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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Глоссарий терминов коучинга и образовательных курсов

В глоссарии объясняются ключевые термины в образовании, коучинге и тьюторстве. Большинство терминов в русском языке заимствованы из английского язык, даже когда существует полноценный аналог. Для профессионалов и переводчиков текстов в области онлайн-обучений этот глоссарий окажет хорошую помощь.

body wisdom
  1. Awareness of sensations in the body from physical activity or emotional charge which guides one to act or get curious about what is happening for the coachee. see also intuition

  2. The... мудрость тела;
    Encourage and allow time for the coachee to own what they do, to really feel celebration in their body for their success and capabilities for future growth
listen for potential
    Focus on the coachee’s capabilities and strengths rather than seeing the coachee as a problem. what could they unleash if they had no limits?
прислушивайтесь к потенциалу;
    Giving advice and guidance
managing progress
    Hold the coachee’s attention on their agenda and their coaching plan, acknowledge them for awareness/insight gained and for what they have done. positively challenge them for what they have not do... управление прогрессом;
    Hold the potential, believe the coachee is capable; manage your own limiting beliefs, suspend judgement and watch for coachee’s limiting beliefs
hold the space
    Honour the coachee’s dynamic space
удерживать пространство;
  1. Imagining what the coachee wants as if it has already happened or they have already accomplished it

  2. A process in coaching or mentoring where the coachee or mentee is guided to envis... видение;
listen with heart
    Listen to non-verbal messages such as voice tone, phrasing, facial expression and body language. when we are listening attentively at the level of feeling and meaning (the intent), our body langua... слушай сердцем;
    Occurs when a person in authority (manager or coach) unconsciously reacts to transference from their own history (ie their own transference) see also transference
whole system approach
    Recognizes the inter-connectedness of individuals, communities and organizations and actively engages our ability to work with and develop the systemic potential of these networks
целостно-системный подход;
    Repeat back what is said but more briefly, without changing substance or meaning to show the coachee that you are listening to their words (the content), check you have understood, help them to re... подведение итогов;
    Repeat the coachee’s own exact words back to them to show you are listening to their words (the content), validate what they have said and help them to replay and perhaps revise what they said see... reiterating; отражающий/зеркальный;
    Repeat what is said but use slightly different word(s) which do not change the substance or meaning to show the coachee that you are listening to their words (the content), validate what they have... перефразирование;
transpersonal coaching
    Responds to our yearning for something beyond the personal, beyond the material and the everyday. an empowering process which enables the coachee to discover who they are and operate from their co... трансперсональный коучинг;
systems coaching
    Reveals the system to itself so that it can self-regulate see also whole system approach
системный коучинг;
coaching mindset
    The coach believes that the coachee is capable, resourceful, and full of potential. believing in the dormant capability of a person will build their self-belief and self-motivation and enable them... коучинговое мышление;
moving the coachee forward
    The coach can help move the coachee forward in many ways, including by bottom-lining, bringing the focus back to the goal, helping to create actions for the coachee and making a request of the coa... продвижение подопечного вперед;
structured/strategic daydreaming
    The coach challenges the coachee to create a powerful vision of the future which will motivate them to pursue their own fulfilment see also goal setting
структурированное/стратегическое мечтание;
    The coach communicates other points of view which expand the way in which the coachee sees something, allowing them to examine their viewpoint and inspires commitment to shift to a more resourcefu... перспективы;
coaching feedback
    The coach draws out self-feedback from the coachee, focusing on the goal, not the obstacle so that interferences can fall to the side, learning and new insights can occur and potential can come th... feedback; коучинговая обратная связь;
powerful questioning
    The coach first asks broad, inclusive questions which compel attention, thought and observation, and then tighter questions to increase the quality of focus, clarity, detail and precision and evok... effective questioning; questioning; мощный допрос;
ethical guidelines
    The coach has ethical obligations to the coachee and must understand, communicate and adhere to a set of ethical guidelines, eg icf code of ethics see also professional standards
code of ethics; этические принципы;
    The coach helps the coachee express the essence of their communication quickly, without engaging in or getting caught up in long descriptions
итоговая информация;
deepening the learning
    The coach helps the coachee find the learning from a previous action or from current perspectives to set the stage for new action. the coach can invite the coachee to ‘do it now’ in their session ... углубление обучения;
designing actions
    The coach helps the coachee to explore alternative ideas and solutions related to the coachee’s agenda and to define the actions they would like to take to move towards their goal see also brainst... проектирование действий;
reviewing actions
    The coach helps the coachee to increase their learning and awareness, identify possible blocks and offer further support and challenge to meet the goal. challenge the coachee to recognize if there... рассмотрение действий;
dancing in the moment
    The coach is fully present and follows the direction and flow of the coachee, noticing changes in energy and creating from each moment
танцую в данный момент;
hold the focus
    The coach keeps the coachee’s energy directed towards their desired outcomes see also agenda
focus; держать фокус;
professional standards
    The coach must conduct themself at all times in a professional manner and understand and model appropriate professional standards, eg icf code of ethics see also ethical guidelines
standards of conduct; профессиональные стандарты;
    The coach remains on the coachee’s agenda and does not try to influence or have an opinion about the outcome see also partnering
closed questions
    Tight questions leading to narrow answers that don’t require much thought, eg ‘yes’, ‘no’, see also open questions, powerful questioning
закрытые вопросы;
coaching presence
    To create a spontaneous and deep relationship with the coachee, the coach needs to be fully conscious and flexible, open to not knowing, taking risks and experimenting with new possibilities, and ... presence; тренерское присутствие;
    To ensure that the coach–coachee relationship is one of equals. to be beside the coachee when coaching rather than to walk ahead or stand opposed see also agenda, dancing in the moment, non-attach... партнерство;
direct communication
    Using appropriate, respectful language which suits the coachee’s learning models, the coach effectively shares with and invites from the coachee new perspectives, thoughts, intuition and feedback ... прямое общение;
engaged listening
    active listening; заинтересованное слушание;
    effective questioning
      powerful questioning; эффективный допрос;
        powerful questioning; допрос;
        standards of conduct
          professional standards; стандарты поведения;
            reflecting/mirroring; повторяя;
            leadership coaching
            1. Leadership coaching is the partnership between a coach and a client (who holds a leadership position) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to increase their lea... коучинг лидерства;
            via strengths inventory
              The via strengths inventory is a psychological assessment (created by martin seligman, ph.d.) designed to identify an individual’s profile of character strengths. the 34 strengths within the asses... через инвентаризацию сильных сторон;
            strengths finder
              The strengths finder is an online personal assessment that helps identify the user’s strengths. the theory behind the strengths finder is that professional development should be focused on increas... поиск сильных сторон;
            keirsey type inventory (kts)
              The kts assessment is a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help people understand themselves and others. the kts is closely associated with the myer-briggs type indicator.
            инвентарь типа кейрси (уз);
            trusted advisor
              A trusted advisor is a reliable and approachable consultant that clients reach out to for personal and professional advice. the client feels a personal connection to their trusted advisor and is r... надежный советник;
            constructive feedback model
              The constructive feedback model is a tool designed to help people give and receive constructive feedback in an understanding and effective way. the model gives a pattern of communication to relay ... модель конструктивной обратной связи;
            vance caesar
              Vance caesar, ph.d. is a premier leadership coach and mentor. vance focuses on helping leaders create success for themselves and their organizations. his extensive background includes being a succ... вэнс цезарь;
            amy ruppert
              Amy ruppert is a master certified coach and a leading pioneer in the development of coaching worldwide and served on the first credentialing committee for the international coach federation board ... эми руперт;
            international coach federation (icf)
            1. The international coach federation (icf) is a non-profit, professional organization that represents personal and business coaches worldwide. the icf is the premier certification body for coach... международная федерация тренеров (icf);
            master certified coach (mcc)
              There are three levels of certification available to coaches through the international coach federation (icf). the master certified coach (mcc) credential is currently the highest certification av... сертифицированный тренер (mcc);
            professional certified coach (pcc)
              The professional certified coach credential is second highest certification bestowed by the international coach federation. to acquire the pcc level, coaches must also pass a written and oral exam... профессиональный сертифицированный тренер (pcc);
            associate certified coach (acc)
              The associate certified coach (acc) credential is first level of certification achievable through the international coach federation (icf). to acquire the acc level, coaches must pass a written ex... ассоциированный сертифицированный тренер (акк);
            linkedin coach
              A linkedin coach helps a client learn how to understand and use linkedin as effectively as possible with regard to what the client is working to achieve. a linkedin coach will help a client integr... тренер linkedin;
            career exploration
              Career exploration involves self-discovery (getting to know yourself, learn your values, interests, traits and skills). a career coach will help you explore and evaluate your career options. this ... карьера;
            coach u
              Coach u is the leading global provider of coach training programs and executive coaching services. the advanced coaching program (acp) meets the academic requirements for becoming an associate cer... тренировать тебя;
            conflict management
              Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. the goal of conflict management is to enhance learning and group ... управление конфликтами;
            business advisor
              A business advisor is a consultant who provides business owners with information that will help them run their businesses more effectively. business advisors have business experience that they app... бизнес-консультант;
            career coaching
            1. Career coaching focuses on career exploration, career change and transition, and career development. a career coach can help the client explore their qualifications, experience, strengths, wea... карьерный коучинг;
            strategic thinking
              Strategic thinking involves the generation and application of unique business insights and opportunities intended to create competitive advantage for a firm or organization. strategic thinking all... стратегическое мышление;
            phone coaching
              Phone coaching is a form of personal or business coaching which is performed over the phone rather than an in office setting. phone coaching is time effective, and allows more flexibility in sched... коучинг по телефону;
            life coaching (personal coaching)
              A life coach works with the client to establish personal goals (inspired by the client’s aspirations) and design a plan to reach their goals and create the life they want to live. a life coach or ... лайф-коучинг (персональный коучинг);
            mentor coaching
              Mentor coaching is coaching of an established or aspiring coach, to help them build or improve their coaching skills and support them in developing or enhancing their own coaching practice. mentor... коучинг наставника;
            sales coaching
              A sales coach works with a salesperson or business owner to increase their sales, by improving their prospecting, lead generation, dealing with objectives, and closing the sale skills. a sales coa... коучинг продаж;
            leadership development (leadership growth)
              Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the capacity of an individual to perform in their leadership role within an organization. leadership development can include training on... развитие лидерства (рост лидерства);
            disc assessment
              The disc assessment is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. disc is an acronym for dominance, inducement, submission, and c... оценка диска;
            360 degree assessment
              A 360 degree assessment is a tool by which feedback is gathered from a leader’s supervisor, peers, subordinates, and self, so that the leader can understand how they are perceived within the organ... оценка 360 градусов;
            growth mindset
              A belief that one`s ability and innate intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work, often encouraged by coaches and mentors.
            мышление роста;
            certified professional co-active coach (cpcc)
              A certification program for those interested in becoming a co-active coach. the six-month course involves rigorous training, hands-on experience and both a written and oral exam.
            сертифицированный профессиональный коактивный коуч (cpcc);
            cognitive behavioral coaching (cbc)
              A coaching approach derived from evidence-based psychological models, aimed at helping individuals overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
            когнитивно-поведенческий коучинг (cbc);
            non-directive coaching
              A coaching approach where the coach facilitates self-discovery and learning, rather than providing direct advice or instructions.
            недирективный коучинг;
            zone of proximal development (zpd)
              A concept in educational psychology that refers to the difference between what a client can do without help and what they can do with help, often a key area of focus in coaching or mentoring to fa... зона ближайшего развития (зпд);
            co-active coach
              A figure who aids the client to recognize, honor and actualize pre-existing skills and creativity that may have lay latent. this is done by posing thoughtful questions and observations that elicit... коактивный тренер;
            experiential learning/coaching
              A form of learning by doing, rather than just listening or watching. this learning style relies on practical experience forming the basis of knowledge.
            экспериментальное обучение/коучинг;
            life coaching
              A form of talking therapy, life coaching identifies areas of an individuals’ life that are restraining them from reaching their potential. through encouraging conversations and thoughtfully posed ... жизненные наставления;
            directive mentoring
              A mentoring approach where the mentor provides direct advice and guidance, often taking a more active role in the mentee`s learning process.
            директивное наставничество;
              A professional relationship where a person with more experience (the mentor) provides guidance and support to a less experienced individual (the mentee).
            business coaching
            1. A specialized form of coaching that supports business owners in overcoming challenges and achieving their business goals.

            2. Starting by assessing where a business is placed in the mar... бизнес-коучинг;

            Глоссарий терминов коучинга и образовательных курсов

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