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Background signal

Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю
    Steady or fluctuating output signal of a test instrument caused by the presence of acoustic, chemical, electrical or radiation conditions to which the sensing element responds.1 background temperature, instrument: apparent ambient temperature of the scene behind and surrounding the instrument, as viewed from the target. the reflection of this background may appear in the image and affect the temperature measurement. most quantitative thermal sensing and imaging instruments provide a means for correcting measurements for this reflection.3 background temperature, target: apparent ambient temperature of the scene behind and surrounding the instrument, as viewed from the instrument. when the fov of a point sensing instrument is larger than the target, the target background temperature will affect the instrument reading.3 backscattering, infrared: reflection of thermal energy — e.g., generated by the ground and reflecting off the underside of clouds or inversion layers, or unwanted front surface reflections from a transparent optical element.

Background, английский
  1. Фон

  2. The surface area against which the pattern is contrasted. the surface area of

  3. The portion of a scene that sits behind the main, foreground subject. the background can be made sharp or unsharp through the use of selective focusing techniques and depth of field manipulation.

  4. A фоновый; внеязыко- вой knowledge

  5. Sound or noise that interferes with radio or sonar reception.

  6. Фон, задний план о ~ for

  7. A page that you can assign to another page to create multiple layers in a drawing.

  8. In a graphical user interface such as windows, a pattern or picture in the screen background that can be chosen by the user.

  9. The area on a card that allows a user to make the card’s image a background when clicked on.

  10. The area that appears behind the tiles on the start screen.

  11. The color or image that appears behind the content of a visual element, for example, behind the text that is displayed in a textbox control or on your graphical user interface.

  12. The image that appears in the conversation window.

  13. The picture that appears in the photos hub.

  14. Formations on or signals from a test object that constitute the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. background signals may arise from visual, acoustic, chemical, electrical, or radiation sources that the sensor responds to. see also sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio.

  15. Formations on or signals from a test object that constitutes the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. background signals may arise from visual, acoustic, chemical, electrical or radiation sources that the sensor responds to. see also neural acuity; sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio.

  16. Formations on, or signals from, a test object that constitute the background to a discontinuity. the higher the level of background noise, the more difficult it is to distinguish a discontinuity. see also background fluorescence; neural acuity; sensitivity; signal-to-noise ratio. glossary b 491

  17. In magnetic particle testing, the appearance or brightness of the surrounding area acting to reduce the contrast of an indication. (2) nonrelevant signal that tends to interfere with the normal reception or interpretation of the target being sought.

Background, английский

Background, английский

Background (adj), английский
    In the context of processes or tasks that are part of an operating system or program, operating without interaction with the user while the user is working on another task.

Background (pt, mt), английский
    The surface of the test part upon which the indication is viewed. it may be the natural surface of the test part, or it may be the developer coating on the surface. this background may contain traces of unremoved penetrant, fluorescent or visible, which if present, can interfere with the visibility of the indication.

Background aerosol, английский

Background agent, английский
    A multitasking feature that allows for running code periodically in the background.

Background application, английский
    Фоновое приложение; приложение, выполняемое в фоновом режиме

Background biota conditions, английский

Background check, английский
  1. A process by which a person or company uses to verify that a person is who they claim to be

  2. A background check is an in-depth analysis of an individual`s work history, criminal history and personal references. it is used to determine whether a person is a good fit for a particular job or position

  3. A background check is a check that is carried out on someone before that person starts a job. not every employee is obliged to have a background check but it is normal to carry one out if someone wants to work for the police or to work with children, for example. a background check usually includes checking a person’s past for any criminal convictions.

Background color, английский
  1. Фон; цвет фона; фоновый цвет

  2. The color against which characters and graphics are displayed.

  3. A color that you want entrance to disregard when interpreting a field. the color is removed before interpretation.

Background compilation, английский
    Compilation that occurs while the developer is writing code, before an explicit build command is made through the ide. background compilation enables error reporting while the developer is writing code.

Background component, английский

Background computing, английский
    Решение задач с низким приоритетом; фоновые вычисления

Background con cen t ra t i on, английский

Background concentration, английский

Background contamination, английский
  1. The total of the extraneous particles which are introduced in the process of obtaining, storing, moving, transferring and analyzing a fluid sample.

  2. Tracer gases in a test system that initiate a response from the leak detector and are not attributable to a leak, but may make detection of leaks more difficult. glossary b-c 741

Background cylinder, английский

Background data, английский
    Основополагающая информация

Background density, английский

Background disturbance indicator, английский

Fluctuating, английский

Instrument, английский
  1. A term used to describe a sensor (or sensors), the associated transducer(s), and the data read-out or recording device.

  2. (измерительный) прибор

  3. One of many terms for a light, heard mostly in the theater. see: lights.

  4. A piece of equipment or a tool  the doctor had a box of surgical instruments.

  5. A term of extensive application among tools and weapons; but it is here introduced as an official conveyance of some right, or the record of some fact.

  6. A legal document that records an act or agreement and provides the evidence of that act or agreement. instruments include contracts, notes, and leases (e.g. a debt instrument).

  7. Навести инструмент ~ of application точка приложения (напр, силы) ~ of certainty тройная засечка ~ of compound curvature точка сопряжения двух кривых ~ of concentration замыкающий створ ~ of contraflexure точка перегиба ~ of curvature начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of cusp точка сопряжения обратных кривых ~ of grade intersection точка перелома в продольном профиле ~ of high stress concentration точка концентрации высоких [значительных] напряжений ~ of inflection точка перегиба ~ of intersection вершина угла (на плане трассы) ~ of lateral restraint точка бокового закрепления [защемления] (сжатого или изгибаемого элемента) ~ of support точка опоры ~ of switch конец остряка ~ of tangency начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of the maximum bending moment точка максимального изгибающего момента ~ of vertical curve начало вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical intersection вершина угла вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical tangent начало или конец вертикальной кривой ~ of zero moment точка нулевого момента (на эпюре моментов)

  8. Прибор, инструмент

  9. To tag the source code in order to measure the amount of time spent in each area.

  10. Инструмент

Electrical, английский

Conditions, английский
  1. The terms of surrender.

  2. Обстоятельства; условия; режим

  3. Грузовая устойчивость ~ of crane during lifting operations грузовая устойчивость крана ~ of geometrical shape геометрическая неизменяемость ~ of slope устойчивость откоса ~ of volume постоянство объёма

  4. Наблюдения за работой сооружений в условиях эксплуатации

  5. Работа конструкции в условиях эксплуатационных нагрузок

  6. A set of specified constraints and parameters that are part of the rights group bundled into a rights label. these are enforced at the time of consumption.

Temperature, английский
  1. Température

  2. Dry-bulb - temperature of air as indicated by a standard thermometer.

  3. An expression of thermal energy density. how hot or cold an object is.

  4. The measure of the intensity of heat that a substance possesses.

  5. Температура

  6. Температура тмр test methods and procedures методы проведения испытаний и последовательность их проведения тмр theodolite measuring point кинотеодолитная станция

  7. Temperatura, fiebre

  8. The condition attained when the wetted wick of a wet-bulb thermometer has reached a stable and constant temperature when exposed to moving air in excess of 900 ft (274.3 m) per minute.

  9. 1. the heat of the body or of the surrounding air, measured in degrees  the doctor asked the nurse what the patient’s temperature was.  his temperature was slightly above normal.  the thermometer showed a temperature of 99°f.  to take a patient’s temperature to insert a thermometer in someone’s body to see what his or her body temperature is  they took his temperature every four hours.  when her temperature was taken this morning, it was normal. 2. illness when your body is hotter than normal  he’s in bed with a temperature.  her mother says she’s got a temperature, and can’t come to work. comment: the average body temperature is about 37° celsius or 98° fahrenheit. this temperature may vary during the day, and can rise if a person has taken a hot bath or had a hot drink. if the environmental temperature is high, the body has to sweat to reduce the heat gained from the air around it. if the outside temperature is low, the body shivers, because rapid movement of the muscles generates heat. a fever will cause the body temperature to rise sharply, to 40°c (103°f) or more. hypothermia exists when the body temperature falls below about 35°c (95°f).

  10. Повышение температуры бетона ~ of truss высота фермы jet ~ высота подъёма горизонтальной неизотермической приточной струи, «всплывающей» над приточным отверстием

  11. Температура ~ of adiabatic saturation температура адиабатического насыщения

  12. Normal adult temperature varies among horses, but will usually range in degrees from 99.5°f to 100.5°f.

  13. A measure of the average kinetic energy of a material. the standard unit of temperature is a kelvin, (k). temperature determines the direction of heat flow between any two systems in thermal contact. heat will always flow from the area of higher temperature (t source) to one of lower temperature (t sink). temperature gradient (?t)

  14. A measure of the degree of molecular motion of a material compared to a reference point. temperature is measured in degrees farenheit (melting point of ice = 32 º f, boiling point of water = 212 º f) or degrees celsius (melting point of ice = 0 º c, boiling point of water = 100 º c).

  15. The degree of sensible heat of a body as measured by a thermometer or similar instrument.

  16. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c) or degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k), where the increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °f.

  17. Temperature of surrounding atmosphere. also called dry bulb temperature. compare standard atmospheric conditions. ampere (a): si unit of electric current. ampere per meter (a·m–1): si derived unit of magnetic field intensity. the measurement 1 a·m–1, for example, describes a current of 1 a flowing through a coil that is 1 m in diameter. compare oersted. ampere turn (at): in magnetic particle testing, unit for expressing the magnetomotive force required for magnetization using a coil in terms of the product of the number of coil turns and the current in amperes flowing through the coil. amplitude, echo: in ultrasonic testing, the vertical height of a received signal on an a-scan, measured from base to peak for a video presentation or from peak to peak for a radio frequency presentation.

  18. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c), degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k) or degrees rankine (°r). an increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °r = 1.8 °f. compare heat.

Surrounding, английский

Reflection, английский
  1. The abrupt change in direction of a light beam at an interface between two dissimilar media that returns the beam into the medium where it originated, i.e., a mirror

  2. A light ray incident on an air to glass interface will have some of its energy redirected back toward its origin due to reflection at the interface.

  3. The return of radiant energy (incident light) by a surface, with no change in wavelength.

  4. The bouncing off of light which falls upon a surface.

  5. The change of direction which a ray of light, sound, or radiant heat undergoes when it strikes a surface; also

  6. 1. the image of somebody or something which is seen in a mirror or still water 2. the process of reflecting something, especially light, sound or heat 3. careful thought 4. a situation in which an anatomical structure bends back upon itself

  7. The process of obtaining information about assemblies and the types defined within them, and creating, invoking, and accessing type instances at run time.

  8. When light bounces back from a surface

  9. General term for the process by which the incident energy leaves a surface or medium from the incident side, without change in frequency. reflection is usually a combination of specular and diffuse reflection.2,6

  10. General term for the process by which the incident energy leaves a surface or medium from the incident side, without change in frequency. reflection is usually a combination of specular and diffuse reflection (iesna 1984). see also diffuse reflection; specular reflection.

  11. The act of thinking deeply about one`s actions, behaviour`s, and progress, often facilitated by a coach or mentor to promote self-awareness and learning.

Measurement, английский
  1. Set of operations having the object of determining a value of a quantity (1)

  2. Измерение. система мер.

  3. Измерение; замер

  4. The size, length, etc. of something which has been measured

  5. Измерение

  6. Обмер

  7. Оценка

  8. Измерение dust ~ измерение концентрации пыли

  9. Измерение. комплекс операций, имеющих целью определение значе-ния величины [32].

  10. The process of ascertaining the attributes, dimensions, extent, quantity, degree or capacity of some object of observation and representing these in the qualitative or quantitative terms of a data language. any empirical pursuit that places the observer outside his object of observation must consider measurement the fundamental process through which scientific constructs or models are linked to reality (->index, ->symptom). otherwise measurement is only one section in a circular process of computing a stable form. the traditional levels of measurement are nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales.

  11. The magnitude of the property of an object calibrated against one or more units of measure.

  12. Измерение. комплекс операций, имеющих целью определение значения величины [32].

Quantitative, английский
  1. A квантитативный

  2. Количественный

Instruments, английский
  1. (измерительные) приборы

  2. Financial securities, such as money market instruments or capital market instruments.

Backscattering, английский
  1. Часть светового потока в оптическом волокне, имеющая обратное направление распространения. возникает за счёт отражений (см. также релеевское рассеяние)

  2. Scattering of light in the direction opposite to that in which it was originally traveling. the return of a portion of scattered light to the input end of a fiber; the scattering of light in the direction opposite to its original propagation.

  3. Обратное рассеяние

Reflecting, английский

Reflections, английский
    Out-of-control reflections can hurt your image; controlled ones can enrich it. tips: keep the subject in full sun, the reflecting surface, such as water, in shade. reflections on water are most pronounced when the lens is at a low angle. most mirrors add a greenish cast to the image. normal mirrors add a "ghost reflection" to the main reflection; use a first surface mirror for critical images.

Transparent, английский
  1. An object or material that transmits both light and undiffused images. tip: try lighting a plain back-ground directly behind the object, not the object.

  2. Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material.

  3. Общедоступная информация в вто присутствует принцип открытого обмена информацией, осуществляемый с целью осведомить всех членов о принимаемых решениях и вопросах, обсуждаемых на совещаниях и встречах маленьких групп

Calibration accuracy, английский
    Accuracy to which a calibration is performed, usually based on the accuracy and sensitivity of the instruments and references used in the calibration.3

Artificial discontinuity standard, английский
  1. See acceptance standard.

  2. See acceptance standard. 556 ultrasonic testing part 1. terms a-scan: one-dimensional display of ultrasonic signal amplitude as function of time or depth in test object. asnt recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a: see recommended practice no. snt-tc-1a. asnt: american society for nondestructive testing.