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Solvent resistance

Powder Coatings Glossary
  1. Imperviousness of the cured powder coating to changes caused by applied solvents

  2. The ability of thermal management products to resist swelling when exposed to organic solvents such as degreasing solvents, hydraulic fluids, coolants and jet fuel.

Resistance, английский
  1. Property of a conductor that opposed the current flow produced by a given difference of potential. the ohm is the practical unit of resistance.

  2. Уровень сопротивления - уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению;

  3. Сопротивление (параметр)

  4. Сопротивление

  5. Сопротивление, т. е. уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению.

  6. 1. the ability of a person not to get a disease 2. the ability of bacteria or a virus to remain unaffected by a drug  the bacteria have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics. 3. opposition to a force

  7. Resistencia

  8. Устойчивость; резистентность resource for child health (reach)

  9. Устойчивость; резистентность

  10. The property of opposing movement, for example [1] electrical conductors offer resistance to the flow of electricity and dissipate some of its energy, usually as heat. [2] water resists the movement of vessels or other objects by parasitic drag, consuming some of the power available to drive the vessel forward.

  11. Imperviousness of the coating to mechanical, chemi­cal, physical or weather influences

  12. Capacity of a member or component, or a cross-section of a member or component of a structure, to withstand actions without mechanical failure e.g. bending resistance, buckling resistance, tension resistance

  13. A material’s ability to restrict the flow of electrical current through itself. measured in ohms.

  14. The opposition of a circuit to the flow of current . resistance is measured in ohms, and can be calculated by dividing the voltage by current.

  15. The ability to impede (resist) the flow of electric current. with the exception of superconductors, all substances have a greater or lesser degree of resistance. substances with very low resistance, such as metals, conduct electricity well and are called conductors. substances with very high resistance, such as glass and rubber, conduct electricity poorly and are called nonconductors or insulators.

  16. An effective upper bound on prices achieved because of many willing sellers at that price level.

  17. Capacity of a component, or cross section of a component of a structure to

  18. The opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor or circuit that does not include inductive or capacitive elements. it can be expressed as the ratio of the applied voltage to the current.

  19. Resistance is the opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor. its unit is the ohm.

Resistance, французский

Resistance (r), английский
    The property of a conductor, which opposes the flow of an electric current resulting in the generation of heat in the conducting material. the measure of the resistance of a given conductor is the electromotive force needed for a unit current flow. the unit of resistance is ohms.

Resistance (resistivity), английский

Resistance a la corrosion, французский

Resistance a la fatigue, французский

Resistance a la fissuration, французский

Resistance a la permeabilite a l`air 386 сопротивление временное см. предел прочности, французский

Resistance a la transmission de chaleur, французский

Resistance a l`abrasion, французский

Resistance a l`absorption thermale, французский

Resistance a l`eau [a l`humidi - te], французский

Resistance a l`usure, французский

Resistance a peau, французский

Resistance a permeabilite a la vapeur, французский

Resistance au battage d`un pieu, французский

Resistance au choc г 04., французский

Resistance au feu des constructions, французский

Resistance au transfert de chaleur, французский

Resistance aux s(e)ismes, французский

Resistance aux vibrations, французский

Management, английский
  1. Управление; руководство

  2. Управление, руководство

  3. 1) управление, руководство 2) администрация

  4. 1. the organising or running of an organisation such as a hospital, clinic or health authority 2. the organisation of a series of different treatments for a person

  5. Управление (деятельностью программы, организации)

  6. Лечение. в контексте клинических исследований слово «management» («управление») может иметь значение «лечение». например, diabetes management - лечение диабета. встречающийся термин: ведение

  7. Управление с применением эвм, автоматизированное управление 3. computer-aided manufacturing автоматизированное производство 4. computer-aided modeling построение моделей с помощью эвм can, canv canvas холст c&btr. grade с and better (пиломатериал) сорта с и лучше cat. catalog каталог

  8. Управление, менеджмент ~ of building site управление [руководство] работами на стройплощадке

  9. The process of governing a country or administering an enterprise including the development of corporate strategy and longrange planning on the top and the regulation, coordination and control of such activities as production, accounting, marketing, personnel, research and development in the middle, the supervised operations being performed below. one key to effective management is the adequate flow of information between and within strategic, functional and operational levels so as to allow for timely and appropriate decisions to be made (->intelligence). management information systems constitute a technological solution to information flow problems. another key is the form of control exercised through spelling out objectives (e.g.->algedonic regulation) providing incentive schemes for production as well as cooperation, etc. manifest/latent functions

  10. The art of taking actions that affect a resource and its exploitation with a view to achieve certain objectives, such as maximizing the production of that resource (e.g., fishery regulations such as catch quotas or closed seasons). managers are those who practice management.

  11. The people who administer a company, create policies, and provide the support necessary to implement the owners` business objectives.

  12. Осторожное, бережное, чуткое отношение к людям

  13. Руководители банка

Degreasing, английский
  1. Обезжиривание

  2. The cleaning of grease and oil from metal parts in a machine designed to expose the metal parts to a liquid, a vaporized solvent or a special cleaning detergent (see vapor degreasing). demulsibility (typically measured using astm d-1401 or d-2711): the ability of a fluid insoluble in water to separate from water after thorough mechanical mixing.

Susceptibility to scratches, английский
    Inability of the powder coating to withstand friction orscratches

Powder hose, английский
    Hose through which the powder-air mixture is trans­ported from the injector to the coating pistol