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Photo Chemical Glossary

exothermic reaction
    A chemical reaction that creates heat.
labyrinth screening can
    A complex screening can, with many compartments.
zahn cup
    A cup with a precisely dimensioned orifice that measures indirectly the
    A curvature across the full width of the strip of metal that renders it somewhat
characteristic curve
  1. A curve in which d is plotted against log exposure resulting from

  2. Характеристика; характеристическая кривая
curva característica;
    A darkroom or processing area lamp which emits light of a colour that will not
luz de seguridad;
molecular dye imaging materials
    A designation of a particular diazo material
    A dye system by which the background dye lightens upon exposure to uv
    A dye system in which the background dye darkens upon exposure to uv
embedded particle
    A foreign particle of solid substance impressed into the surface of
reciprocity law
    A general law for photo chemical reactions which states that the mass of
ley de reciprocidad;
  1. A general term applicable to any of the specifically defined photographic

  2. Фотошаблон
фотошаблон; используется для изготовления интегральных схем, устройств на жк, мнемосхем и т.п.);
cosine law
    A law of illumination which indicates that the flux radiated or received in a
lambert’s . cosmati work polychromatic patterns of stone, glass, or gilding set in marble; commonly;
photographic layer
    A light-sensitive coating containing silver halide which has been
    A material composed of a stable base such as glass or film with an opaque
luminance (or brightness)
    A measure of flux reflected or emitted from a surface. it has
luminous energy
  1. A measure of rate of flow of flux. it has units of lumen-seconds.

  2. The time integral of luminous flux; given by the product of the luminous flux and the time that the flux is maintai...
  1. A measure of the degree to which the angle between the x-x and y-y

  2. Перпендикулярность
cut and strip
    A method of producing artwork by cutting the pattern, usually on a
spin coating
    A method of putting a precise thickness of a wet resist coating on a substrate.
aplicación de recubrimiento (cd);
lateral reversal
    A mirror image of the geometric orientation of a pattern.
inversión lateral;
    A non-silver, room lighting, uv-sensitive coating, usually on a stable transparent
mouse bites
    A phenomenon in the edge of undercut photoresist whereby the edge
step wedge
    A photographic film containing areas of optical density increasing in constant
photographic plate
    A photographic layer on "soda-lime-silica" plate glass.
contact printing
    A photographic process in which an image is transferred from one
positivado por contacto .; tiraje por contacto .;
right reading down
    A photomask in which the functional pattern is oriented as shown on
right reading up
    A photomask in which the functional pattern is oriented as shown on
liquid resist
    A photoresist applied to the substrate by dipping, roller coating, curtain
datum plane
  1. A plane from which distances or dimensions are reckoned.

  2. Базовая плоскость
datum point
    A point used as the basis for reckoning.
cupric chloride
    A popular etchant for copper.
    A process for identifying and eliminating defects in emulsion and photoresist.
reversal development
    A process used with certain photographic emulsions for reversing
    A ridge or groove in flat-rolled metal caused by improper tension control during
складка; сгиб;; штрих; рубчик;; линия рилевки;
film sandwich
    A sandwich composed of photomasks made with flexible film materials.
glass sandwich
    A sandwich composed of photomasks made with rigid glass material.
  1. A series of etched parts tagged into a frame. typically several frets are etched within

  2. A narrow strait of the sea, from fretum.
reduction marks
    A set of stylized patterns in the border area of an artwork between
  1. A small design used as the symbol of an organisation.

  2. Язык лого
фирменный знак; логотип; торговый знак; эмблема;; регистрационные данные;
loop (loupe)
    A small folding magnifying glass.
metal hardening
    A thermal, mechanical, or chemical treatment used to increase the
  1. A unit of measurement (1 nm=10-9 metres) commonly used to define

  2. A unit of measurement of length equal to one thousand millionth of a metre. symbol nm
artwork master
    An accurate one-to-one pattern, usually a single image, which is used to
    An accurately scaled pattern (usually a single image) which is used to produce
изобразительный оригинал;; фотооригинал (шаблона); оригинал фотошаблона;; художественные произведения; иллюстрации; графика;
    An ammonia-based etchant commonly used for copper.
yellow room
    An area illuminated with yellow light for handling photo resist coated panels
    An english abbreviation for one-thousandth of an inch.