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Cleavage fracture

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
  1. Разрушение по плоскости спайности; разрушение сколом

  2. A fracture, usually of a polycrystalline metal, in which most of the grains have failed by cleavage, resulting in bright reflecting facets. it is one type of crystalline fracture. contrast with shear fracture.

Хрупкий излом, русский
    Разрушение обычно поликристаллического металла, в котором большинство зерен разрушились сколом, приводящим к острым граням разлома. это тип кристаллического разрушения связанного с малоэнергоемким хрупким разрушением. контраст с shear fracture — вязким изломом.

Cleavage, английский
  1. In an adhesively bonded joint, a separation in the joint caused by a wedge or other crack-‑opening-‑type action.

  2. The repeated division of cells in an embryo cleavage lines cleavage lines plural

  3. N расщепление class ~ расщепление класса

  4. The splitting of any body having a structure or line of cleavage: as fir cleaves longitudinally, slates horizontally, stones roughly, smoothly, conchoidal, or stratified, &c.

  5. A breakable weak point or fracture, usually caused by weak molecular structure. a cleavage is likely to split if struck in a certain direction, and in uncut diamonds, it is used as a natural site for splitting crystals prior to cutting and polishing.

  6. A break in a diamond which is parallel to the diamonds crystal planes. a cleavage may be caused by internal strain or a sharp blow.

  7. The natural areas of a diamond or gem where weak bonds hold the atoms together. when a stone is cut, the cutter will ‘split’ the stone along these planes/the cleavage lines.

  8. A fragment of a crystalline substance, such as a diamond produced by cleaving.

  9. As used by crystallographers, the tendency for crystalline substances, such as diamonds, to split along planes that are always parallel to at least one of the possible crystal faces peculiar to the crystal structure of a specific mineral or substance.

  10. As used by petrographers, the tendency for rocks to split along definite, parallel, closely spaced planes, which may be highly inclined to the bedding planes.

  11. Property or tendency of a rock to split easily along aligned, usually closely-spaced

  12. The mitotic divisions of the early embryo that occur in the absence of growth to divide the embryo into too many smaller nucleated cells.

  13. The splitting (fracture) of a crystal on a crystallographic plane of low index.

Cleavage banding, английский

Cleavage crack, английский

Cleavage of lateral epitaxial films for transfer (cleft), английский
  1. A process for making inexpensive gallium arsenide (gaas) photovoltaic cells in which a thin film of gaas is grown atop a thick, single-crystal gaas (or other suitable material) substrate and then is cleaved from the substrate and incorporated into a cell, allowing the substrate to be reused to grow more thin-film gaas.

  2. A process for making

Cleavage plane, английский
  1. In a crystalline material, such as certain types of rocks, a plane along which splitting takes place most easily.

  2. The crystallographic plane, which can be likened to the grain in wood, along which a crys¬talline substance such as diamond may be split easily. see cleavage 2.

Cleavage test, английский
    A test that measures the resistance of a timber to splitting longitudinally along the radial and tangential planes

Cleavage, 4., английский

Cleavages, английский
    As used by the diamond-cutting and diamond-besetting industries, the more or less flat diamond fragments produced by splitting a crystalline diamond along the octahedral plane. such fragments are used primarily as a material from which special-shaped, diamond-pointed cutting tools are produced.

Fracture, английский
  1. Fractura

  2. A crack in an ophthalmic lens surface.

  3. A break in a bone  rib fracture or fracture of a rib

  4. A chip or break on a diamond that is not in the direction of a cleavage plane. irregular in shape they usually appear step-like.

  5. To break.

  6. The manner of breaking and the appearance of a mineral or rock when broken along planes other than cleavage, joint, or bedding.

  7. Трещина; разрушение; разлом; излом; разрыв о ~ at low stresses разрушение [разрыв] (образца) при низких напряжениях

  8. A general term used in geology for all kinds of discontinuities

  9. A break, rupture, or crack large enough to cause a full or partial partition of a casting.

  10. Break, rupture, or crack large enough to cause a full or partial separation. compare crack.

Fracture, английский

Fracture, французский

Fracture cleavage, английский
    A capacity to part along closely spaced, parallel surfaces of fracture or

Fracture dome, английский

Fracture filling, английский
    A diamond enhancement process whereby a cavity or opening in a diamond is filled with an artificial substance.

Fracture grain size, английский
    Размер зерна в изломе (размер зерна, определенный при сравнении излома образца с группой стандартных изломов)

Fracture incom, английский
    A fracture that does not go all the way through a bone

Fracture index, английский
    Ratio of seismic velocity for intact rock samples to seismic velocity of

Fracture intercept, английский
    The mean distance between successive fractures as measured along an

Fracture load, английский

Fracture mechanics, английский
  1. Field of solid mechanics that deals with behavior of cracked bodies subjected to stress and strain. 309

  2. Field of solid mechanics that deals with behavior of cracked bodies subjected to stress and strain.

Разрушение, русский
  1. Разрушение , гибель

  2. Неровная поверхность, возникающая при разрушении фрагмента металла. см. также хрупкое разрушение, разрушение расщеплением, кристаллический излом, декогезивный разрыв, вмятинный разрыв, упругое разрушение, волокнистый излом, зернистый излом, межзерновое разрушение, шелковистый излом и транскристаллитный излом.

Polycrystalline, английский
    See multicrystalline.

Reflecting, английский

Crystalline, английский
  1. A substance or rock composed largely or wholly of mineral crystals.

  2. Transparent, clear, or pure.

  3. Made up of crystals. the term crystalline applies to sections of all chemical fibers, which consists of alternate crystalline and amorphous (noncrystalline) regions. these regions are influenced by manufacturing conditions and to some extent can be controlled. the degree of crystallinity influences the physical properties of fibers.

Half select write disturbing, английский
    Разрушение полутоком записи half-splitting разбиение пополам half-subtracter полувычитатель half sum полусумма

Preread disturbing, английский
    Разрушение перед считыванием