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Abbe value

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A measure of the degree to which light is dispersed when entering a lens. the average range is 20 to 60. a lower abbe value causes greater dispersion of light resulting in chromatic aberration (color fringing) when viewed through the periphery of the lens. a higher abbe value results in less chromatic aberration.

Abbe, английский

Abberation, английский
    (аберрация оптических систем) - любой, присущий дефицит (дефект) линзы или оптической системы, которая отвечает за несовершенства формы или резкость изображения.

Abbess, английский

Abbess, prioress; reverend mother, mother superior, английский

Abbevillian, английский

Abbey, английский
    A monastery or convent; particularly the church thereof. abbey: plan of abbey of st. germain-des-pres, paris, 13th cent. a, church; b, cloister; c, city gate; e, chapter house; f, chapel; g, refectory; h, cellars and presses; i, abbot’s lodging; k, ditches; l, gardens

Abbey, английский

Abbey beer, английский
    A beer not necessarily made in an abbey, or by monks, but imitating the trappist monk style. these are top-fermenting brews that characteristically add sugar in the kettle and are always bottle-conditioned. sometimes these beers are licensed by an abbey,

Abbey stead, английский

Abbezahlung f, немецкий
    Выплата в рассрочку

Value, английский
  1. Оптическая плотность, уровень серого, степень почернения. мера светлоты цветового тона. чем меньше белого в цвете, тем выше оптическая плотность

  2. Величина, значение; оценивать

  3. Величина, значение; оценивать 599

  4. Стоимость; себестоимость (в снс)

  5. 1. the degree to which something is useful or necessary  food with low nutritional value 2. a number or amount that is unknown and is shown as a symbol  plural

  6. Стоимость

  7. Значение, значимость; величина; ценность (обычно ценности)

Value, английский

Value, английский

Value (of a quantity), английский
    Magnitude of a particular quantity generally expressed as a unit of measurement multiplied by a number (1)

Value added, английский
  1. Добавленная стоимость; стоимость, добавленная обработкой; условно чистая стоимость (в снс; валовая продукция за вычетом промежуточного потребления: сырья, материалов, электроэнергии, топлива, полуфабрикатов и т. д.)

  2. См. gross value added

Value added distributor, английский

Value added network - van, английский
    A data network operated in the u.s. by a firm which obtains basic transmission facilities from the common carriers, and adds value such as error detection and sharing and resells the service to users. telenet and tymnet are examples of vans.

Value added network services, английский

Value added tax, английский

Value assurance review, английский

Dispersion, английский
  1. Увеличение ширины импульса сигнала при его распространении по оптоволокну. основной фактор, ограничивающий полосу пропускания многомодового оптоволокна.

  2. Дисперсия.

  3. Эффект расширения световых импульсов во время их передачи по оптическому волокну. дисперсия пропорциональна длине кабеля (см. также хроматическая дисперсия).

  4. Refers to the spread of values observed for a variable. the standard deviation is a measure of dispersion, in contrast to the mean which is a measure of central tendency or location.

  5. The cause of bandwidth limitations in fiber. in multimode systems, modal dispersion is caused by differential optical path lengths known as differential path delay. for singlemode systems, chromatic dispersion is a combination of material dispersion (caused by the line width of the laser source) and waveguide dispersion (caused by the difference in the speed of light in the core and the cladding of the fiber). another type of dispersion is polarization mode dispersion (pmd), which is caused by random vibration, temperature variations, and bending of the fibers known as birefringence

  6. (1) the variation in the refractive index of a medium as a function of wavelength. (2) the property of an optical system which causes the separation of the monochromatic components of radiation.

  7. The dependence of the phase velocity in a medium on the optical frequency or the propagation mode

  8. The stretching of light pulses as they travel in an optical fiber, which increases their duration. the temporal spreading of a light signal in an optical waveguide caused by light signals traveling at different speeds through a fiber either due to modal or chromatic effects.

  9. This occurs when white light is split into separate wave lengths and component colors.

  10. Модовая дисперсия dispersion-compensating fiber волокно с компенсацией дисперсии

Aberration, английский
  1. A term from optics that refers to anything affecting the fidelity of the image in regards

  2. A term from optics that refers to anything affecting the fidelity of the image in regards to the original scene.

  3. A distortion of image quality or color rendition in a photographic image caused by optical limitations of the lens used for image capture. aberrations commonly show up in the form of halation around high-contrast portions of the image, or “smearing” of color toward the edges of the frame. aspheric lens surfaces and advanced lens coatings are often used in more expensive or complex lenses as a means of reducing aberrations. for more on this subject, see the explora article, “optical anomalies and lens corrections explained.”

  4. Any flaw introduced during the manufacturing or grinding of a spectacle lens that can result in image blur. it may be inherent in the lens design or may result from an error in processing.

  5. An action or growth which is not usual or expected

  6. An apparent change of place, or alteration of their mean position, in the fixed stars, caused by the earth`s orbital movement.— aberration of a planet signifies its progressive geocentric motion, or the space through which it appears to move, as seen from the earth, during the time which light occupies in passing from the planet to us.—crown of aberration is a spurious circle surrounding the proper disc of the sun.—constant of aberration, or amount of displacement in the sun`s longitude, arising from

  7. In celestial navigation, the apparent displacement of a heavenly body due to the observer’s motion.

Accommodative vergence, английский
    A convergence response (to turn the eyes inward) which occurs as a direct result of accommodation (eye focusing). achromatism- the ability of the eye to adjust the focal power to see objects at different distances.