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Net reserves

Англо-русский глоссарий по общей энергетике
    Извлекаемые запасы

Извлекаемые запасы, русский

Net, английский
  1. Сеть; сетка; чистый; располагаемый

  2. Network

  3. New equipment training

  4. Not earlier than

  5. New electronic titles (us gpo)

  6. Hemp, jute or nylon cord draped over the frame of the goal and extending behind it; also used to refer to the goal itself.

  7. Сетевой график см. network; network plan; network diagram

  8. The -sanctioned way to refer to the internet for the initiated.

  9. N сеть semantic ~ семантическая сеть neuro-linguistic a нейролингвистический programming neurolinguistics n нейролингвистика neurophysiology n нейрофизиология neuropsychologic(al) a мед. нейропсихологический

  10. In commerce, is the weight of a commodity alone, without the package.

  11. [1] a crisscross grid of rope or line used for fishing or to secure hammocks, sails, etc. [2] a heavy mesh screen, often suspended from floating booms, navy 218 placed across the entrance of a harbor for protection against hostile vessels, submarines, and torpedoes, or as and gear. [3] telecommunications links and nodes arranged so that messages may be passed from one part of the network to another. [4] slang for the internet. [5] the amount remaining after certain deductions or allowances have been made.

Net, английский

Net (network), английский

Net -, английский
    Сетчатый свод

Net acquisitions of financial assets, английский
    Чистые приобретения финансовых активов (в снс; стоимость приобретения финансовых активов за вычетом использования финансовых активов экономическими единицами — участниками сделок)

Net and coble, английский
    The means by which sasses or flood-gates are allowed in fishings on navigable rivers.

Net angle of attack; effective angle of attack, английский

Net annual growth, английский
    Increase in volume of trees during a specified year. components of net annual growth include the increment of net volume of trees at the beginning of the specified year that survive to the year s end, plus the net volume of trees reaching the minimum size

Net annual growth of growing stock, английский
  1. Annual change in volume of sound wood in live sawtimber and poletimber trees, plus total volume of sound wood in live sawtimber and poletimber trees, plus total volume of trees entering these classes through growth, minus volume losses resulting from natu

  2. Quality classes

Net annual growth of sawtimber, английский
  1. Annual change in volume of live sawtimber trees plus total volume of trees reaching sawtimber size, minus volume losses resulting from natural causes.

  2. Quality classes

Net asset value, английский

Net asset value (nav), английский
    The market value of a fund share, synonymous with a bid price. in the case of no-load funs, the nav, market price, and offering price are all the same figure, which the public pays to buy shares; load fund market or offer prices are quoted after adding th

Net asset value - nav (inrev), английский
    A vehicle’s gav less all liabilities as per the chosen valuation principles.

Net asset value - nav (rs), английский
    The nav is the fair value of real estate and all other assets less total liabilities. this is the amount reported in the gaap fair value based financial statements.

Net assets, английский
    Стоимость капитала за вычетом износа; остаточная стоимость средств, остаточная стоимость имущества; стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств, см. net worth

Net assets available for benefits, английский

Net balance, английский
    Прямой баланс; прямое сальдирование

Net birth rate, английский
    Чистый коэффициент рождаемости; очищенный коэффициент рождаемости

Net book value, английский
    Балансовая стоимость

Net borrowed reserves, английский

Net burden, английский
    Charge traversante

Извлекаемые запасы, русский

Гаэомазутный котел, русский