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Material (adj)

Глоссарий экономических терминов

    Cущественный, русский

    Существенный, русский
      Существенный , важный, главный

    Material, английский
    1. Materiau;matière

    2. Mat.

    3. Mtl

    4. Материал

    5. Military equipages of all descriptions for the naval services. the bombs, blankets, beans and bulletins of the navy and marine corps. taken from nelson`s british navy as the u.s. services became professional. related: materiel – the military equipages of the army and air force, taken from napoleon`s french army as the u.s. services became professional.

    6. 1. matter which can be used to make something 2. cloth  the wound should be covered with gauze or other light material. 3. all that is necessary in surgery

    7. N материал | a материаль- ный analogy writing ~ материал для письма (кожа, перга- мент и проч. )

    8. A part’ of 3d content that provides texture to 3d geometries. combined with light

    9. Вещество, материал

    Material, английский

    Material, английский

    Material, шведский

    Material adverse change, английский
      Существенное неблагоприятное изменение

    Material adverse change (mac), английский

    Material adverse effect, английский
      This is used as a qualifier to certain representations and undertakings as well as triggering the material adverse change event of default. this definition should be considered on a case by case basis and is frequently the subject of negotiation.

    Material adverse event (mae), английский

    Material allocation, английский
      Распределение материальных ресурсов

    Material alteration, английский
      Amending the drawing of a trademark to the point that it no longer creates the impression of being essentially the same as the trademark in your initial application or registration. amendments that materially alter the trademark aren`t allowed at any point after the application is submitted.

    Material amount, английский
      Значительная сумма

    Material and logistical assistance, английский

    Material and manufacturing stock and resources, английский

    Material antisonoro ., испанский

    Material assets, английский
      Материальные блага; материальные ценности; товаро-материальные ценности; реальное имущество см. tangible assets; physical assets; real assets

    Material balance, английский
    1. Материальный баланс; баланс производства, потребления и накопления общественного продукта

    2. A mathematical representation of material flow through a reaction system. the input material is accounted for throughout its various transformations.

    Material balances, английский

    Material capacity, английский

    Material certificate, английский

    Material cilíndrico para grabaciones ., испанский

    Cущественный, русский

    Соотнесение затрат и выручки, русский