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Light bucket

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    An optical receiving telescope that collects photons but is not diffraction limited. its effective field-of-view is larger than a diffraction limited telescope and cannot discriminate particularly well from background noise photons. this may not be a problem if the expected pulsed laser beacon signal is very strong.

Bucket, английский
  1. An attachment for a materials-handling or excavating machine that digs or carries loose materials such as earth, gravel, stone, or concrete; may be shaped like a scoop, with provision for opening and closing for convenience in unloading.

  2. Ведро

  3. A small globe of hoops, covered with canvas, used as a recall for the boats of whalers.

  4. To lose a bucket over the side was considered a major calamity, far beyond its obvious utility on shipboard since, for some unrecorded reason, anyone who deliberately or accidentally pushed or kicked one overboard was believed to be inviting death on board. this superstitious seafarer’s fear of disaster probably underlies the phrase “kick the bucket.”

  5. A synonym for bailer; also for calyx.

  6. Various types and sizes of tubular containers equipped with auger- or other-type cutting edges and used to make borings in earthy or soft formation by rotary methods.

  7. An open-top can, equipped with a bail, used to hoist broken rock or water and to lower supplies and equipment to men working in a mine shaft or other underground opening.

  8. A large handhold.

Bucket -, английский
  1. Ковшовый бур buda ~ шнековый бур clay ~ шнековый бур для глин

  2. Нория, ковшовый элеватор

Bucket auger, английский
    A short helical auger incorporating a steel tube to help hold the cuttings on the auger during withdrawal from the drill hole. see auger 1.

Bucket bridge, английский
    Пожарная цепочка

Bucket dredge, английский

Bucket header syntax, английский
    Синтаксис заголовка кармана

Bucket loader, английский

Bucket lowering depth, английский

Bucket not triggered, английский
    Карман не использован

Bucket o' lube, английский

Bucket o' lube, английский

Bucket rig, английский

Bucket seat, английский

Bucket sink, английский
    A plumbing fixture whose basin is located near the floor so that it provides easy access to a water supply and drain.

Bucket sorting, английский
    Блочная сортировка

Bucket tipping -, английский
    Разгрузочный канат (драглайна)

Bucket trap, английский
    A mechanical, buoyancy-operated steam trap which is designed to prevent steam from passing through the trap; makes use of an inverted or upright cup. bucket-wheel excavator an excavating machine having a rotating wheel fitted with toothed-edged buckets; used to dig a layer of earth and load it onto a conveyor belt as the machine moves forward under its own power. buck frame, core frame a wood frame which is built into a partition, constructed on wood studs, to receive a door lining; a subframe.

Bucket wheel suction -, английский
    Роторный земснаряд

Bucket wheel type -, английский
    Роторный рыхлитель (земснаряда)

Bucket with rope, английский
    Ведро на веревке

Bucket-brigade device, английский

Diffraction, английский
  1. The "spreading" of waves into the lee of obstacles such as breakwaters by the transfer of wave energy along wave crests. diffracted waves are lower in height than incident waves.

  2. Дифракция

  3. Deviation of the direction of propagation of a radiation, determined by the wave nature of radiation, and occurring when the radiation passes the edge of an obstacle.

  4. A wave property which creates deviation from a straight line when the beam passes near an edge of an opaque object. deviation of part of a beam, determined by the wave nature of radiation and occurring when the radiation passes the edge of an opaque obstacle.

  5. Light curves or travels around small circular objects.

Discriminate, английский
    Отличать; выделять; различать

Particularly, английский

Background, английский
  1. Фон

  2. The surface area against which the pattern is contrasted. the surface area of

  3. The portion of a scene that sits behind the main, foreground subject. the background can be made sharp or unsharp through the use of selective focusing techniques and depth of field manipulation.

  4. A фоновый; внеязыко- вой knowledge

  5. Sound or noise that interferes with radio or sonar reception.

  6. Фон, задний план о ~ for

Particular, английский
    A частный; конкретный grammar partitioned a разделённый на части sequence 1 одна из базовых операций компьютерной обработки текстов; в каче- стве данных берутся текст либо сегмент текста, грамматика и цель разбора, а на выходе получается удовлетворяющее цели множество значений категориальной отнесённости сегментов в виде, например, дерева разбора. 2 применяется запоминание также и гипотез, выдвигаемых при разбо- ре, и результатов их проверки – м. кэй. 3 используется, в частности, для разбора арифметических выражений. partitioning n членение sentence ~ членение предложений (напр., при переводе )

Beam divergence, английский
  1. Angle of beam spread measured in radians or milliradians (1 milliradian = 3.4 minutes-of-arc or approximately 1 mil). for small angles where the cord is approximately equal to the arc, the beam divergence can be closely approximated by the ratio of the cord length (beam diameter) divided by the distance (range) from the laser aperture.

  2. A measure for how fast a laser beam expands far from its focus

Beam splitter, английский
    An optical device used to divide the light from a laser into two separate beams -the reference beam and the object beam. it consists of a partially transparent mirror that reflects part of the laser beam and transmits the rest.