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Peel off

Англо-русский словарь по таре и упаковке

    Отслаиваться, русский

    Off, английский
    1. If a wine is not showing its true character, or is flawed or spoiled in some way, it is said to be "off."

    2. Office

    3. The opposite to near. also applied to a ship sailing from the shore into the open sea. also, implies abreast of, or near, as “we were off cape finisterre.”—nothing off! the order to the helmsman not to suffer the ship to fall off from the wind.

    Off, английский

    Off, английский

    Off and on, английский
    1. When a ship beating to windward approaches the shore by one board, and recedes from it when on the other. also used to denote an undecided person. dodging off a port.

    2. Now in general use to mean occasionally, the expression was originally nautical to describe keeping close to the shore by sailing alternately away from (off ) and toward (on) it.

    Off angles with the tape, английский
      Разбивка углов мерной лентой; ~ out разбивка; раз- 327 laying метка; трассировка; ~ out a building разбивка здания

    Off at a tangent, английский
      Going in a hurry, or in a testy humour.

    Off balance sheet, английский

    Off board, английский

    Off bottom, английский
      Not touching the bottom or above the bottom of a borehole.

    Off condition, английский
      Закрытое состояние; состояние "выключено" off-cycle нерабочая часть цикла off-design нерасчетный off-diagonal cell ячейка вне главной диагонали off-duty невключенный; резервный

    Off duty, английский
    1. An officer, marine, or seaman in his watch below, &c. an officer is sometimes put “off duty” as a punishment.

    2. Part of the watch below.

    Off grade, английский
      Низкого качества off-heat отходящая теплота off-hook состояние абонентской линии с поднятой трубкой off-hook signal сигнал ответа абонента

    Off grain, английский
      A synonym for hard vector as applied to a diamond by diamond cutters and setters.

    Off license, английский

    Off like a prom dress, английский

    Off line, английский
    1. A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled.

    2. A -borehole that has deviated from its intended course.

    Off load isolator, английский

    Off office, английский
      Контора, административное помещение og 1. ogee гусёк, архитектурный облом s-образного профиля 2. on grade наземный o.g., o.g. ogee гусёк, архитектурный облом s-образного профиля о/н overhead верхний; мостовой (о 656 кранах); подвесной (о кабельных линиях)

    Off premises exchange, английский

    Off season storage, английский
      Межсезонное хранение

    Off she goes, английский
      Means run away with the purchase fall. move to the tune of the fifer. the first move when a vessel is launched.

    Отслаиваться, русский

    Отрывная, русский