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Pigment epithelium

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    A layer of cells at the back of the retina containing pigment granules, i.e., a cloud of charged particles surrounding a laser impact.

Epithelium, английский
  1. The outer most layer of the cornea.

  2. The layer or layers of cells covering an organ, including the skin and the lining of all hollow cavities except blood vessels, lymphatics and serous cavities. compare endothelium, mesothelium comment: epithelium is classified according to the shape of the cells and the number of layers of cells which form it. the types of epithelium according to the number of layers are: simple epithelium (epithelium formed of a single layer of cells) and stratified epithelium (epithelium formed of several layers of cells). the main types of epithelial cells are: columnar epithelium (simple epithelium with long narrow cells, forming the lining of the intestines); ciliated epithelium (simple epithelium where the cells have little hairs, forming the lining of air passages); cuboidal epithelium (with cube-shaped cells, forming the lining of glands and intestines) and squamous epithelium or pavement epithelium (with flat cells like scales, forming the lining of the pericardium, peritoneum and pleura).

Epithelium strat, английский
    Epithelium formed of several layers of cells

Pigment, английский
  1. A powdered solid used in paint or enamel to give it a color.

  2. An insoluble colorant; as opposed to a dye which is soluble.

  3. 1. a substance which gives colour to part of the body such as blood, the skin or hair 2. (in pharmacy) a paint comment: the body contains several substances which control colour: melanin gives dark colour to the skin and hair; bilirubin gives yellow colour to bile and urine; haemoglobin in the blood gives the skin a pink colour; carotene can give a reddish-yellow colour to the skin if the patient eats too many tomatoes or carrots. some pigment cells can carry oxygen and are called ‘respiratory pigments’.

  4. Pigmento

  5. A which is produced by physical processing of materials mined directly from the earth. earth plate 1. an earth electrode in the form of a buried metal plate. 2. british term for buried plate electrode. earth pressure 1. the horizontal thrust which is exerted by retained earth. 2. the pressure exerted on a structure, such as a wall, by the earth which it retains.

  6. Пигмент; красящее вещество

  7. Material used to color the powder coating

Pigment, французский

Pigment figure, английский
    A pattern in wood consisting of variations in color rather than variations in grain; found in such woods as rosewood and zebrawood. pigment-to-binder ratio the ratio of the weight of pigment to the weight of binder in a paint, e.g., the number of pounds of pigment per 100 lb of binder.

Pigment print, английский

Pigment volume concentration, английский

Pigmentarius, a, um, латинский

Pigmentatio, английский

Pigmentatio, латинский

Pigmentation, английский
    The colouring of the body, especially that produced by deposits of pigment

Pigmented, английский
    Leather that has been sprayed with a pigmented, opaque finish. pull down (also called a "stretcher cloth"): a strip of cloth sewed to the bottom of the inside arms and inside back in areas that don`t show.

Pigmented epithelium, английский
    Coloured tissue at the back of the retina pih pih abbr pregnancy-induced hypertension

Pigmented water-based -, английский
    Пигментированная водяная эмульсия

Pigmentfärbung, немецкий
    Farbe wird auf die oberfläche des gewebes aufgebracht (im gegensatz zur echtfärbung, bei der die faser mit farbe getränkt wird)

Pigmentoitu syntymämerkki, финский

Pigmentos carotenoides, испанский

Pigmenttikerros, финский

Pigmenttikirroosi, финский

Pigmenttisolu, финский

Containing, английский

Surrounding, английский

Meniscus lens, английский
    A lens which has one side convex, the other concave.

Repetitively pulsed laser, английский
    A laser with multiple pulses of radiant energy occurring in sequence with a prf > 1 hz.