a unit of deployment, configuration, and management.

  17. The container for your company’s performancepoint planning business model definitions, predefined and user-defined dimensions, the mappings that connect these business model definitions with your company’s data source, and other performancepoint planning metadata like views, permissions, and process scheduling information.

  18. A runnable program that provides some service.

  19. Request for patent protection for an invention filed with the epo or other patent office.

  20. An initial statement of personal and financial information, which is required to approve your loan.

Registration, английский
  1. The accuracy of relative position or concentricity of all functional patterns of

  2. Process by which an individual indicates their intent to attend a trade show.

  3. The act of registering  a doctor cannot practise without registration by the general medical council.

  4. Приводка

  5. Регистрация

  6. A procedure to configure self-service password reset for a user.

  7. The process in which a consumer enters information, such as an e-mail address, to acquire a license.

  8. Общее количество записанных; списочный состав поступивших в школы и т.п. reg – rem

Amendments, английский

Mere descriptiveness, английский
    The grounds for refusing to register a trademark because it merely describes some aspect of the goods or services without identifying or distinguishing the source of those goods or services.

Mask work, английский
    A series of related images, however fixed or encoded — (1) having or representing the predetermined, three-dimensional pattern of metallic, insulating, or semiconductor material present or removed from the layers of a semiconductor chip product; and (2) in which series the relation of the images to one another is that each image has the pattern of the surface of one form of the semiconductor chip product.