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Adhesive migration

Глоссарий по текстилю и текстильной промышленности
    In nonwovens, the movement of adhesive together with its carrier solvent in a fabric during drying, giving it a non-uniform distribution within the web, usually increasing to the outer layers.

Adhesive, английский
  1. A substance used to bond two surfaces together.

  2. Клей; клеящее вещество

  3. A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment

  4. A substance capable of holding materials together by bonding the surfaces that are in contact.

Adhesive activated yarns, английский
    Yarns treated by the fiber manufacturer to promote better adhesion to another material such as rubber and/or to allow easier processing.

Adhesive bonded wooden constructions, английский

Adhesive bonding, английский

Adhesive dentistry, английский

Adhesive dressing, английский
    A dressing with a sticky substance on the back so that it can stick to the skin

Adhesive failure, английский
    The separation of two surfaces joined by an adhesive, either by a force less than that specified by the manufacturer or by service conditions.

Adhesive joint, английский
    The location at which two adherends are held together with a layer of adhesive.

Adhesive sheet, английский

Adhesive slate, английский

Adhesive spot welding, английский

Adhesive strapping, английский
    Overlapping strips of adhesive plaster used to protect a lesion

Adhesive strength, английский
    Describes the adherence of one material to another; during coating, the adhesion of the powder coating to the substrate

Adhesive tap test, английский
    Испытание адгезии металлического покрытия липкой лентой (покрытие надрезано по прямоугольной сетке, после чего на него наклеена липкая лента. адгезия покрытия определяется по отставанию от поверхности основания кусочков покрытия цри отдирании липкой ленты)

Adhesive tape, английский

Adhesive tape; self- adhesive tape;, английский

Adhesive water, английский

Adhesive waterproofing), английский

Adhesive wear, английский
  1. Is often referred to as galling, scuffing, scoring, or seizing. it happens when sliding surfaces contact one another, causing fragments to be pulled from one surface and to adhere to the other.

  2. See wear, adhesive.

Adhesive weight, английский
    The total weight carried on the driving axles of a vehicle and therefore contributing to adhesion.

Distribution, английский
  1. Распределение. размещение.

  2. Распределение - рыночный процесс, при котором крупные рыночные трейдеры в основном продают бумаги мелким трейдерам;

  3. The distribution of a set of numerical data is how their values are distributed over the real numbers. it is completely characterized by the empirical distribution function. similarly, the probability distribution of a random variable is completely characterized by its probability distribution function. sometimes the word "distribution" is used as a synonym for the empirical distribution function or the probability distribution function. if two or more random variables are defined for the same experiment, they have a joint probability distribution.

  4. Refers to the spread and shape of a frequency curve of some variable. a histogram is one way to graphically display the distribution of test results by showing the frequency of observations on the y-axis versus the magnitude on the x-axis. the normal or gaussian curve is one form of a distribution.

  5. Распределение

  6. Торговля; сфера обращения; распределение

  7. A way to limit where your usenet postings go. handy for such things as for sale messages or discussions of regional politics.

  8. The movement of freshly mixed concrete toward the point of placement, either by motorized tools or by hand. distribution-bar reinforcement, distribution

  9. N дистрибуция complementary ~ дополнительная дистрибу- ция, отношение дополнительности5 contrastive ~ контрастная, контрастирущая дистрибуция non-contrastive ~ неконтрастная, неконтра- стирущая дистрибуция distribution(al)

  10. Распределение dna (deoxyribonucleic acid)

  11. Распределение. 1. распределение данных. данные могут иметь определенную форму (вид) распределения, которая зависит от их характеристик. например, рост имеет нормальное распределение (см. normal distribution), а результаты метания игральных костей следуют равномерному (случайному) распределению. 2. распределение (распространение) вещества и его метаболитов в организме после применения препарата. обычно описывается с помощью объема распределения (см. volume of distribution) и свободной фракции.

  12. Diamond pattern

  13. A payout of cash or property from a corporation to a shareholder.

  14. Распределение; размещение; распространение; разводка (труб) ~ of bending stresses over the cross

  15. Распределение. ранжирование значений переменной от наименьшего до наибольшего и результирующая совокупность характеристик или показателей, выстроенных в виде графика [20]. плотность распределения, например, показывает возможные значения параметра в зависимости от числа появлений каждого значения в выборке или совокупности. во многих случаях это характеризует разброс единич-ных значений выборки или совокупности вокруг среднего значения.

  16. The delivery of electricity to the retail customer’s home or business through low voltage distribution lines.

  17. The spatial range of a species, usually on a geographic but sometimes on a smaller scale, or the arrangement or spatial pattern of a species over its habitat. • food resources will lead to this distribution. d. over space: • altitude: species diversity less abundant in higher than lower altitudes. • latitude: ecosystems are more complex in equatorial regions than in higher latitudes (poles) • scale: the greater the sample the better interpretability. • spatial: • aggregated or clump d.: individuals form one or more clumps, attracted to areas with the greatest availability of food or shelter and avoiding less hospitable terrain. • random d.: individual spacing would be determined by chance. • regular or uniform spacing d.: individuals may also be drawn together by some social interaction, such as mating or parental care. in other cases, antagonistic interactions between individuals or scarce d. over time: • habitat: (see there). • succession (see there).

  18. The transport of low voltage electricity. this connects the transmission network with the majority of electricity consumers. the process is overseen by a distribution network operator. management of distribution is a natural monopoly due to the economies of scale inherent to it. reeep / sustainable energy regulation network – august 2004 - revised september 2010 4

  19. The set of values of a variable together with the probabilities (->probability) associated with each. a tabulation of the frequencies of tokens by types.

  20. The process of managing the flow of goods and services from the producer to the customer.

  21. Распределение. ранжирование значений переменной от наименьшего до наибольшего и результирующая совокупность характеристик или показателей, выстроенных в виде графика [20]. плотность распределения, например, показывает возможные значения параметра в зависимости от числа появлений каждого значения в выборке или совокупности. во многих случаях это характеризует разброс единичных значений выборки или совокупности вокруг среднего значения.

  22. The act or process of delivering electric energy from convenient points on the transmission system (usually a substation) to consumers.

  23. Выплата дивидендов

Increasing, английский

Continuous polymerization, английский
    In polymer manufacture, linkage of the various stages of polymerization so that materials flow without interruption from the addition of raw materials to delivery of the finished polymer from the system. extrusion as film, chip or fiber may be linked to a continuous polymerization line. because there is no break in the process while the transition from low molecular weight to high occurs, multiple stage reaction vessels may be required and accurate process control is critical.

Clumps, английский
    In nonwoven fabrics, an irregularly shaped grouping of fibers caused by insufficient fiber separation.