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24 апреля, 2019

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Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Light Glossary

speed (light)
    186,000 miles per second.
low-contrast filter
    A camera filter that reduces contrast by adding subtle fog in dark areas.
space blanket
    A camping item, sometimes attached to location walls or ceilings to reflect light. caution: check for flammability.
gray scale (film)
    A chart of gray tones ranging from black to white used to help conscientious lab technicians print the scene accurately. tip: shoot a couple of feet of film with the chart in the foreground, at th...
chip chart (video)
    A chart of gray tones ranging from black to white used to set up electronic cameras.
grip head
    A clamping and positioning mechanism usually mounted on a century stand. it holds flags, nets, diffusers, and butterflies.
attenuator (optical)
    A continuously graduated color or neutral-density camera filter used to tame snow, enrich sunsets, and perform absorption magic more subtly than can be done with a graduated filter.
color-temperature meter
    A device used to measure the color of a source and provide recommendations for correction. sometimes you should just say no. see: color temperature.
iso (international standards organization)
    A european rating of film sensitivity to light.
matte box
    A fancy lens shade that disposes of all but the most determined rays of potential flare and holds one or more filters of various sizes. the best ones also allow graduated filters to be rotated and...
daylight film
    A film color-balanced for average daylight and flash illumination - approximately 5,500k.
contrast (viewing) glass
    A filter that darkens the scene to help the new and old pro evaluate contrast and shadow areas.
  1. A flag; also a disk with a cutout pattern that casts shadows when used in an ellipsoidal spot light.

  2. Something used to block unwanted or stray light from falling onto the subject. o... reflector de sonido .; bandera; светозащитная бленда;; противошумовой экран (микрофона);
spot light
    A focusing hard light. traditional types: inky - up to 250 watts; baby - 500-to-1,000 watts; junior, deuce or 2kw - 2,000 watts; senior, 5k - 5,000 watts; tenner or 10kw - 10,000 watts. see: hard ...
    A frame made up of crossed strips used in front of a soft source to reduce spill light.
boom or mike shadow
    A frequent and unwelcome (especially when it moves) part of early television which is still with us on occasion. solutions: a large, soft key or bounce light; a high-angle key that is sharply cut ...
    A front-of-the-light device having two or more pivotable black panels used to shape the beam and shade the camera lens or scene.
graduated scrim
    A hard light scrim with a degree of subtlety in modulating the brightness of areas of the subject or scene. a fast fix for subjects burning up as they approach a strong light. see: moving subjects...
specular (subject)
    A highly reflective, mirror-like surface. tip: if your subject is specular and small, stick it in a translucent tent, cut a hole for your lens, and douse it with light. or surround it with white p...
tungsten filament
    A lamp coil that emits light (and heat) when electricity flows through it. see: incandescent lamp and tungsten-halogen lamp.
incandescent lamp or light
    A lamp that produces white light when electric current excites the filament. see: tungsten filament and tungsten halogen lamp.
internal reflector
    A lamp with an integral reflector such as the mr-16 and r-40.
space light
    A large cylinder containing several broad lights that is hung from ceilings to provide soft top light. a black "skirt" can be lowered to limit spill on surrounding walls. used mostly on ...
stage plug
    A large, heavy-duty electrical connector requiring caution in use.
    A large, high-wattage studio light used to flood cycs and such.
shower curtain
    A large, translucent plastic sheet used to diffuse lights. see: bank.
normal lens
  1. A lens that, for a specific camera aperture, produces an angle of view approximating that of the human eye, or about 25 degrees. see: angle of view and perspective.

  2. Обычный объектив...
plano-convex lens
    A lens used to focus light rays. it is flat one side, convex (curved outward) on the other. also see: fresnel.
stop pull
    A manual, therefore potentially subtle, change of stop as the camera moves or pans from bright to dark areas; or the reverse. see: automatic exposure.
gray card
    A matte 18% reflectance card used instead of a subject for a reflected light meter reading. tips: exposure corrections for unusually light or dark subjects are the same as for an ilm - not an rlm....
volts (v)
    A measure of electrical "pressure." formula: volts = watts ÷ amps. tip: to save bucks and save face, check lamp-voltages before plugging in; and check overseas voltages before g...
watt (w)
    A measurement of power or the rate at which electrons move along a wire. tip: different types and makes of fixtures using the same wattage lamps when tested at the same distance will have consider...
incident light meter (ilm)
    A meter designed to read incident light. compensation is needed for unusually dark or light subjects, back light, silhouettes, and special exposure effects. the tool for measuring lighting ratio. ...