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Beam splitter

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    An optical device used to divide the light from a laser into two separate beams -the reference beam and the object beam. it consists of a partially transparent mirror that reflects part of the laser beam and transmits the rest.

Separador de haz ., испанский

Divisor de haz, испанский

Расщепитель пучка, русский

Устройство для расщепления пучка;, русский

Beam, английский
  1. Poutre;balancier

  2. Structural member, other than a triangulated frame, which supports load primarily by its internal resistance to bending.

  3. A structural member transversely supporting a load. a structural member carrying building loads (weight) from one support to another. sometimes called a "girder".

  4. The maximum breadth or the greatest width of a ship

  5. The width of a vessel at the widest point, or a point alongside the ship at the midpoint of its length.

  6. The width of a ship. also called breadth.

  7. A collection of rays that may be parallel, convergent, or divergent.

  8. A structural member supporting a load applied transversely

  9. A group of parallel rays of light.

  10. Луч, брус, ширина судна, шток якоря

  11. A steel , within an elevator machinery room, which is beneath and supports elevator equipment; usually directly over the elevator hoistway (shaft).

  12. A frame fitted above a bed to which a leg in plaster can be attached.  pearson bed

  13. Траверз судна - линия, перпендикулярная диаметральной плоскости суда

  14. Ширина судна

  15. The width of a boat at its widest point.

  16. Бимс, ширина, траверз

  17. A long double stratum of murky clouds generally observed over the surface of the mediterranean previous to a violent storm or an earthquake. the french call it trave.

  18. (see abeam.)—before the beam is an arc of the horizon, comprehended between a line that crosses the ship`s length at right angles and some object at a distance before it; or between the line of the beam and that point of the compass which she stems. on the weather or lee beam is in a direction to windward or leeward at right angles with the keel.

  19. [1] a ship’s width at its widest point. [2] a

Beam, английский

Beam, английский
    The greatest width of the boat.

Beam, английский
    The widest dimension of a boat`s hull.

Beam, английский

Beam, английский

Beam, английский

Beam, английский

Beam, английский

Beam, английский

Beam (resting) on elastic base, английский

Beam (resting) on elastic supports, английский

Beam -, английский
  1. Закладной короб для образования в стене гнезда [ниши] (для опи- рания конца балки)

  2. Опалубка балки; форма для сборной бетонной балки bid ~ форма [готовый бланк] заявки на подряд

  3. Полка балки beam ~s out-of-square перекос полок стальных (прокатных) балок

Beam - and - girder floor, английский

Beam addressing, английский
    Электронно-лучевая адресация

Beam anchor., английский

Beam angle, английский
    If you`re into reading light-performance data, beam angle is the point at which the intensity of a source drops to 50% of maximum (center reading) measured in degrees of the full angle. simply: how wide?

Beam attenuator, английский

Beam balance, английский

Beam bandwidth, английский

Beam bearing plate, английский
    A foundation plate (usually of metal) placed beneath the end of a beam, at its point of support, to distribute the end load at the point. beam blocking 1. boxing-in or covering a joist, beam, or girder to give the appearance of a larger beam. 2. strips of wood used to create a false beam.

Transparent, английский
  1. An object or material that transmits both light and undiffused images. tip: try lighting a plain back-ground directly behind the object, not the object.

  2. Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material.

  3. Общедоступная информация в вто присутствует принцип открытого обмена информацией, осуществляемый с целью осведомить всех членов о принимаемых решениях и вопросах, обсуждаемых на совещаниях и встречах маленьких групп

Light bucket, английский
    An optical receiving telescope that collects photons but is not diffraction limited. its effective field-of-view is larger than a diffraction limited telescope and cannot discriminate particularly well from background noise photons. this may not be a problem if the expected pulsed laser beacon signal is very strong.

Beam expander, английский
    An optical device that increases beam diameter while decreasing beam divergence (spread). in its simplest form, consists of two lenses, the first to diverge the beam and the second to re-collimate it. also called an upcollimator.